Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LP Love

We made it back on Sunday night from our week long trip at Lake Powell. Traveling is always fun, but I think my favorite part is always coming back home. Being away never fails to make me appreciate walking into my modest living room and dropping all bags on the floor.

Lake Powell is amazing. This whole world is amazing. The blue sky, to the refreshing water, to the red rock in between was like the most perfectly constructed love letter from the big man upstairs. And then there were the stars at night. The nights we slept outside, I just tried to keep my eyes open as long as possible to keep watching all of them shine down on me. That Lake Powell night sky is impressive. Almost as impressive as the night sky in Weston, Idaho. Almost, but not quite.

We spent the week hiking, exploring ruins, soaking up the sun, swimming, reading books, playing cards, wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, and consuming way too many calories. I loved exploring all the narrow canyons on the kayaks and jet skis. Not to mention, the kayaks were a great arm workout. Oh, and Brian and I were in charge of the t-shirt activity. We made some pretty great shirts using freezer paper and fabric paint. I think they were a hit! Now it's back to real life. I have to shower again. And wear clothes. But at least I brought home a tan as a souvenir.

My shirt has a blue lizard on the back. I just wanted you to know. 


  1. I love the new blog logo!! Its so adorable!

    1. Thanks! I sketched it up real quick quite a while ago. Sadly, I'm no artist. But I wish I was!


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