Friday, June 29, 2012

Roller Coasters & Fanny Packs

On Wednesday, my mother so kindly invited me to Lagoon Amusement Park with her and the rest of my siblings. I so graciously accepted. Brian, sadly, had to work.

If you don't really know me, one thing you should know is that I am a sucker for amusement parks. Even the sketchy ones that come to town during fair time (actually, I especially love those ones). Something about amusement parks just instantly brings the kid out in me. Lagoon is no different. I got to feel like a kid all day long!

Luckily, the park wasn't very busy either. So that meant short lines. We went on the swings three times. And oh boy, I love the whoosh that one puts into my tummy.

Besides going on all our favorite rides more than a couple times, we also watched my sisters waste their money on arcade games.

Except Chloe shut me up from making fun of her after she miraculously won something. . . .

And then let's not forget the infamous fanny pack which I sported all day. As much of a fashion crime as it may be, it was a wise decision. I safely stored away several cell phones and wallets in that puppy. Plus, on most of the rides you couldn't take bags on, the workers failed to notice the fanny pack. Score! Not to mention this girl got the most drenched on Rattle Snake Rapids but everything kept in the fanny pack stayed perfectly dry.

And then we went on the skyride. That was a fun experience. My mom and sisters went in front of me and Jace, so everyone they passed going the other direction, Lexi would tell them it was our birthday. We were quite confused when strangers started saying, "Hey, happy birthday!" We started to just accept it. And all the teenage girls we passed hit on my brother. He accepted that too.

But I think my favorite part of the day was when I took my baby sister, Chloe, on the ride that goes around and around and you squish each other (does that ride have a name?). You see, Chloe was afraid of all the roller coasters that the rest of us were so anxious to go on. So most of the morning, she spent sitting on benches, holding my mom's bag for her while we went on all the "scary rides". She was a good sport. But then the fam started going on another roller coaster after going on about four in a row and Chlo looked a little sad. But she faithfully went and sat on her bench. It kind of tugged at my heartstrings a bit so I went over to her and pointed at the ride which conveniently dwelt next to the roller coaster. I told her to go on that one with me. After she made me assure her it wasn't scary, we went and hopped in line. Needless to say, Chloe loved that ride. She squished me the entire time, but it was worth it to hear her silly giggle throughout the whole span of our turn. She liked it so much that afterwards, she insisted that my mom and Lexi went on it with her. So they did, and Jace and I were left to guard my mom's bag. 

Amusement parks are fun. They are germ infested, dirty places full of quite interesting people with rather poor hygiene, but they are still a bit magical. They bring out the kid in me and the nostalgia of past summers. I love them. Even if they force me into wearing a fanny pack. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


You know whenever you go rummaging through your change jar, you're really just looking for the quarters. Because quarters amount to something. You can put quarters in pop machines. You can put quarters in arcade games. You can round up four quarters and have yourself a dollar.
Quarters are significant when it comes to coins.

Today my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have now been together loving, learning, and growing for a quarter of a century. I would say that's significant. That amounts to something.

I love them. I love that my dad chased my mom all through high school and never gave up on her. And I love that my mom finally caved and gave him a chance after she moved away to college. I love how my dad was the wild child with a heart of gold and I love that my mom was the innocent All-American girl. And I love that really none of that has changed. And I love how perfectly they compliment one another.

And I mostly just really love that my dad had a mullet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • We went swimming yesterday. And I took the picture which you're looking at above. Our legs were still extremely sore yesterday so we couldn't go on our daily run. So we settled for swimming and boy did it feel great on ze legs. 

  • Last night we went and saw Brave. I loved it! I probably loved it so much because it had bears in it. And for some reason I just really think bears are cool. I also now want to go to Scotland. And I also now miss my long, unruly curls that I sported in high school. I was like a brunette version of the girl on Brave. Sorta. 

  • Tomorrow I'm going to Lagoon. Lagoon makes me happy. Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth, but I guess that makes Lagoon the happiest place in Utah. Sorta. 

  • I caved and bought a bathing suit at Old Navy today. I didn't really need a swimsuit but it was on clearance. I just tried it on a few minutes ago though and I don't feel so bad anymore. Because it fits real nice. And now I just want to go swimming again. 

  • I've been totally lovin' on Ingrid Michaelson's song "Blood Brothers". But after watching the music video, I'm completely smitten. Ingrid is a genius. I'd love to hang out with her for a day. 

  • My cat is cuter than yours. 

  • The 4th of July is approaching. I'm excited. This wondrous holiday is my favorite after Christmas. 

