Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One More Month of 20

Exactly one month from today, I will turn the ripe age of 21.

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm obsessed with birthdays. Not just my own. I'm obsessed with  just the idea of a birthday. Birthdays are important. They are special. It's a lot LOT more than just magically becoming a year older and eating some cake. A birthday is a celebration of life. It's a celebration of being born and growing and learning. It's a celebration of the past year and how you've changed. It's a time to reflect and see how much closer you are getting to becoming the ideal person you want to become. 

A birthday is YOUR day. It should be your day to do whatever you want, to be appreciated, and to be constantly reminded every minute of just how special you are.

I love celebrating birthdays. I love buying people I care about presents. I love making ridiculous cakes. I love planning surprises and I love putting together parties. And I love, love, love seeing people feel happy and special. I want that job for a career, is there such a thing? Can I be a professional birthday celebrator? 

So granted, I also love my own birthday. Since my birthday is right after Christmas, I'm usually not busy with work or school so I tend to plan my day out with parties and activities I would like to do. I also usually go do something fun with my mom since, well, if it weren't for her I wouldn't even have a birthday. This year, however, I do not have to plan out my birthday since someone already planned it for me. And I won't be around the day of my birthday to celebrate with my mom . . . but I'll make it up to her.  

When Brian started dating me, he was so confused as to why I was so obsessed with birthdays. You see, birthdays had never been a big deal to him. It was one of those days where he just ate a slice of cake and it was a good day, end of story. Well, back when he turned 22, I spent the whole day making a very detailed cake that had sharks made out of twinkies all over it, I invited a bunch of people to a pizza dinner, and we celebrated up until midnight, and I cheered to him all day things like, "Brian, you are the best!" and "I'm so glad you were born!" 

After that day, Brian decided birthdays are fun. So maybe that's why he planned this special surprise for my 21st birthday. Or maybe it's because a few months ago when I was probably on my period and acting like an insane woman, I broke down bawling and said, "No one cares about my birthday. I always have to plan my OWN party." And Brian probably just patted my head and said something like, "Now Kelsey, normal people do not understand that birthdays are such a big deal." Whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am super duper excited for my 21st birthday. 

After Brian got this in his fortune cookie one day . . . .

He announced that we are flying to Vegas for my 21st birthday. Thank goodness Southwest Airlines had some spankin' deals on flight and hotels that were only offered for about two days. And thank goodness Brian jumped on top of that spankin' deal.

But you know what this means? I have to try to compete with a Vegas trip when Brian turns 24 in April. I better start planning now. I don't think we can fit another cool trip in our budget, so if you think of any ideas, let me know.   

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sugarplum Land

I have one simple confession.

I love going to the theater. And I don't mean the movie theater, I mean the theater of art, where I can watch musicals or ballets. Where I can listen to beautiful music that is created from the orchestra pit, where I can watch the story unfold on the stage, where the colors of costumes and backdrops can captivate me, where I can quickly grow attached to the characters and feel like they are my friends, where I can feel my face beaming with happiness as I loudly applaud at the end of each act, and where I almost think my eyes might be swelling with tears as the curtain closes and the talent gives one last deep bow.

I love it. Just love it. And I just wanted to say so.

I also love how going to the theater instantly makes me feel like more of a lady. A classy, sophisticated lady. I wear my best dress, I put nylons on, I swish on extra eyeliner and even bust out some lipstick, I strut around in my highest heels, and I hold Brian's hand as we walk through with our tickets and carefully find the way to our seats.

Tonight, Brian took me to The Nutcracker. I am now, at this moment, possibly the happiest girl alive. I have been humming all the songs ever since and parading around the house (perhaps I've even tried twirling around on my toes on our kitchen linoleum).

  (I snapped a quick pic before the show started. I turned the flash off so I wouldn't disturb the peeps behind us.)

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Big Fat Thankful Heart

This Thanksgiving was a wonderful, little gem of a day. I have a very thankful heart for so many reasons. Just to name a few things I was thankful for this Thanksgiving day:

-My wonderful husband and best buddy, Brian. Our first Thanksgiving together was a happy one, and we're on our way to having an entirely happy Thanksgiving weekend. 

