Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jumbo Tampons, Beautiful Beaches, and a Proposal

Day 4. Tuesday.

My menstruation cycle is discussed in this post. I apologize to anyone that feels offended that I would discuss my period on the internet. However, it is a big part of my life, being a girl and all. Plus, as a writer, I feel it is important to discuss slightly uncomfortable topics. I do not think periods are uncomfortable topics to talk about though. I actually find period stories pretty funny. Maybe that is because I, myself, have loads of them. On a second note, I want to remember this story just as it happened. It was a pretty big day after all. The day my future husband proposed to me is what I consider to be a pretty big day. Including the 'period part' of this story will show just how miserable I was at the beginning of the day, and how Brian turned it into the best of days. He tends to do a good job at that. Thanks Bri.

My periods are from Hell. Notice I am not cussing. I even capitalized Hell to get a point across that I am, indeed, referring to the place. Seriously, I think the devil, himself, sent them to me. I know all girls say that. I have no place to say that mine are worse than the next girl's, but mine are pretty horrid. Back in bible times, supposedly women were put away during the week of their period. At first, I thought that was horrible to put a woman alone in a room and kind of shun her for a week. I guess I can't blame them though. Some girls are absolute jerks during their periods. And sometimes, I wouldn't mind being locked in a room. Usually (at least the first couple days) all I can do is sit in a room any ways. In the summer, if I am on my period, I try to avoid swimming the first couple days completely. I know, I've heard it before.

"Try a tampon, Kelsey."

I do try tampons. Jumbo ones to be exact. However, the second day of my period, a jumbo tampon will last me 45 minutes to an hour if I am lucky.

Of course, my period was due to start some time during the cruise. That's the other horrid thing about my period. It always comes at the most inconvenient times. Thinking back on most of the highlights of my high school/college career, I was on my period.

Track districts or track state. I think it alternated every year.
Family trips.
Track camp.
State volleyball.
WAC Indoor Championships.
Spring break last year.
And now. . .spring break this year, during the cruise.

Basically, every time something important happens to me, I'm on my period.

Tuesday marked the second day of my period. The awful day. Which was also the day we had planned to spend our time in Cabo on the beach, snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying some of the world's best beaches. Lucky me.

I convinced myself that everything would be fine. I told myself to be positive. So I changed into my swim suit, telling myself over and over again that I did not look bloated, and loaded my beach bag full of tampons.

Once on land, we booked a boat tour with a glass-bottom boat. They took us around the bay (which was gorgeous) and then planned on dropping us off by Lover's Beach with snorkeling equipment. We would then stay there for several hours before the same boat would return for us.

Being in a small boat on the ocean water was a crazy experience. It was fun, but I may or may not have gotten nervous a couple times.

Finally, the time came that we were dropped off on the beach to do some snorkeling. Snorkeling was one of the things I was the most excited for. Turns out, I am disabled or something when it comes to trying to snorkel. I think it was all those years of being a runner and being taught how to breathe correctly. So trying to breathe completely through my mouth while snorkeling was very foreign to me. Every time I went under water, I was instantly greeted with a face full of delicious salt water. It also didn't help that my period was causing me to feel extremely uncomfortable and short of patience. After trying several times and feeling frustrated. . .the worst thing happened. That stupid jumbo tampon failed me. I was completely embarrassed and felt like crying.

After resolving the problem a bit, I wanted nothing but to feel the sand and sun on my body. So that's what I did. I went to a nice spot to lie down and Brian tried to convince me to go on a walk with him. I didn't think anything of it. All I knew is at that moment I did not feel like walking.

Randee got all excited and said, "Where are we walking to?"

Trevin replied quickly, "Not us! Just Brian and Kelsey."

I remember thinking, "Whoa, you guys can go with us."

However, I didn't walk. I collapsed in the sand, wanting to die, and told Brian that I would go on a walk in a few minutes.