  • I finally got a pair of flip-flops today (my real reason for going to Old Navy). I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of flip-flops. It's been years, people. I just think they're kind of a homely shoe. Yet, sometimes necessary.

  • I saw this the other day and laughed for at least a minute straight. 

  • And speaking of that song, I'm not a huge fan, but this version pleasantly made me feel like dancing around the kitchen. 

Running Against Cancer

Our bodies are amazing. Have you ever thought about that before? Like how amazing is it that our legs can move and our eyes can blink? Pretty amazing, I think. Last Saturday I had a reminder of how amazing my body is and how grateful I am for it.

Over the weekend, I ran my second half marathon. BWell ran it with me and it was his first! My mom and Aunt Amy ran too. This half was in American Fork so we drove down early afternoon on Friday so we could get our packets, eat dinner, and just relax. Then on Saturday morning we woke up at four in the morning to get ready for our race. No, I did not type that wrong, we got up at four in the morning. When we went outside, all the stars were still out and the air was cool. We caught a bus which took us up AF canyon to the start of our race. The gun went off at six and we were off. 

The first nine miles felt glorious. The first seven miles were all downhill out of the canyon, so that helped me run some pretty fast mile times. Well, fast for me. I was averaging about eight minute miles and it was fun because Brian ran with me. I tried not to let Brian know, but I was actually really worried about him. He's been recovering from a foot injury so the longest run he'd been on was a six miler. Well, Brian told me I couldn't stick with him the whole time and I should go ahead, so at around mile six I did. I had a goal to get under 2 hours. My last time was 2:07 but it was a hilly course plus it was raining. So I felt like if I pushed it, I could break the 2 hour time. 

Well, the last two miles we ran through town. The shade and coolness of the canyon were gone, and it was hot. I don't like running in hot. I ran through every sprinkler that was near the sidewalk to try cooling myself off which I think helped a lot. Once I was almost to mile 12, I started to get the chills (which isn't normal in almost 85 degree weather). I knew my body was wanting to shut down. But I only had one more mile. Just one more.

But then the two hour pacer man ran past me. I watched as that sign which read 2:00 bounced past me and I felt crushed. I wasn't going to meet my goal. But then my stubbornness came out and I ran after that sign. There was no way I was going to barely miss getting my two hour mark. I don't know how, but my legs just carried me faster and faster until I passed the two hour pacer and continued to pass other people in front of the sign. Then I saw balloons. And cheering people. And the finish line. And I made it. I made it in 1:59. I only got a minute under two hours and I almost pooped my pants in the process, but I got my goal. And that's all that matters. 

Then I went back to the finish to watch for the rest of the gang. Brian didn't come for a while. I started worrying. Then someone smacked my butt. I turned around and there stood Brian. He only finished four minutes after me. I was bummed I didn't see him finish, but I was so happy he felt so good. He didn't even seem out of breath. Then we watched my mom and aunt finish. My aunt hung back with my mom to help push her and she must have been good help. My mom got her personal best by ten minutes! She did awesome! I love watching people I care about finish a race. 

Any ways, all the money from the race went towards cancer patients, which I feel pretty good about. After the race, I just kept thinking about all the people who were suffering from cancer, and then I thought about myself and how my healthy body had just carried me 13.1 miles. Then I felt guilty about all the times I complain about my body. 
My hair is too thick and frizzy. 
My shoulders are too broad. 
My teeth aren't white enough. 
My feet are too wide.
My chest is too flat. 
I don't want to have that attitude anymore. It's ridiculous how hard I can be on my body sometimes. My body is a gift and it can do pretty amazing things. I guess that's why I like running. It's a constant reminder of how amazing the human body is and can be. 

And it's pretty amazing that after running that far, we all immediately ripped open the box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that Brian's brother brought us and devoured them. Rhett was such a nice man. He not only watched us finish and brought us doughnuts, but he also took a couple pictures on his phone. Just to prove we really ran.   

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Best: A Little Leg

head scarf: F21, t-shirt: Obey brand via Buckle, skirt: thrifted, wedges: Target, bracelet: farmers' market, earrings: Claire's 

I found this gem of a skirt hiding on a rack at the DI and I about passed it by. You see, it was paired with a hideous matching suit jacket.

But then I ran my hand over it a second time and thought, "You know, this skirt without the jacket might not be so bad." 

And then I saw the slit in the skirt and thought, "You know, that might just spice things up."

And then I bought it. For three whole whopping dollars.

And I wear it all the time. 

1. Because it goes with everything. 

2. It's comfy. 

And I love how surprising the slit is. I just want to stick my leg out from it all day e'ery day. Now I understand what Angelina Jolie's deal was. She just wanted to stick that leg out of that slit so dang bad and say, "Hey world, look at this slit in my dress! And check out my calf muscle too!" 
Can't say I blame her. 