-That I didn't humiliate myself in front of Brian's parents and his many neighbors on Thanksgiving morning when we shot clay pigeons. I think I only missed once or twice. Good thing I grew up in Idaho, where the majority of people are obsessed with guns and shooting stuff. 

-That Brian and I pulled ourselves out of bed bright and early so we could do a Thanksgiving fun run with Bri's Mom. It was fun indeed and not even as cold as I had imagined. 

-My in-laws' hot tub. Boy, did that warm water feel nice after the fun run and after we finished shooting guns (my toes were a little numb). 

-That I was able to spend the day with the Weller family. They are all so great. We had a beautiful dinner. The food was great. And there were cute turkeys made out of candy which I was a big fan of. 

-I now appreciate pie more than I ever have in years past. I still prefer a slice of cake over pie, but after that slice of chocolate truffle pie, I'm a bit more converted. 

-I finished a 500 piece puzzle. Okay, that sounds like I finished it alone. Me, Brian, and Tami (Brian's mom) finished it. I was excited about it though because I'm good at starting puzzles but then I never help finish them.

-I wore the shirt that I originally bought for my Halloween costume (when I was an old lady) to the Thanksgiving day feast. And I feel like I looked pretty cute. At least I'm pretty sure I didn't look totally ugly. 

-My feather earrings. They make me feel like a diva each time I wear them.

-That the movie Salt was on television on Thanksgiving evening. Love that movie. Angelina Jolie rocks in it. 

-That we changed our minds about waiting in a huge line for Black Friday and losing tons of sleep as a result, and instead we went to bed quite early.

-Cuddling in bed with BWell and playing Scrabble on his phone before falling asleep. 

-Forgetting my cell phone charger so that when my phone eventually died, I was cell phone free. Sometimes I hate communicating with the outside world. 

-That even though we didn't get out of bed at 2 am to go shopping, Brian still scored the tv he wanted. Apparently a truck came in late to K-Mart. BWell's office will now have a rockin' new tv. 

-My new polka-dot tights from Target. 

-I can now openly celebrate Christmas without people getting all offended and ornery about it. 

-Family and friends and having time to spend it with them instead of stress about work or school. Going back to real life on Monday is going to be gnarly.

Everyone enjoy the weekend! I'll enjoy mine by putting up our Christmas tree and decorating it with BWell. Ah, I'm so looking forward to it!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekend Escape

I am no quitter, but occasionally I will run away from my problems. But only for a little while. And then I come back to reality. A few weekends ago, just before the snow started flying, Brian and I ran away for the weekend. We stayed in his parents' cabin and I think it's just what we both needed. School had just about done us in that week. We both had several tests to take and assignments to hand in. I basically felt like I was crawling on my hands and knees by the time Friday rolled around. So we packed a small bag and ran away to the mountains. We ate a glorious dinner, played card games, watched movies, snuggled, and munched on Toblerone chocolate. And we didn't think about school, work, or any of our responsibilities not once.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Because when Monday came along, I was ready to put on my game face  once again.

I believe in taking breaks from responsibility. It's important. So all you hard workers out there, remember to take a break and relax. Let your hair down and find some 'you' time. It's perfectly perfect to run away once in a while. As long as you always come back.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Truth Tuesday

  • Today has been a delightful Tuesday. I only had one class and now no classes until Monday. Life is good. But I have a feeling this week is going to fly by way too quick! 

  • I never want to eat at the Hub again. The Hub is basically this mini food court in USU's student center, for those who don't know. Every time I get stuck up on campus and have no choice but to buy food from there, I feel sick the rest of the day. Talk about awful.

  • It really hasn't registered yet that Thanksgiving is only a couple days away. This will be the first Thanksgiving ever that I don't spend with my own family. But that's a good thing. I'm excited to spend it with the Wellers. But I still hope the Kellers will miss me a little, because I'll miss them. 

