Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Truth Tuesday

Technically, it's now Wednesday, not Tuesday. It's just been one of those days. But I need this Truth Tuesday for my sanity. One thing that has always bugged me about blogging is how everything is filtered and all rainbows and unicorns. Hooray, look at this cute apple pie I made! Let me take a crap load of photos of it for my blog! You feel me?

Well, this is not one of those posts. This is a true and blue Truth Tuesday. No filters attached.

  • Moving is not fun and it's making my life not fun. For the past two weeks, Brian and I go from work to our new house to paint, sand floors and do yard work. We have done that for the past two weeks every day until midnight or after. That was fun and all . . . but now I have to face the wrath of my gross townhouse that is chock-full of our stuff. This has made me realize that I am a gross human being who has been living in filth. 
 This is our bedroom. Let me tell you, the pigsty really creates that perfect romantic feel . . .

And I really wish this photo was a scratch & sniff . . . 

  • Today while cleaning out our pantry, I found items with sell by dates older than my college education. That's nasty. 

  • I also found a few items in the pantry we received from our wedding (I know, gross) and I was confused to find the sell by dates were before our wedding even occurred. So, thanks, folks, for gifting us your old food. It's the thought that counts? 

  • While I was in a frenzy earlier today, two boys around the age of 13 rang my doorbell and asked if they could take out my garbage for 50 cents. I checked my garbage can and it wasn't even close to being full. So I told said boys I was sorry and maybe they could come back another time and check. Now I feel like a terrible person. Years down the road these boys will probably think, "Screw society. We tried doing it right. We tried taking out peoples' trash for money and no one would support us." And then they'll be drug dealers. It's all my fault. I'm turning little boys into drug dealers. 

  • Almost all our clothes are/were dirty. After doing lots of loads today, I'm about caught up. I tried doing laundry last week when I found I was out of socks and low on underwear. Brian and I are very sporadic with our laundry routine. Sometimes he does it. Sometimes I do it. We definitely don't have a set laundry day even though we probably should. So as I was preparing to do laundry last week, I found a hamper full of clothes in the laundry room. I sent a text to Brian asking if they were clean or dirty. He told me they were clean. So I brought them to our room and we started wearing them. A couple days ago, I discovered they were, in fact, dirty. I've been wearing dirty socks and underwear for the past week. But I still love Brian. 

  • On top of the moving madness, our water was turned off yesterday. Guess how I found out it was turned off? I went #2 in the toilet. It would not flush. Then the sink would not turn on. Our water pressure has been crap lately so we figured it would come back on within a couple hours. Well, we then went to the house and worked into the late hours of the night. Returned to the townhouse. Water was still off. Called Logan City this morning. Not their problem. Brian discovers and fixes said problem. I finally get to flush the toilet. My human waste sat in the toilet for 20 hours. I've hit a new low. I'm sorry if you can't look at me the same after reading this. 

  • I mentioned I've been wearing clean clothes that are actually dirty by accident . . . but I do it on purpose too. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a pattern . . . 




It's the same shirt. But really, a girl can only risk ruining so many old t-shirts while painting. 

Well, I think we're done here. That was very therapeutic. For me at least. It was probably disturbing for you. It's okay, by next week I'll be in my dream house and I might be wearing clean clothes. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Instagrams & Milk: Summer Reminiscing

Well, according to my calendar and the cooler temps here in the mountains of Utah, it appears to be fall! The very best season. It feels so cliche to say that because, like, everyone's favorite season is fall. However, in high school when everyone's favorite season was summer, my favorites were fall and winter. I have never been much of a summer girl. I absolutely love parts of summer but when looking at the season as a whole, it's not my favorite. I don't like the heat, I don't like being sweaty, and I am not crazy about summer fashion. When I'm at a cookout, on a hike or swimming then summer is the best. But on an average day in summer, it's usually just hot and I want to sit by a fan without any clothes on.

But let me not remember the days my clothes stuck to my skin, or the days I dreamed about being at the pool instead of at the office, or the days mosquitoes attacked my legs. Instead I'll reflect on the happy things by looking at this amateur collage of all my favorite summertime Instagrams.      

