Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I swear every time I go to the grocery store I buy another bag of chocolate chips. I always think I'm out or almost out and then I think, "Well, better grab a couple bags, you never know if I'll spontaneously want cookies." So I think I could now dedicate a shelf in our pantry to chocolate chips. If you're ever out, you know whose door to knock on. That's right, mine. 

  • I went on a ten mile run tonight and I had a rough time. The first seven miles were glorious. The weather as well as my surroundings were beautiful and I felt like I was flying. Then the stomach pains came. I thought I was going to have to knock on someone's door and beg them for their bathroom. And then once that passed, I was left with wretched side aches. My time ended up being slower than what I was aiming for. I think being at Lake Powell a week really hurt me. I really wanted to run, but the water was up so high that there was no where TO run. So we kayaked in the morning for arm workouts and then did ab workouts, and swam of course. But it still wasn't enough cardio. BWell and I are running in a half marathon not this weekend but next and I'm feeling kinda discouraged right about now. I grew up being a sprinter, so adjusting to this distance thing and not always being outstanding frustrates me. I guess I have to remember that some days are just off days. Plain and simple. Let's just hope it's an on day the day of our race. I really want to smash my time from my last half. 

  • On the topic of running, I do not know how some women wear running skirts. How do they wear running skirts? I mean, they are very cute and all. But if I wore one? Man, I would feel ridiculous. And awkward. And I would probably forget how to run. But I've always had this complex with looking too cute while working out. It just doesn't fly with me. I like to dress like I'm ready to get sweaty and ugly. Which I realize is silly. I guess it takes all sorts. I mean, I know many people who would never want to go jogging in spandex. I love jogging in spandex. It's my favorite.  

  • Our rose bush is blooming (as seen above) and I feel all giddy about it. It's so fun having garden space. 

  • THIS  is possibly one of my most favorite songs ever. Which is quite ironic, really, since it also doubles as my favorite color. But really, if my life was a movie, you could guarantee this song would make the soundtrack. Oh, how I love it! 

  • I randomly bought a watercolor kit yesterday. I guess I just think I'm going to become an artist in my spare time this summer. How amusing. 

  • It's disappointing, but I have yet to eat my first s'more of the summer. How despicable, am I right? Perhaps this weekend it will happen. 

  • I am about to reveal one of the best kept secrets when it comes to making cookies. After you've made them and want to store them in your cookie jar, add a slice of bread. It keeps the cookies moist so they don't get dry and hard. I know it sounds weird, but just try it. Besides, you know you never know what to do with the end pieces of the bread anyways. I know you don't eat them.  

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