  • I am basically a grammar nerd. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not perfect, but I really do try to use correct grammar. Because, quite frankly, I don't enjoy thinking that I might look like an idiot when I write things out on paper. Therefore, I am very careful when it comes to common errors. Like using the right kind of then and than. And their and there. And you're and your (one that is constantly getting messed up). And using it's as a contraction and its as possessive. Speaking of that tricky little apostrophe, I never understand people who throw apostrophes all over the place randomly. It's like people feel as if they haven't used those apostrophe's for a while so they decide it's time to throw some in word's here and there. And yes, I just misused my apostrophe in that last sentence on purpose.  

  • So now that I've proven to everyone reading this that I'm a freaking psycho, I will now further prove this by telling you all a quick story. Tonight as I drove past A&W, I quickly realized an error on their sign. AWSOME DEALS . . . and I can't even recall what those awesome deals were because all I could focus on was that missing E from awesome. And the whole rest of my drive, all I could think about was that missing E and how A&W might possibly be losing business because their sign looked ridiculous. So when I finally reached my apartment, I asked myself, "Would it be rude or nice if I called to inform them of this missing E?" I came to the conclusion that it might be more nice than rude. So I called. I hope they fix their spelling soon. 

  • Oh, and I hate talking on the phone. I always sound like a scared little kid. I feel so uncomfortable talking to someone I can't see. I like reading body language and I like to see the person's face when I'm talking to them. That's all. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Wish List 2011

I realize this is the time of year to think of others and shower them with gifts. I really like that.

 The thing is, I'm really bad at telling other people what I want. I guess I have this idea in my head that it's rude to want certain things and expect to get them. But because of that, it's my own fault if I get peanuts and socks for Christmas because, hey, what else were they supposed to get me if I left them clueless?

The answer to that question is: peanuts and socks.

And just to clear up any sad thoughts you may be having for me at the moment: I have never actually received peanuts and socks as a Christmas present. But I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

So with the fact admitted that I'm horrible at just being a boss and telling people what I want, I decided it'd be easier to nonchalantly make a wish list on this here blog. So anyone out there wanting to get me something (Santa) can look here instead of ask me and get some super awkward answer.

Along with that, I often times really do not know what I want at Christmastime. It's like my mind goes completely blank and I feel completely content with all the belongings I own and think to myself, "I guess I could use some peanuts and socks. But that's about it."

And what is the logical thing to do at a time when you forget those little presents you really want? Well, the logical thing is to remember that list of things for when your birthday rolls around. This is a real problem for me, seeing that my birthday is four days after Christmas. Which a lot of people hear and ask me if that really sucks to have your birthday right after Christmas. My answer to that is, not really. But then again, I wouldn't know what it's like to have my birthday on a different day. Funny thing, those birthdays always fall on the same day of the year. But really, it's not so bad. I love Christmas so there's nothing better than having a huge week of celebration between Christmas, my birthday, and New Years. And quite frankly, I'm quite proud that  I've never had to go to school on my birthday. Ever. And I never will have to. Therefore, I truly celebrate my birthday from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to sleep.

So now that I've rambled on about my awkward ways and my random thoughts on my birthday, here is a list of things I'd love to unwrap on the morning of December 25. Or December 29 (my b-day) works too.

DISCLAIMER: I in NO WAY expect to get every one of these gifts. That would be ridiculous. I am merely making a list full of plenty of options. That's all.

I'd like a ridiculously awesome blazer so I can wear it next semester when I anchor on our ATV student news show. And possibly save it for the future when I make myself into something . . . whether that be a reporter, a promoter of good things, an author, a clothing designer, a super cool wife, a zoo keeper . . . whatever I officially decide I want to be. Forever21 has tons of cute blazers, this classic cocoa colored one probably being my very favorite.

It's time, people. I want a more legit camera than the one I presently have. This is the Nikon Coolpix, which I've read excellent reviews on, but I really am not partial to one type of camera. I just want a camera that's a step up from what I have. I want to step up my photography skills. More shooting and less editing. Better camera.

