Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Nice Tan, A Broken Plate, and a Hypnotist

Day 2. Sunday.

I woke up not knowing what time it was. Since our room was toward the bottom of the ship and we didn't have a window, the room was always dark. It was a possibility to sleep until noon and still think it was night time.

After we had all gotten out of bed, we headed up to the breakfast buffet. The weather was glorious and it was still only 10:00 in the a.m. After stuffing myself with bacon and french toast, I changed into my suit and hit the deck.
The sun felt so nice kissing my pale, winter skin. I loved it. I had no obligations, no place to be, and no clock that demanded me to keep checking the time. One moment I was playing in the pool, the next I was lathering up in tanning oil, the next I was reading my book. And don't even remind me of the blasted soft-serve ice cream machine. Ice cream is one of my weaknesses. So having the ability to go back and forth, filling up a cup with chocolate and vanilla goodness was a dream come true. Not to mentioned I drizzled caramel and chocolate sauce all over the already fattening ice cream, and topped it off by smothering the stuff in colorful sprinkles.

After getting a full day of fun and sun in, we got dolled up for a nice dinner. Turns out there was loads of stuff on that ship to do. The previous day we had merely gotten angry in our ignorance. So we got all pretty for dinner and went to the nice restaurant called Versailles. Not only did we look dang good for dinner, but we looked dang tan. At least it was dang tan compared to what we had been that morning. Pale Utahns.

Turns out, every dinner we ate like freaking royalty. We're talkin' three course meals here. That is a major shocker to the microwave using college student. At dinner, I decided I could either go big or go home. So I decided to go big and ordered two entrees. The steak and the plate of delicious pasta.

After I placed my order, my friend DWebb turned to me in what I couldn't tell was horror or admiration.

"You can order TWO entrees?"

"Sure, why not," I replied.

He then ordered a second dish as well.

D seemed to be so excited about the food that he couldn't keep his hands on his goblet of water. This kid has talent, let me tell you.

He managed to drop his glass on his plate, then catch the glass before it fell to the ground. He spilled some water, but besides that the glass was unharmed.

I can't say the same about the plate. . .

Nice work, D. You are the man.

After dinner ended, we hit up a hypnotist show. I have always wanted to be hypnotized. So I figured, what the heck, it's spring break, I might as well go a little wild.

Here are some little gems that you are more than welcome to watch:

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