Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perfect Stormy Love Day

Brian and I have been married hooligans for exactly two months today. I know it is slightly disturbing that I'm celebrating by months, but honestly, it's me we're dealing with. I love finding any type of excuse to celebrate something. So I'll make it as short as I can and I'll keep the mushiness levels to a low.


I love you more than chocolate, amusement park rides, fireworks, and birthdays combined!

Thanks for being patient with my cooking, letting me spoon you all night even though you're always too hot, keeping me on track whenever we go into Hobby Lobby (I could spend hours in that store if I went alone) and for eating way too many brownies every weekend with me. Oh, and thanks for helping me with my Newscast 1 class. You know, going with me to all the events I need to film, hauling my tripod around and setting it up where I demand you to set it up at, clipping mics on people I interview, and letting me even film you when needed. You are such a trooper.

And you are the best pal and best husband. And best of all, your pal and husband status belong to me!

Happy two months, and here's to a happy many more!  

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  1. My darling friend Ashley just told me to follow your blog and it is DARLING. I love this post. And I'm obsessed with your headband.


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