 A tripod would be a nice treat too. If I get the camera, that is.

Source: etsy.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

I'd like an infinity scarf. Or two. Or three. Logan, Utah is cold.

Source: burton.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

Speaking of cold, I really need a new snow coat. I have plenty of 'cute' winter-time coats, but I'm talking I need a real legit snow coat. One that I can roll around on the ground in and still feel dry. It's time to take part in some intense sledding, snowboarding, igloo making while wearing my own coat. Not one I borrowed from my mom or my mom-in-law, since that's what usually happens. 

New running shoes are on my wish list. I've been running in my beloved pair of Asics for . . .a while now. I would really love a bright obnoxious pair. And I'm kind of partial to Nike and Asics as far as running shoes go. When it comes to my feet and exercise, I get a little into brand names. Judge me. It's my one guilty pleasure as far as brand names go. 

So now you can all shake your heads and think about what a demanding little brat I am. I like any other present too. Like books. Or that bunny sweater from Forever21. Or chap stick. Or henna kits. Or high fives. Or peanuts and socks are nice too.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Five Feel Goods

Technically Friday is now over. But I still want to squeeze in my Friday Five Feel Goods any ways! I ended up having a busier day than I had originally planned. But it was a good kind of busier, the kind I'm totally okay with.

 My mom made a last minute trip to Logan and surprised me by picking me up after my classes. We then went on a delicious lunch date to one of my favorite pizza places in Logan (which I plan on featuring soon as a Logan Love post) and after lunch we went antique shopping. If I had the money, I swear I would blow it all on antiques. My mom got some finds which I was probably slightly jealous of. I still wish she would have bought the record player so I could be jealous of that. Guys, it was the most beautiful contraption I've ever laid eyes on. And I gingerly pulled the doors open: on one side sat the loveliest AM/FM radio and on the other a record player. Then to tickle my fancy further, I looked on the tag to see in big bold letters with several exclamation points, "WORKS!!" Although my mom did not purchase the record player, she did make a purchase for me, which I'll tell you about soon enough.

Anyhow, after my adventure with my mom, Brian and I went on a double date with our dear friends, Lauren and Richie. We went to a hockey game. USU played Colorado State. USU won 3-2. Way to go, boys. I discovered I like hockey. It's fascinating. My favorite part is when the players get in trouble they get sent to the box. It's like little kid time-out for big tough hockey players. But it's even better since they sit in a glass box. I'm still laughing about it. Immature? Maybe. But I don't care. After the game, we also got dessert at Chilis and stayed there laughing and chatting until our waitress started making rude comments and giving us the death glare.

And now that I've told you about my whole entire Friday (which you probably didn't care to hear about), let's get on to five things that are currently making me feel goooood.

Pretty, pretty flowers. While at Smith's Marketplace this past week, I recognized the flower bouquets were buy one get one half off. So I thought to myself, "Why not? Flowers are delightful. I wouldn't mind spending a small sum of money for slightly beat-up flowers." So I did. The colorful arrangement on the right is brightening up our kitchen at this very moment and I gave the purple ones away to a friend.


Infinity scarves. I about bought one this week. . .but I'm trying to hold out for Christmas. Yes, it's on my Christmas wish list. A thick and comforting infinity scarf that I may wrap many times snugly around my neck (which is usually bare due to my hair being too short to protect it) sounds glorious.

Nutcrackers make me happy. Especially this miniature guy I scored for two bucks. I am so excited about the holidays. Don't worry, he won't be set out as a decoration until the day after Thanksgiving.

And speaking of Christmas, this is what my mom so kindly bought for me. Vintage Christmas ornaments still in their original box. It makes me giddy just thinking of hanging these on our very own Christmas tree in a week's time. I am thrilled for mine and Brian's first Christmas together. Thrilled. And a BIG thanks to my mom for buying these for me. She is too awesome.

Words can't even explain how good I feel about the release of this trailer. I'll be counting down the days for when this movie comes out. I sure hope the movies live up to the books. Ah, Hunger Games. I love you.

