Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Best: A Little Leg

head scarf: F21, t-shirt: Obey brand via Buckle, skirt: thrifted, wedges: Target, bracelet: farmers' market, earrings: Claire's 

I found this gem of a skirt hiding on a rack at the DI and I about passed it by. You see, it was paired with a hideous matching suit jacket.

But then I ran my hand over it a second time and thought, "You know, this skirt without the jacket might not be so bad." 

And then I saw the slit in the skirt and thought, "You know, that might just spice things up."

And then I bought it. For three whole whopping dollars.

And I wear it all the time. 

1. Because it goes with everything. 

2. It's comfy. 

And I love how surprising the slit is. I just want to stick my leg out from it all day e'ery day. Now I understand what Angelina Jolie's deal was. She just wanted to stick that leg out of that slit so dang bad and say, "Hey world, look at this slit in my dress! And check out my calf muscle too!" 
Can't say I blame her. 

Speaking of legs, my legs have been soaking in epsom salt baths over the past 24 hours. We ran a half marathon. We were way happy with the results, but I can't say my legs feel the same. But more on that later. 

Oh, and during this "photo op" my mom and aunt were present and mocked me. And I felt embarrassed so I tried covering my face . . . . 

And I also tried running away . . . .

And then I just acted awkward . . . .

So my aunt tried to show me how to pose correctly . . . . only she felt awkward too . . . .

So we just laughed. Good times.


  1. you are so flippin cute!! i love the outfit.

  2. Oh girl, I love everything about you. I want to grow up to be just like you some day!

  3. I do love when photo shoots devolve into silliness, then I feel less like a fake model and more like the goofball I am.


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