Monday, November 1, 2010

My Bag of Tricks and Treats

The Halloween season has come and gone, and I am slightly sad. But then I remember that the next major holiday coming is Thanksgiving, so I get feeling happy again. The great thing about Halloween this year was that it was on a Sunday, so basically you get to celebrate the whole weekend if you feel the desire. I felt the desire.

On Friday, I went with my cute mom and siblings to a 'haunted river walk'. I had a headache on the way there, so I was being kind of a boob. While being a boob, my bad attitude made me think this river walk was going to be pretty lame. A couple tylenol later, I was ready to go. . . Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised by the river walk. They did a very good job decorating and making it spooky. It scared Chlo-Dawg, that's for sure. And being the nice, loving family we are, we laughed at Chloe the whole time and told her to stop being a wimp. After that, I went with Brian to a haunted lab on campus. The cost was $2.00, and again I was very pleasantly surprised at how well done it was.

Friday night: a treat for sure.

Saturday was when the big celebrating happened. USU's famous Howl was that night. So prior to the Howl starting, I snipped up some felt, did some gluing, threw some feathers in my hair, and transformed myself into. . . .an owl!!!

I thought it was a pretty original idea. . .

The Howl was a party. There were many cool costumes. I must say, I think I was the only owl there. I wish I would have thought to carry a tootsie pop around, I could have been the tootsie pop owl. Mario and Luigi were very popular. There must be loads of video game freaks around.

I ran into many friends.


We also got to the Howl pretty early, avoiding major waits in long lines. Some people had to wait in line nearly two hours. Trick for them. Not for me.


The dancing was great. Kind of sweaty and stinky. But still great.


I hung out with the devil all night and didn't even have to repent the next day!


We The Kings performed. And I don't know how I felt about it. I can't decide if I like concerts or not. I like the ones I have been to where everyone sits around, all chill like, to enjoy good music together. Everyone is happy and spreading the love. I have anxiety thinking about the other kind though. The kind where everyone smashes you, and you have stranger's armpits in your face. I never thought I, Kelsey Keller, had a personal bubble until I found myself in this type of concert. I don't like being that close to stinky strangers. Not only that, but then everyone jumps around and acts crazy. I seriously think some bands must put people under a spell, because people lose control. People push and shove. Some people scream and cry. This We The Kings concert was the type of concert that gave me serious anxiety.And I don't know how I feel about the lead singer. I wanted to tell him to wash his hair and cut it. Or at least learn how to use a brush. And he said creepy things. I know it was Halloween, but I'm fairly sure he is creepy like that every day of the year. Not just on Halloween. Also, everyone kept holding their fingers up in this "W" sign. I was beginning to feel like I was a part of some evil cult. There was also a guy dressed up like Waldo that was getting out of control. He kept hitting Shayla in the face with his puff ball on the end of his hat. I was very tempted to grab the hat off his head and chuck it.

Take that Waldo. Where is your hat? Go find it. Now you will know how we feel searching for you in all your "Where's Waldo" books.

We left the concert early. Thanks to me. I couldn't take it. That weird ginger that needs to comb his hair told the crowd to spread out and make a huge circle. Then he was going to have everyone sprint into the circle, creating a giant mosh pit. I don't understand how that sounds like fun, but the crowd was loving it. I was scared. All I could think of was that scene in "The Lion King" when Scar creates that stampede and Mufasa gets trampled. I always use to cry at that part. My fight or flight instinct took over, and when everyone took off, I took off the opposite way, knocking a couple people over and making it out alive.

I really think me and We The Kings got off on the wrong foot though. Before the band came on, I walked to the garbage to throw a cup away. That journey to the garbage can turned into a challenge. I walked right into a group of masked men. These masked men were surrounded by cops. The cops were walking very close to these masked men, acting very protective. As if they were the cops' prisoners. I was sure I had gotten mixed up with criminals. I escaped and ran back to tell my friends about the scary masked men. . . Next thing you know, the masked men came onto the stage, and started playing music. The masked criminals were We The Kings.


Sunday rolled around and I went to a farewell back at home, while sporting my owl shirt with a skirt of course! Then we got family pictures taken. And my daddy made me his homemade french fries.


Halloween was a good one this year. I need to start planning my costume for next year. Some people hate Halloween, and I guess I can understand why. It gets turned into a gory holiday where girls think they can run around naked. But we need to look at the true meaning of Halloween, and then we can truly appreciate it. And that true meaning is to fill it with a few tricks and lots of treats! It's the one day a year where you can be anyone or anything you want to be. You can even pretend to be a bird that comes out at night and can turn its head a full 360 degrees.

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