Love Birds

Without love, we are birds with broken wings.
-Morrie Schwartz

On a blustery Sunday in November of 2009, a blonde boy with lots of wit walked through the door of my apartment and mocked me and my roommate for watching A Walk to Remember. I thought he was funny and instantly decided we would make jolly good friends. Months later, I discovered this boy found me attractive. Then he asked me out. That first date turned into a string of dates, which turned into a kiss, which turned into an "I love you". After a year and few months of dating, this boy fake proposed twice. Which resulted in me giving him a dead arm twice. But it all ended well since he eventually real proposed on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during spring break. I married that blonde boy the following summer (in August to be precise) of 2011. We were married in the Logan, Utah LDS temple where we sealed the deal for forever. It was the happiest day, as all weddings should be. That day, my last name changed by one little letter and now that blonde boy is all mine.

While I was all googly-eyed and engaged, I actually wrote our story in more detail through a series of posts. Read if you wish:

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And a little bonus entry that wrapped the series of posts up can be found here.

If you really wish, you may also read the proposal story:

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  1. FIrst of all, you were a stunning bride. Second, I am drawn to this blog of yours, and have been stalking you for a bit now. Creep much? Third, the world is super small. Because Mr. Brian Weller used to be my boss at Allstate like..two years ago. Small world eh?


  2. Oh my, I loooove your hair in these photos. So adorable.


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