Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running Against Cancer

Our bodies are amazing. Have you ever thought about that before? Like how amazing is it that our legs can move and our eyes can blink? Pretty amazing, I think. Last Saturday I had a reminder of how amazing my body is and how grateful I am for it.

Over the weekend, I ran my second half marathon. BWell ran it with me and it was his first! My mom and Aunt Amy ran too. This half was in American Fork so we drove down early afternoon on Friday so we could get our packets, eat dinner, and just relax. Then on Saturday morning we woke up at four in the morning to get ready for our race. No, I did not type that wrong, we got up at four in the morning. When we went outside, all the stars were still out and the air was cool. We caught a bus which took us up AF canyon to the start of our race. The gun went off at six and we were off. 

The first nine miles felt glorious. The first seven miles were all downhill out of the canyon, so that helped me run some pretty fast mile times. Well, fast for me. I was averaging about eight minute miles and it was fun because Brian ran with me. I tried not to let Brian know, but I was actually really worried about him. He's been recovering from a foot injury so the longest run he'd been on was a six miler. Well, Brian told me I couldn't stick with him the whole time and I should go ahead, so at around mile six I did. I had a goal to get under 2 hours. My last time was 2:07 but it was a hilly course plus it was raining. So I felt like if I pushed it, I could break the 2 hour time. 

Well, the last two miles we ran through town. The shade and coolness of the canyon were gone, and it was hot. I don't like running in hot. I ran through every sprinkler that was near the sidewalk to try cooling myself off which I think helped a lot. Once I was almost to mile 12, I started to get the chills (which isn't normal in almost 85 degree weather). I knew my body was wanting to shut down. But I only had one more mile. Just one more.

But then the two hour pacer man ran past me. I watched as that sign which read 2:00 bounced past me and I felt crushed. I wasn't going to meet my goal. But then my stubbornness came out and I ran after that sign. There was no way I was going to barely miss getting my two hour mark. I don't know how, but my legs just carried me faster and faster until I passed the two hour pacer and continued to pass other people in front of the sign. Then I saw balloons. And cheering people. And the finish line. And I made it. I made it in 1:59. I only got a minute under two hours and I almost pooped my pants in the process, but I got my goal. And that's all that matters. 

Then I went back to the finish to watch for the rest of the gang. Brian didn't come for a while. I started worrying. Then someone smacked my butt. I turned around and there stood Brian. He only finished four minutes after me. I was bummed I didn't see him finish, but I was so happy he felt so good. He didn't even seem out of breath. Then we watched my mom and aunt finish. My aunt hung back with my mom to help push her and she must have been good help. My mom got her personal best by ten minutes! She did awesome! I love watching people I care about finish a race. 

Any ways, all the money from the race went towards cancer patients, which I feel pretty good about. After the race, I just kept thinking about all the people who were suffering from cancer, and then I thought about myself and how my healthy body had just carried me 13.1 miles. Then I felt guilty about all the times I complain about my body. 
My hair is too thick and frizzy. 
My shoulders are too broad. 
My teeth aren't white enough. 
My feet are too wide.
My chest is too flat. 
I don't want to have that attitude anymore. It's ridiculous how hard I can be on my body sometimes. My body is a gift and it can do pretty amazing things. I guess that's why I like running. It's a constant reminder of how amazing the human body is and can be. 

And it's pretty amazing that after running that far, we all immediately ripped open the box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts that Brian's brother brought us and devoured them. Rhett was such a nice man. He not only watched us finish and brought us doughnuts, but he also took a couple pictures on his phone. Just to prove we really ran.   


  1. You are awesome and you just inspired me for the Top of Utah. Thanks for reminding me to stop being so hard on my body, too. :)

    1. Us girls can be pretty cruel to our pretty bodies. Top of Utah will be a blast! I'm excited to start training for it. We will both do awesome!


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