Monday, October 31, 2011


We got so antsy throwing Halloween decorations in our shopping cart on Saturday morning prior to our party, that we thought it'd be a good idea to also purchase a costume for our kitty. So we did just that. We bought Luna a caterpillar costume. Quit appropriate if you ask me.

When we returned from running our errands, we dressed Luna up and to her dismay and our amusement, she had a pretty hard time walking around with her costume on. She would take a few careful steps until she finally plopped down on her side. It was pretty hilarious, but we decided to give Luna a break and let her just come to our party as a black cat. We are such nice owners.

More on the party soon!   


  1. HA HA! Kelsey you are ridiculous! Seriously that is kind of embarrassing. JK I love you!


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