If you are interested in guest posting your very own "Five Feel Goods" on A Little Bird Told Me, please contact me at kelsey.keller@aggiemail.usu.edu. I would love to have you. There are always so many things surrounding us to feel good about :). 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Simple Things

Today I went to the grocery store to purchase myself a box of tampons and a bag of tampax pads. I left with a box of tampons, a bag of tampax pads, two bouquets of flowers, a nutcracker, and some Christmas ornaments. Oh, and a heart full of good feelings.

It's funny how the simple things can make a person so delectably happy.

Like bouquets of sparse, slightly mushed flowers that are buy one get one half off, so you can buy some cheery cheap flowers for yourself and also one for a friend.

Or like the whiff of cinnamon that engulfs your whole being the moment you come in range of the store's Christmas aisles.

Or like the way the mountains look so pretty topped with snow and surrounded by dark clouds.

I am so grateful for the simple things.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Made My Night

I realize my sense of humor is a bit 'out there' I guess you might say, but I thought this was absolutely laugh-worthy:

Oh, those silly slices of cheese.

Also, while I was keeping to myself just an hour ago and enjoying my bubble bath, Luna decided just to leap on into the sudsy water with me. Just to clarify in case you don't know or forgot, Luna is our pet kitty. Not some random lady who wanders around by my bathroom. Luckily, I awkwardly caught her before she emerged her entire sleek black body into the tub water. Seriously, doesn't she know cats are supposed to hate water? Whoever said curiosity killed the cat must have been talking about Luna's ancestor. That little creature loves to explore. And apparently she loves bubble baths too.

Truth Tuesday

  • For once in quite a many, many past Tuesdays I am not feeling stressed out of my mind. I'm not feeling angry. I'm not feeling frustrated. This is a grand feeling. This Tuesday has not been less stressful by any means. I only got home from campus about a half an hour ago. But despite that, I still feel calm and I feel at peace. Things always work out, stress or not. I'm a trooper, I'm making right decisions, I'm workin hard . . . therefore life is good.

  • I want a bubble bath more than anything in the entire world! I think after I eat and do some homework, I'll be busting out the lavender bubble bath and letting the tub fill to the rim with hot water. 

  • Speaking of hot water, I like my showers and baths scorching hot. I will gradually turn the knob further and further to the red side until the water is practically burning my flesh. It's fine. Usually once I get out of the tub and dry off with a towel, I realize I have red splotchy spots covering my skin from the steaming water. But they always go away. I haven't been left with any scars or third degree burns yet.

  • I have this horrible habit of chewing my lips and it needs to stop. It needs to stop before I chew every last bit of my lips away and then I'll never be able to kiss the heads of my future children. Any tips on how to put the chewing to a halt would be welcomed. 

  • I tried to wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to the Christmas tunes, but I've failed. Not horribly though. I only listen to the merry songs while I'm baking. Is that so sinful? 

  • I miss my family. I want to hang out with my siblings. I want to watch movies and eat a bowl of ice cream with my dad, and I want to make crafts and have happy conversations with my mom. This semester I haven't been able to visit home too much. So I'm looking forward for the holidays so I can spend more time with them, more time with the Wellers, and more time with friends. 

  • I came up with this great idea. Since I don't have television, I don't very often watch the news like a broadcast journalism student should. But last night, Brian and I went to the gym very late at night. We got there right at 10. The news was on. Instead of letting Akon and MCR sing to me through my ear buds, I plugged them into the news channel. I loved it. I think I run really fast to the news. 

  • Speaking of Brian and I going to the gym, we usually end up on one of the basketball courts once we get through our workout. Normally we play H-O-R-S-E. Sometimes he beats me. Sometimes I beat him. But neither of us are very good and you'd probably laugh pretty hard while watching us. So if you ever get bored . . . you know where we are.