Summer morning runs. Swimming. Hiking. Sun-kissed skin. Monster truck shows. Amusement parks. Family gatherings. Four-wheeler rides. Fireworks. Yes, I'll choose to remember all that wonderful goodness.

I also want to add, I actually really love summer a lot. I think I was just bitter this year because it was so extremely hot. That is all.

You can find me on Instagram @mrskellwell.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Place of Refuge

I've always had a wandering heart. The idea and act of going places always has and probably always will excite me. It's not that I don't like home but a lot of times I just don't enjoy staying at home for an extended amount of time. So it came as a shock to me when Brian and I started talking about purchasing a house. A part of me thought I could just live in apartments forever. Also, the idea of having a permanent place frightened me a little. I am the type who gets bored quickly and seeks for change. How could I ever own a house and not get sick of it?

 However, after looking at how much money we'd spent on rent since getting married, my heart sunk a little and the idea of making a house payment started to sound much more appealing than paying rent. But I was more than positive we couldn't find the right house for us, a place I could grow attached to.

But I was wrong. We found it.

Ever since I was just a little girl, I always said I would one day live in an old house and fix it up. Others' ultimate dream houses include ideas of swimming pools, massive yards, Jacuzzi tubs, and home movie theaters. However, when I think of my dream house, I think of something old and filled with charm. I think of creaking floors, porch swings and a fireplace. The idea of walls already filled with the memories and stories of other families feels endearing to me.

When we took a tour of the bungalow house, I instantly felt myself fall in love. It was built in 1914, had a huge deck and was surrounded by mature trees. It was a bonus that there was a tree house and posts for a hammock in the yard. After our initial tour, I remember turning to Brian with wide eyes and saying, "It's just like an old house in a scary movie." Which in my opinion, the houses in scary movies are almost always the prettiest. And everywhere I turned I could just see us. Living. Being. And living and being happy. I could see a Christmas tree near the fireplace, I could imagine myself coming home from a rough day and breaking down once I got inside the comfort of those walls, I could see us gathered with friends out on the deck on warm summer nights, I could imagine myself walking a dog, I could see the kids playing in the yard, I could imagine measuring their height each birthday and marking it on the wall. I could see and imagine all these things I wanted in my future that I had never been so sure of before. After months of debating, praying, revisiting the house, and weighing pros and cons, we did something that felt so crazy to me. We put in an offer. After going back and forth with the sellers a bit, we both agreed on a price. As of last week, that little bungalow became ours.

We have a house and it's a dream. Sure, the floors creak and we've been staying up late every night repainting all the rooms . . . but it's ours. I cannot wait to make it into a home. Sure, I have a wandering heart but it's nice to know it will always have a place to wander back to for rest. This house already has 100 years of memories, but I can't wait to fill it with our memories, both bitter and sweet.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Truth Tuesday

a picture I took while driving through the mountains & it has nothing to do with this post

  • If you had an awkward day today, just know it could be worse. You could be me. I was sent to a Cache Chamber of Commerce luncheon at last minute because the other person couldn't go. I was wearing jeans and silly moccasin boots. I asked with great concern if I should go home and change into dress pants. I was told I looked great. I was the only person there in jeans. I was also by far the youngest (and it was ridiculously obvious). Several people asked me who I was there with, probably assuming I was some college kid who snuck in for free lunch. But I found a table of lady friends and I found out they listened to my radio station so things got temporarily less awkward. 

  • I say temporarily because I haven't even told you the worst part. USU President Stan Albrecht was the special speaker. I introduced myself afterward and asked him a few questions. He was extremely kind. I felt all confident and good about myself until I took a look in the mirror. I had prime rib stuck in my teeth. Talk about an epic fail. 

  • Also, word of advice, never ask someone if they are an intern. Always assume they have an actual paid job. I know I look young but nowadays that doesn't mean much of anything.

  • Thursday is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". So celebrate accordingly. If you're not sure how to talk like a pirate, maybe this really weird video will help you out. Arrrgh. 

  • I went to Time Out for Women with my mom, grandma and aunts over the weekend. We had a fantastic time but I got really sick of clapping for everyone. Then I started thinking someone should invent a "Clap App" for the iPhone. It even has a really catchy name. Do it and make millions. 

  • I think I may have to talk to BWell about a movie date this weekend because I am so curious about this movie. Looks intense. Why do I love creepy movies so much? 