Speaking of legs, my legs have been soaking in epsom salt baths over the past 24 hours. We ran a half marathon. We were way happy with the results, but I can't say my legs feel the same. But more on that later. 

Oh, and during this "photo op" my mom and aunt were present and mocked me. And I felt embarrassed so I tried covering my face . . . . 

And I also tried running away . . . .

And then I just acted awkward . . . .

So my aunt tried to show me how to pose correctly . . . . only she felt awkward too . . . .

So we just laughed. Good times.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nutella Sandwich Cookies

As of late, I've started a new habit. Whether it's a good or bad habit is up to you. I've started eating Nutella. It's a thing I avoided for a while because I just knew I would become addicted. But over the weekend, I just couldn't resist the Nutella-filled crepes at a local breakfast place here in town. And then I fell in love. And then I bought a jar. And now I've been spreading it on everything and eating it by the spoonful. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little (or am I?).

And then I found a lovely recipe for nutella sandwich cookies.

 I followed this recipe and the results were quite fantastic. But believe me, you will want a glass of milk when you eat these wonders. They are dense and rich and yum.

Do you have a fantastic recipe involving this thing similar to crack which we call Nutella? Please do share. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On a Hill

Today was a nice kind of day. That's because I went to the temple. The feeling there is one of peace and I love how each time I enter those walls, I instantly feel all the stresses and pressures of the world leave me alone for a while.

The other nice part about today is that I went to the temple with my mom, Grandma Keller, and my mom-in-law. And we ate tasty Italian food at Le Nonne after. I'm blessed to have a temple so nearby and also to have such incredible ladies in my life. Life is so overwhelmingly sweet sometimes.

Yeah, feeling pretty grateful right about now.

Slow Motion

On Saturday we went with my fam to visit the grandpas for Father's Day. My mom made the most fun ties and tied them around boxes of chocolates for their gifts. Yeah, she's pretty creative. While visiting my grandpa Steve, I just had to snap some pictures. It was just one of those perfect summer evenings when the sunset just seems to dust everything around you in the most perfect shimmering gold. We took the pedal boat out on the pond, played with Mochie the dog, watched the playful hummingbirds, and just enjoyed one another's company.

Since the summer months are here and I'm not in school, life has really slowed down. I feel like I was on the freeway, cruising at 80 mph , weaving in and out of traffic, and now I just took an exit onto a slow dirt road. It's been a weird adjustment, but I think it's what I need right now. I like being busy. I even like being crazy busy like I was this past school year (yes, I like turning my hairs grey). But I was going so incredibly fast that I didn't have time to always enjoy the little things like I typically do. I'm a girl who appreciates little details. And I think I really need this summer to notice all those little details again. So here is to a summer spent in limbo, a summer of brainstorming, experimenting, a few months spent in slow motion and enjoying the view.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Truth Tuesday (except not really)

Last night I totally let Tuesday get away from me and didn't do a Truth Tuesday post. You see, I got so distracted putting my funny little badges on my new boy scouts shirt. Brian and I are now serving as the 11 year old boy scout leaders. I have a feeling it's going to be a hoot. Brian is an Eagle Scout and he has some pretty fond memories of his scouting days. I, on the other hand, don't know much about scouting. I do only have one brother after all. But I'm anxious to learn and I love doing outdoor things, so I'm guessing it should be a good time. I really think this calling is a good fit for us. We are both so excited to start planning hiking trips and teaching these boys how to grow into rugged mountain men. I think tonight we might teach the boys about some of the native plants that grow around these parts. Now for a couple truths. . .

  • I tried Nutella for the first time last weekend and I am now in love. I've been avoiding that jar of goodness for so long because I just knew I would become obsessed. And I was right. I have big plans to make Nutella cookies this afternoon. Perhaps I'll blog about it if they end up tasting yummy. 

  • Sunday night was beyond perfect weather so BWell and I slept outside. We blew up our air mattress at last minute, grabbed our sleeping bags and hunkered down on our patio. I think Luna was confused, but she ended up enjoying the fact that the humans were sleeping outside in her abode. The stars were gorgeous and it was so warm for most of the night that I just slept on top of my sleeping bag. Being married is so fun. My husband is a hoot. 

  • As I type this, I am actually sitting on my patio, wearing a bathing suit, tanning. I feel so vain. 

  • Our patio is the best thing ever though. I basically live out there. Like this morning. Brian and I ate breakfast out there. Toast and a bowl of strawberries. Sun shining on my face with every bite. Mmmmm, wonderful! 

