Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Folk Know How to Party

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. I hope it was filled with candy, costumes, and games. And I really hope that today everyone is in a sugar coma. I feel like I might be. Especially since we only had about ten people tops come trick-or-treating last night. So what do I do with the extra candy in our Halloween cauldron? Well, I eat it. I'm a weak-willed person and those fun-size Twix bars and Snickers bars keep shouting my name. 

Brian and I made a pretty good lookin' old couple, I must say. 

And as for our party on Saturday, it was a treat for sure. I'm so glad we decided to put a party on even though we decided to at last minute. You should have seen Brian and I hurrying about all day Saturday. In the morning we went to the store to get a few decorations and treats and ended up with a cart-load. Give us a break, the Halloween stuff was already on a great sale! Plus, years of high school student council and planning assemblies and dances have caused Brian and I to get an itch to put on big parties. We should start a party planning business. I'd be cool with that. So after spending more than we should have on Halloween decor, we spent the afternoon transforming our apartment into a haunted house. Hanging lights here, stretching cobwebs there, brewing up treats, and setting up strobe lights. It was a fun ordeal. When 8 o'clock rolled around, we were pretty stoked out of our minds for our guests to arrive. 

 The turnout was great for letting people know basically the day before, we had about twenty people show up. Games were played, food was consumed, and we had some impressive costumes. Thanks to everyone who came out and brought treats for the treat table as well. We had some awesome homemade treats! Even though I only got one taste of Lauren's bean dip because it was quickly consumed, I think I had an overload on chocolate and peanut butter from Bailey's amazing homemade  peanut butter balls. 

I think the best part of the night was when Bailey and her boyfriend, Jade (Fred and Velma in the pictures below) looked very alarmed when we answered the door for them to come in. Apparently it threw them off to have a little old couple answer the door (I was also holding Luna in my arms). They told us later on in the night that our costumes fooled them. They thought for a minute they had the wrong house. 

Any ways, enjoy an overload of pictures from our party. There were just so many good ones. I couldn't leave any out. 

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