Shortly after, the three boys decided they wanted to go find a more private beach. As afternoon had drawn upon us, so had dozens and dozens of other tourists and the beach had grown very crowded. So the boys hiked around some rocks and out of sight, while the girls hung back for some relaxation.

After a while, Trevin and Brian both eagerly came back, telling us they found a great beach and no one else was there.

Dallin was not present. Turns out he was back guarding a very special ring, as well as chasing people away from the beach.

Fighting off my fatigue, I got up and started the hike to our beach. The little beach they had discovered was just as great as they had said. The sand was amazing and the beach itself was hidden by some very pretty rock structures.

Once we arrived, Brian led me away from the rest of the group. He was acting slightly awkward. I did not know what was going on. He led me to the top of the beach, right below some awesome cliffs. I looked down at the sand and saw a big X formed with flip flops.

"What the heck is Dallin doing with his flip flops?"

Brian smiled and replied, "I don't know. Maybe we should take a look."

With that, he bent down, moved the flip flops, and began digging into the sand.

At this moment, I think I rolled my eyes a little bit. Let me explain.

Brian is the biggest tease. Ever. We have been planning on getting married for some time now, I just was waiting for him to pop the question. I had refused to help shop for rings so I didn't know at this point if he even had a ring or not. Before we had gone on the cruise, Brian had already fake proposed to me TWICE. Rude, huh? But slightly funny, I'll admit. So I had already planned on him fake proposing during our cruise. I mean, it's perfect. Getting proposed to in Mexico. By the ocean. How romantic. So obviously he was going to fake propose here.

So that is why I began rolling my eyes. I knew the fake proposal was coming. Then he pulled out a rolled up wad of socks from the sand. I just stood there, deciding I would let the boy have his fun. Then he took an actual case out of the socks. Then he opened up the case and there was an actual sparkly ring in that case. Very sparkly. Wow. . .very, very sparkly! Then he was down on one knee, smiling up at me. Smiling that big Brian smile that I just can't resist.

Then he said, "Kelsey, will you marry me?"

I stood there for a few seconds with big eyes and my mouth hanging open before replying. I was pretty sure this proposal was not fake. This was the real deal.

"Wait. . .is this for real?"

Those are the words that came out of my mouth.

Brian began laughing, "Yes, this is for real!!"

So of course I said yes. Over and over again. Yes, yes, yes. I did not even look at the ring, I basically just attacked Brian. We kissed and hugged and all that gross, mushy stuff. He twirled me across the sand, and we looked down at our friends, who were cheering and taking pictures.

Then we heard more cheering from boats by the shore. People had been watching. Some Mexican fishermen even started yelling congratulations to us. It was unreal. We were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On our very own beach. We were engaged. My life officially rocked. Take that period. Try ruining my day now.

When I got around to actually looking at the ring on my finger, I instantly fell in love with it. I am so glad that I let Brian do it by himself. I had so many people pestering me about going ring shopping with him. I didn't want to though. I wanted the ring to be completely from Brian. Not something I told Brian to buy. Plus, if a boy can get you a ring that is your style, it is probably a pretty good sign that he knows you. Well, my pal sure does know me. Check this bling out:

He designed it! Just for me!

The rest of the day, I was basically in La La Land. As you could imagine. That night we had a fancy dinner in honor of our engagement.

Oh, and I made some new friends. . .

So basically, the moral of the story is that everything exciting in my life happens when I'm on my period. Actually, I would be on it during our wedding most likely. Thank goodness my friend, birth control will solve that problem.

August 5th. Logan temple. I will go from Kelsey Keller to Kelsey Weller. Drastic change there.

Or even better, I could be a Dr. Seuss character. Kelsey Keller Weller. Catchy, right?


  1. dang! my last comment didn't post! I LOVE THIS! I'm so excited for you Kels!

  2. SO romantic! I love it, congrats again girl!

  3. I'm so excited for you!! So Romantic! It sounds like you have a real Prince in your hands. That ring is AMAZING!! CONGRATS AGAIN!

  4. Ummmm....... I'm sorry but a little weird!! I still like it a bit!


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