  • Remember that show that Bill Cosby hosted, Kids Say the Darndest Things? Well, my nine year old sister, Chloe, could totally own that show. Don't believe me? Read this story on my mom's blog and be prepared to laugh uncontrollably. 

  • I really want to buy a canoe and get all Pocahontas-like. But Brian is skeptical. We have fishing licenses though. And I feel it would be double the fun to fish from a canoe rather than just stand on shore. 

  • The journey of growing my hair out continues (ever so slowly). I'm working on baby steps here so my first step is to go for a bob. Maybe similar to the bottom picture shown here. Yeah?

Well, I'd say it's time to stop this nonsense. I'm getting all icky and sweaty feeling. I'm not very good at laying out. I get bored easily. But those Nutella cookies are sounding better and better every second! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Every June during Father's Day weekend, a wonderful thing happens in the center of Logan that makes my heart sing and cartwheel and smile. It's called Summerfest and I love it (if all that heart singing and cartwheeling and smiling didn't already tip that off). Tons of art vendors set up their canopies on the tabernacle grounds to sell their work. And people like me wander there in hopes that we might find something beautiful to purchase that falls in our cheap skate price range.

My mom and siblings came down last Friday so we could all go together. It was a ball to say the least. When we first arrived, we wandered through all the food canopies to find something for lunch. Fair food, people. It's high in calories and delicious to the taste. We decided on pulled pork and dutch oven potatoes.
Good decision.

We sat on the grass to eat our lunch and listened to the bluesy music of the local bands playing nearby. Bluegrass music is a must for these types of events. I'm not even a bluegrass fan, not really. But at Summerfest I am.

Then of course there are the treats: ice cream, cotton candy, smoothies, sno cones, candied apples, funnel cakes.
You get me?
Every year when Summerfest rolls around, I indulge in a chocolate covered frozen banana. They are divine. Someday when I get to heaven, I might just eat them all day long. Because I can do that in heaven, right? This year I also had my banana sprinkled with bits of toffee.
Good decision number two.
We hunted down a coconut for my brother. He was very adamant about having one. They filled it with some type of smoothie concoction. He let me have a taste. T'was very refreshing.

We also had a man draw our faces, which I was extremely excited about if I do say so myself. I always wondered what I would look like as a caricature. But I will say that it was a titch awkward to stare at the artist with the same smile on my face and no movement. No wonder people in really old pictures that artists had to paint never smiled. That would have been miserable. I understand now. But we gave the caricature portrait to my dad for Father's Day. He liked it so much that he said he's going to have it framed and hang it in his office at work.

At the end of the day, I came home with an incredible wind chime. This lady makes wind chimes out of old pretty china, and utensils, and such. I was in awe over a banged up watering pail with millions of spoons hanging from it. Then I was in even more awe when I looked at the $94 price tag. Instead I brought home an old pot with spoons, forks, and butter knives hanging from it. Oddly enough, eating utensils make the sweetest little ringing noise when they are gently knocked together. Music to my ears I tell you! When I showed BWell our new wind chime he thought it was a little strange. But I'm sure it will grow on him, as most my crazy ideas do. Especially once we hang it out on our patio and it makes pretty music.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Logan Love: Wind Caves

Summertime in Logan is picture perfect if you ask me. Things slow down since a lot of the college crowd leaves, the weather is warm but not too hot, and there are always plenty of fun things to do. One of my favorite things to do during the summer months here in Logan is spend time up Logan Canyon. It's one of the prettiest canyons I've ever been in. It's like this secret little treasure tucked away from the world, and I'm totally fine with that. There are great running trails, great camping sites, and. . . .really great hiking.

Hiking is kind of a hobby of mine and BWell's. We enjoy it and I think it's a much better way to spend my evenings rather than flipping through channels on television. A really popular hike here in Logan is the hike to the Wind Caves. 

The hike up is just under two miles, so it's relatively easy. There are a lot of switchbacks, but it's easy enough that kids can do it. And the view at the top is breathtaking. It's fun to explore the caves and then the hike down always seems to go fast. If you'd like, pack a dinner to eat when you get to the top. That's always a fun time.  

We always try doing this hike a couple times every year. It's fun to hike during the day and at night. I recommend both. 

Last Friday, we went on this hike with our friends Shayla and Jace. And afterward, we totally went to a campsite to build a fire. There was a camp set up where we started the fire, but no people. It was a bit eerie but that just added to the fun. After eating several s'mores and putting the fire out, we got out of there before anyone showed up to cuss us for disturbing their campsite. It was a great summer night though. I'm definitely looking forward to many more.