  • Today my mom sent me a text to tell me she bought some overalls. You have no idea how giddy this makes me. 

  • I got another great text today from my mother-in-law. She sent a picture of her adorable new haircut. Then she said, "Is this a "selfie"? Is that sexual?" I love that lady (Tami, I'm sorry if this embarrasses you but it was too good not to share with the world). 

Well, it's bedtime. Also, tomorrow is National Cheeseburger Day so you should celebrate that too. Why not?  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Best: Releasing My Inner Six-Year-Old

floral overalls: Forever 21, button up: Old Navy, boots: K-Mart, necklace: Smith's 

I woke up on Friday to rain and I just knew it was going to be a good day. Then I put on my overalls and knew it would be an even better day. To make my Friday a complete masterpiece, I met a few of my high school chums for dinner.

 When my friend, Brooke, gave me a hug goodbye she said in a cheerful voice, "I just love your overalls."

 You must know, Brooke is a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. She's a total bombshell without even having to try. 

So a compliment from her on my overalls made me blush a little and I said, "Oh, thanks. They're kind of crazy." 

And she answered, "No, I love them because they're so you."

And that made me extremely happy. My friends still love me even though I'm a crazy person and dress like I'm in grade school. How great it is to be loved by people who fully accept all parts of me. So thanks family and friends for loving me, even though I might embarrass you. I promise I won't play with my food at the dinner table.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Last weekend, we hiked to what is believed to be the oldest tree in the state of Utah (Jardine Juniper hike). It's basically in our backyard! It was a long 12 mile hike, so we decided to camp near the trail head so we could get an early start.

When Brian and I first got married, we were super paranoid about becoming that couple. You know, the kind that drops off the face of the planet and never does anything with anyone else but each other? We were constantly doing fun things, but never wanting to do them without a group of people to join us. We wanted to do everything with friends. It's nice to have friends and I feel like we've been blessed to have such an amazing support group. But I'm beginning to learn that it is more than okay to have fun alone together, just as a couple.

Brian and I are also pretty attached to technology at times. I hate to admit that, but we are. Our jobs often times force us to be. I'm constantly checking twitter, news websites and Facebook to see if there is any local news I need to get on top of, and Brian often is replying to customers via email. The world can get so loud and distracting at times.

We needed this weekend to truly have "us" time. No other people. No cell phone service. No internet. It was amazing to completely unplug and pay attention to what was happening around us, in the moment. On Friday night, we huddled around the fire and just talked about our relationship and our future. Then we went to bed in our little tent, the sound of churning water in the riverbed nearby put us to sleep.

Then there was the hike. I'm telling you, being in the mountains is the cure for just about any problem. We walked, talked, laughed, slipped a few times on loose rocks, ate Scooby Doo fruit snacks, and often times we just stopped in awe of the landscape that surrounded us. This world is a beautiful place. Even that twisted and gnarly old tree is beautiful. Actually, it's especially beautiful.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I discovered the above picture on my phone from earlier this summer after trail running in the canyon. Obviously, I'm a dork. Also, my legs are transparent which is trippy. 

  • I don't think trippy is actually a real word, but it's lingo from my high school days and it stuck. 

  • I swear every girl in her twenties wants to live in New York City. Well, except for me since I'm in my twenties and I don't want to live there. I visited once. It's a fun place to visit. I'd go back in a heartbeat but not ever to stay. I need mountains, fresh air, stars at night, cow manure, and other country things. New York doesn't have any of that. But it does have expensive restaurants and the restrooms at the Statue of Liberty are really filthy. 

  • Today while driving to a store, I spotted a lady in the parking lot with a parrot on her shoulder. Pirate lady caused me to drive right past my destination. But seriously, what's up with that? 

  • If you think your marriage is rough, read this and feel better. 

  • So, I'm a radio deejay. So I now have this new deep fear that I'll suddenly get the hiccups while I'm on air. One of these days I might scare myself right into getting them. Except then there's that whole rumor that being frightened gets rid of hiccups. Perhaps that means I will be alright. 

  • Confession: I'm listening to this right now and I feel like I'm 17 again. Awe, shucks. 