Now to end this Truth Tuesday post on this dark November evening, look at some pretty pictures. Found at weheartit.com:


Monday, November 14, 2011

Logan Love: Becky's Bookshelf

Are you a person like me who gets excited when thinking about what book you want to read next? Are you a person like me who refuses to buy a kindle because there is just something refreshing about holding a book in your hands, feeling the pages, and smelling the paper? Are you a person like me who finds pure joy in beautiful, worn, classic novels? If so, I have a real treat for all you bookworms out there. This shop in Logan is a hidden little treasure which I'm beyond thrilled to share with you. Here's your Logan Love for the day!

Becky's Bookshelf
100 N 29 W Downtown Logan

Be careful. While searching shops along the street, you might just skim past this one. From the outside, it looks pretty tiny. When entering, it still seems pretty tiny. One of the narrowest stores I've ever been in, all the walls are covered with books. Colorful, wonderful books. And then, surprisingly, the store goes back further and further, just a narrow hallway leading back to more sections of bookshelves. It's heavenly. 

It's pretty easy to find the books you want, too. They have all the books in their store on record, and the books are also sectioned off by genre. It's that simple. 

The unique thing about this bookstore is that each book is one-of-a-kind. You see, Becky's Bookshelf is a secondhand bookstore. So all the books are used and very, very cheap. Each book I bought was under $2. And I got some real gems, we're not talking crap. Most of the books are also in very good condition. Staff go through all the books before putting them on the shelf to make sure they're sale-worthy. And even cooler, if you bring in books to trade, it'll cut down your price on many of the books. I say many because they don't cut prices for books that are already too cheap. Like my 50 cent book I purchased probably wouldn't qualify. 

So readers of books, pay Becky's Bookshelf a visit. And haters of books, donate your books to Becky's Bookshelf so us book lovers may enjoy them. 

They really do have some good reads. Or at least they did when I went in. There was a full Chronicles of Narnia collection by C.S. Lewis which was in golden condition. I considered buying it, but I already have the series, so that would have been silly. 

Here is a list of the books I did buy (just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about):

Where the Red Fern Grows
War and Peace
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
A Tale of Two Cities 
And just a really old book that looked neat, which I plan on using for some decorating 

Go raid Becky's Bookshelf & happy reading! 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Way To a Girl's Heart is Through Her Feet

Today it snowed. My feet were cold. So my pal picked these boots out for me. I'm the luckiest. Thanks, Bri. I'd say you're a pretty cool guy. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Feel Goods

I'll be honest. It's been a really rough week. There hasn't been a night this week where I've gone to bed before 1 am. And all those nights turn into early mornings where I roll out of bed, finish up homework and force myself to get ready. I've been a bit discouraged lately, feeling sad for suffering friends, feeling beat up from school, feeling confused about what I want to do with my life after I graduate, feeling like one thing just piles on top of the next. Doing assignment after assignment, writing paper after paper, shooting stories and editing them for hours on end, not to mention my hamper which is probably begging me to empty it and do laundry. Sadly, I probably won't do so until Brian and I have nothing left to wear and my last resort will be to wear lunch sacks or wash clothes.

I don't want to sound like a Negative Nelly, but I do want to be real. Life is not perfect. Life is not all fun adventures (although I wish it was). Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes life is frightening. Sometimes life is a week full of personal battles which build up and build up until you find yourself sobbing after setting your backpack, tripod, and camera in the back seat, climbing into your van and putting your key in the ignition. And then after you're done sobbing randomly out of nowhere, you buy some oreos and milk at the grocery store and you move on. 

Sometimes that is what life is. And even though it's hard and I don't understand why certain people must go through certain trials, what I do understand is that all those trying moments make the sweet and happy moments even better. 

Here are five sweet and happy things for my lovely readers. . . 

This sweatshirt is just plain pretty. And what makes me feel really good is that this a a DIY which is quite simple. Once I get a break from school (perhaps over Thanksgiving break) I'd like to create my own. It is an easy endeavor to find a cheap, plain, yet very comfy sweatshirt. So I could probably do that. And then after adding some delicate little doilies. . .BAM. . .you have yourself a beautiful but still comfy sweatshirt. Want to try it with me, Mom? Craft date? I found this tutorial right here!

