Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Challenge. Day 8.

Day 8: Short term goals for this month and why. . .

Goals are pretty important. I am all about goals. Even if you make a list of them and don't accomplish them all, I still think it helps. I make a list of my goals for the day every day in my planner. And it does help. Sometimes we just need a reminder. A little push.

Goals for my month of November

Cook more. I am getting better. I have always been stubborn and thought that cooking was hard and took up too much time. But I am learning more and more that it doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. I know by practicing, I will improve this skill I am sorta lacking. I already have improved! I haven't melted anything on the stove in quite a while. . .

Stay motivated in my classes. The end of the semester is drawing near. With the end comes those blasted final exams. I really want to do well this semester. I need to keep up my study habits and not start slacking. I have actually studied and read chapters from my text books this semester. I even managed to get an A on a math test. Kelsey Keller is not usually the cream of the crop in her math class. But I was for that test. The next test, not so well. That final is mine though. Just you wait. I am proud of myself.

Write "Gratitude Letters" every Sunday. After listening to President Monson's talk in conference, I realized how many amazing people I have in my life. I do not want to wait until it is too late to thank them all. President Monson spoke on gratitude for those of you that do not remember. . .or did not listen (don't feel bad, I think this was the first time I sincerely listened and took notes on talks). So I have decided to write letters to a couple special people each Sunday and then mail them that week. Everyone loves getting mail. Also, I think everyone appreciates a big thank you. And writing a short note for someone is not hard. We make things out to be much more difficult than they usually are.

Work on learning a special song on the piano. I can't say why.

Seriously start preparing for Christmas. I love giving people I care about homemade gifts. But homemade gifts take time. So I must start a whole month ahead.

Brainstorm a wise way to make some more money. I have a phobia of spending money. I really think I could be diagnosed with something. Like those people that lived during the Great Depression. I am one of them. Except I didn't even live through a depression. I just have anxiety attacks everytime I spend money. And I am in the works of booking a cruise for my spring break. Major anxiety attacks are about to start happening.
And no, I will NOT sell my plasma. I hate needles.


  1. Great goals Kels! Don't you dare sell plasma!

  2. Thanks. Let's see if I can do them all now :). And don't even worry about the plasma thing. The day I do that is the day pigs fly and heck freezes over. . .and I would still probably not even if that happened.


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