Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Truth Tuesday

  • For once in quite a many, many past Tuesdays I am not feeling stressed out of my mind. I'm not feeling angry. I'm not feeling frustrated. This is a grand feeling. This Tuesday has not been less stressful by any means. I only got home from campus about a half an hour ago. But despite that, I still feel calm and I feel at peace. Things always work out, stress or not. I'm a trooper, I'm making right decisions, I'm workin hard . . . therefore life is good.

  • I want a bubble bath more than anything in the entire world! I think after I eat and do some homework, I'll be busting out the lavender bubble bath and letting the tub fill to the rim with hot water. 

  • Speaking of hot water, I like my showers and baths scorching hot. I will gradually turn the knob further and further to the red side until the water is practically burning my flesh. It's fine. Usually once I get out of the tub and dry off with a towel, I realize I have red splotchy spots covering my skin from the steaming water. But they always go away. I haven't been left with any scars or third degree burns yet.

  • I have this horrible habit of chewing my lips and it needs to stop. It needs to stop before I chew every last bit of my lips away and then I'll never be able to kiss the heads of my future children. Any tips on how to put the chewing to a halt would be welcomed. 

  • I tried to wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to the Christmas tunes, but I've failed. Not horribly though. I only listen to the merry songs while I'm baking. Is that so sinful? 

  • I miss my family. I want to hang out with my siblings. I want to watch movies and eat a bowl of ice cream with my dad, and I want to make crafts and have happy conversations with my mom. This semester I haven't been able to visit home too much. So I'm looking forward for the holidays so I can spend more time with them, more time with the Wellers, and more time with friends. 

  • I came up with this great idea. Since I don't have television, I don't very often watch the news like a broadcast journalism student should. But last night, Brian and I went to the gym very late at night. We got there right at 10. The news was on. Instead of letting Akon and MCR sing to me through my ear buds, I plugged them into the news channel. I loved it. I think I run really fast to the news. 

  • Speaking of Brian and I going to the gym, we usually end up on one of the basketball courts once we get through our workout. Normally we play H-O-R-S-E. Sometimes he beats me. Sometimes I beat him. But neither of us are very good and you'd probably laugh pretty hard while watching us. So if you ever get bored . . . you know where we are.

Now to end this Truth Tuesday post on this dark November evening, look at some pretty pictures. Found at weheartit.com:


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