Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Truth Tuesday (except not really)

Last night I totally let Tuesday get away from me and didn't do a Truth Tuesday post. You see, I got so distracted putting my funny little badges on my new boy scouts shirt. Brian and I are now serving as the 11 year old boy scout leaders. I have a feeling it's going to be a hoot. Brian is an Eagle Scout and he has some pretty fond memories of his scouting days. I, on the other hand, don't know much about scouting. I do only have one brother after all. But I'm anxious to learn and I love doing outdoor things, so I'm guessing it should be a good time. I really think this calling is a good fit for us. We are both so excited to start planning hiking trips and teaching these boys how to grow into rugged mountain men. I think tonight we might teach the boys about some of the native plants that grow around these parts. Now for a couple truths. . .

  • I tried Nutella for the first time last weekend and I am now in love. I've been avoiding that jar of goodness for so long because I just knew I would become obsessed. And I was right. I have big plans to make Nutella cookies this afternoon. Perhaps I'll blog about it if they end up tasting yummy. 

  • Sunday night was beyond perfect weather so BWell and I slept outside. We blew up our air mattress at last minute, grabbed our sleeping bags and hunkered down on our patio. I think Luna was confused, but she ended up enjoying the fact that the humans were sleeping outside in her abode. The stars were gorgeous and it was so warm for most of the night that I just slept on top of my sleeping bag. Being married is so fun. My husband is a hoot. 

  • As I type this, I am actually sitting on my patio, wearing a bathing suit, tanning. I feel so vain. 

  • Our patio is the best thing ever though. I basically live out there. Like this morning. Brian and I ate breakfast out there. Toast and a bowl of strawberries. Sun shining on my face with every bite. Mmmmm, wonderful! 

  • Remember that show that Bill Cosby hosted, Kids Say the Darndest Things? Well, my nine year old sister, Chloe, could totally own that show. Don't believe me? Read this story on my mom's blog and be prepared to laugh uncontrollably. 

  • I really want to buy a canoe and get all Pocahontas-like. But Brian is skeptical. We have fishing licenses though. And I feel it would be double the fun to fish from a canoe rather than just stand on shore. 

  • The journey of growing my hair out continues (ever so slowly). I'm working on baby steps here so my first step is to go for a bob. Maybe similar to the bottom picture shown here. Yeah?

Well, I'd say it's time to stop this nonsense. I'm getting all icky and sweaty feeling. I'm not very good at laying out. I get bored easily. But those Nutella cookies are sounding better and better every second! 

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