Brian and I now get the newspaper. Which I'm weirdly happy about. Now if we could just get television so I can watch the nightly news. I'm not complaining though. Brian and I have a ball reading our horoscopes each morning over breakfast. 


Pumpkin roll. Oh, it's heavenly. I made a roll last weekend and we gobbled it up pretty quickly. I spent this afternoon making another one. Addicted? Perhaps. Pumpkin roll is my favorite dessert for Thanksgiving. I just have never been a huge fan of pie. Sorry pie lovers. I mean, I'll eat it. But I never get excited about eating it. Pumpkin roll is a different story though. I salivate. My eyes grow big. I get stoked about eating it.


This asymmetrical bob has me feeling good! It's so funky and fresh. I am motivated to go for this look. Here we go, let the hair grow. Let's be real though, I will most likely go back to oober short at some point. I just love short hair. 

  I feel good about this! I am beyond ready to have a fun-filled night full of wishes, steak dinner, staying in a cabin with my pal, playing board games, watching movies, my Aggies beating BYU (fingers are crossed), and just having a romantic night with BWell without any distractions or thoughts of school/work. It'll be refreshing. Everyone wish big tonight at 11:11. It won't happen for another 100 years. So we probably won't be alive. 

Happy weekend, all! Smile big and look for the good in stuff, cause good is everywhere. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Before I go into this week's Truth Tuesday, I feel I must apologize for a few things.

First off, this post will probably be rushed and short. That is because I a)am exhausted b) must do a million other things that are related to (bleh) school. So my apologies.

Secondly, I am sorry if I complain a lot in my Truth Tuesdays. It just so happens that Tuesdays tend to be my very most stressful day out of the week. And it just so happens that this semester is the busiest of my entire educational experience. And although I feel very passionately about most the classes I am taking this semester, they are very rigorous and time consuming. I've never been good at doing homework and these classes require hours on end of the stuff.

Now with the apologies out of the way, on to the truths!

  • I ate KFC for lunch today and I didn't even feel guilty about all the greasy food I consumed. Not one bit.

  • I am usually pretty on top of things with my Newscast class and I always check the schedule ahead of production day to see what my job is for the show. Well, the one week I didn't check came back to bite me a little. I didn't check the schedule for the first time, thinking I'd probably do something easy like run the teleprompter. That is until I got a text this evening from my producer asking me if I could have my weather script in by 7 am tomorrow. I'M THE WEATHER LADY! AAAHHH! This will be my first time as talent on our little Aggie news show and I was thinking I'd be doing an easy behind-the-scenes job. Oopsie daisies. 

  • Since my Newscast class takes up so much time, I find myself having to choose some other classes neglect a little. Well, that class has been Social Inequality. I have a test in that class tomorrow. And I'm trippin' I've been reading the textbook for the last couple hours and I think my brain is now hamburger.Yes, hamburger, like a dead cow.

  • I wasted an hour that I should have been studying for mentioned test trying on different outfits for my weather report. Yes, I am lame and unwise and vain. But at least I'll look cute tomorrow trying to act like I love talking about the weather. 

  • People who never signal while changing lanes bother me. How hard is it to tap the little signal stick which is conveniently set right by the steering wheel? Not hard. Not hard at all. 

  • I have been without my beautiful diamond ring designed especially by BWell for two weeks now. TWO WEEKS. That is two weeks too long if you ask me. I realized that one of the green stones set in the band of leaves was missing, so I took it into the jewelry store. They are replacing it for me, free of charge. However, they made a little mistake and ordered the wrong size of rock. I hope my ring comes home to me soon. This left ring finger is awful lonely. 


Remember this post?

Well, just in case you didn't believe me and thought I was a big fat fibber about my promise, I have proof.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Logan Love: First Dam

I am finally introducing my very first "Logan Love" post. And now that it is getting frigid outside and we've seen some snowflakes twirling through the air, I'm going to share a place with you that you might not want to take the time to enjoy until it warms up again. Oops. Sorry. I meant to post this much sooner than November 8th. So let this post get you so excited that it will carry you through the cold months of winter. Especially if you're a winter hater. I, for one, am not. I don't mind winter (unless the roads are slick and deadly). 