  • Our friends Richie and Lauren have the cutest baby and she growl laughs. I better have a baby who growl laughs or I'll feel like I got cheated.

  • Who do you think invented Rock, Paper, Scissors? Tell you what, I'll Google it and then let you know.    

Monday, September 9, 2013

From Split Ends to Fresh Starts

It's outstanding how making subtle changes (or big changes) can give me a new fresh outlook on life. Something as simple as coloring my hair and trimming off some dry ends has turned me into a new woman. I wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day, starting with styling the mop on my head.

If there is something in your life that needs changing, embrace it. Sure, change can be scary but it can also be exhilarating and rewarding. Get rid of those "dry and damaged ends" in life that are dragging you down and start fresh.

Get that haircut, go after that new job, start that project, make that move, follow that dream. Big or small, positive change is healthy and essential to get where we're going.

xo Happy Monday

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fluming (it's a real word)

I'm craving crunchy leaves and combat boots but since it's still high 90 degree weather, I better pull back on the reins. So what's a girl to do? Keep doing summer shenanigans even though the majority of my friends and family are now in school mode? Meh, maybe. Perhaps it's time to hit up the pool alone and read a book, and in the process I can reminisce about the summer memories when times were slow and the livin' easy.

A reoccurring summer memory for me is lazy days spent at the flume. What is a flume, you ask? Well, it's about to get country up in here. The flume is a staple of summers spent in my hometown, in the lovely state of Idaho. It's where the canal goes across the road, and it's sketchy to say the least. The water is filthy and sometimes devil children stop in  the middle and gather moss from the water, then throw it over the flume wall on passing cars. When I was a teenager, there were boards above the flume so you could carefully walk back to go down again. It was quite the balancing act and if you fell, you would either hit metal bars and then fall back into the flume water, or I suppose you could fall off the flume altogether and take the thirty feet drop to the road. Since those days the boards started to go missing, nails grew rusty, so nowadays the kids get out of the canal, walk through a field and cross the road. Less exciting but much safer. The higher the canal water is, the more fun fluming is. That's because the water is faster so it pulls you through the flume at a quicker speed.

I have such fond memories of the flume. There were summers where Jace and I would rush to finish our work in the yard so we could spend the afternoon there. I would meet up with friends there, or cute boys. One summer night, my friends and I jumped in fully clothed. On another occasion, I had a moss/mud fight with a group of people and I swear I cleaned mud out of my ears for a month.

I'm glad I fit in some fluming with the family for the summer of 2013. If you want to experience fluming, let me know. I'll take you before fall really hits us.    

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Truth Tuesday

  • I am just mind-blown by this pretty area that surrounds me; this valley I call home. Sheesh, I'm blessed. We went to Bear Lake for Labor Day, even though it rained on and off all day, and Logan Canyon had me in awe with her beauty. Some of the trees are already in the beginning stages of changing colors, which makes me thrilled.

  • September through December . . . it's my favorite section of the calendar. So happy September is here and I feel like it's going to bring plenty of good things with it. 

  • Since I didn't work yesterday, I keep thinking today is Monday. But then I realize it's actually Tuesday. Tuesdays that feel like Mondays are one of my favorite things, because the weekend seems to come extra quickly. 

  • Sometimes on long drives, I enjoy talking the lyrics to songs. Even better, whisper the lyrics to songs. It makes the most endearing love songs sound like they're coming from an obsessed stalker. 

  • Should I be worried about myself since the two items at the top of my "Kelsey wants to buy shiz" list are kitty shoes and overalls? 

  • Brian and I were talking about how we coped with our anger when we were younger. I used to chuck rocks at a stop sign. I think that's, like, against the law, probably.

  • I finally saw Django Unchained. I was really disappointed. I think maybe I just had too high of hopes since everyone was all, "Oh gosh, best movie ever." And I know what you're thinking, "Oh, it was just too violent for you and you couldn't handle it." Nope. I'm just a girl who gets impressed by solid story lines with well-developed characters. The story line was, meh, alright. I felt no connection to the characters. On the bright side, at least I got to stare at Leo. Too bad it took a whole hour until his character was even introduced. 

  • I don't own a brush. It's kind of a pain and I should maybe think about buying one. Or I could always shave my head because that would be a lot cheaper and save me tons of time.