So here it is, the first lovely place in Logan I am featuring is. . . 

First Dam
Right at the mouth of Logan Canyon, at the intersection of 400 North (Hwy 89) and Canyon Road

I have a growing collection of pictures taken at First Dam. It is hands down one of my favorite places to go in Logan. Since it sits at the mouth of the canyon it's obviously a beautiful place, plus there are tons of things to do there. Just to name a few: 

--Hiking trails
There are so many places close around First Dam to hike. It's crazy great. 

I have always enjoyed taking my lunch and a blanket to first Dam. There is a huge grassy area, so there is plenty of space to find a spot to eat. There is also a pavilion if you're the kind that likes sitting at a table to eat food.  

--Feeding ducks
I love this one. For some reason, I find ducks very entertaining. Strange, I know. Because they are actually pretty dirty animals, but I find them adorable and slightly hilarious. When you go to first dam, make sure you take the end pieces that you never eat from that loaf of bread and feed them to my duck friends. It's a ball. I could go through a whole loaf just feeding ducks and be entertained the whole time. 

First Dam is a great place to just go and relax. Especially when the weather is nice and warm. I like to take a book to read and just let myself soak up that vitamin D. Also, I find the background noise there very calming. It usually consists of children in the distance laughing, ducks quacking, and occasionally guitar music and a hippie man singing. 

This is a fun thing to do out on the pond. If you're brave, you can also go for a swim or do some cliff diving. I will warn you, the water is icy cold. I've jumped in before in the summer and the chilliness of the water took me by surprise.

A lot of people fish both at First Dam and further up the canyon at Second Dam. There are a couple bridges that people will fish off and there is also a pier.

I feel this is pretty self-explanatory. 

Well, that's about it for my first Logan Love. Stay tuned. I have another fun one that I'm excited to share coming up. It involves books for all my fellow bookworms out there!  

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Close Your Eyes and 1, 2, 3

Three months. 

It has been three months today since Brian and I began this adventure called marriage. I got some wedding pictures back and after looking through them, I found myself reflecting on our wedding day and just mine and Bri's relationship. 

The other night while curled under the covers and just before fading off into sleep, I whispered to the darkness, "Brian, are you still awake?" 

He made some sort of a mumbled noise so I went on and asked him my question,
"Do you feel like we're newlyweds."

He turned to me with tired blue eyes and said, "Not really." 

I pulled the sheets up over my chin and replied quietly, "Me neither. . .do you think that's a bad thing?"

"Why would it be a bad thing, Kels?"

"I dunno. Aren't we supposed to feel like we're in some magical world and that we're learning new things about each other every day?" 

As soon as I said it, I realized how dumb it sounded. 

The thing is, Brian and I know each other. There aren't any surprises. There aren't any new things we're learning every day. I haven't discovered anything weird he likes to eat that I didn't already know about before. We are not living in some fantasy land where everything is mushy gushy. And I'm alright with that. That's what dating is for. Because honestly, that would be very strange to be living with a man you didn't know very well. I'm so glad we took our time dating and I'm so glad we have a strong friendship. Marriage isn't about learning new things about each other; it's about learning new things together. 

And together is just where I like to be.

 {You can't really tell, but in this picture our friends and family are pulling confetti poppers as we're leaving. It was awesome at the time. My sister and I wrapped each popper in cute scrapbook paper too which took bloody forever}


Thanks for being my best pal who I can talk to about anything. Thanks for putting up with all the embarrassing  things I do. Thanks for letting me beat you in pool. Thanks for letting me throw a snowball at your head. Thanks for going in old book stores with me. Thanks for letting us have a cat. Thanks for staying up late to play cards at the kitchen table with me. Thanks for reminding me how special I am on the days I forget. Thanks for making me feel beautiful on days I need it most. Thanks for a lot of things, but if I kept thanking you, the list would go on forever and I'm fairly sure everyone would stop reading.   


Your Kelsey Girl