Friday, October 21, 2011

Chinese Food & a Pumpkin Walk

Occasionally, on days when Brian gets home from work and I get home from school, neither of us feel like cooking dinner. It can be a lot of work; cooking. All the planning of what to prepare, all the mess you have to make, all the waiting for the meal to be ready to eat. Not to mention, once you finish eating, you have to worry about cleaning up and washing dishes. C'mon guys, cooking can be a pain.

So on such occasions when neither of us want to do so much as look in the direction of a pot or pan, we take the luxury of eating out. Thursday night, we chose Chinese food. It really hit the spot.

 Then, after nibbling away at our fortune cookies, we also treated ourselves to the luxury of going to the pumpkin walk.

The pumpkin walk was packed with people. There was a huge line that went all the way out of the park. Since the cold was nipping at our fingers and toes, we didn't want to wait in the long line. So we decided to go through the park backwards. A handful of other people also had the bright idea of going through backwards so we weren't complete loners. Being backward folk was a bit strange and we didn't get to take our sweet time at all the displays, but it was still a good time. Plus, we didn't have to stand in line for hours at a time and didn't develop hypothermia. Any ways, I always love a creative pumpkin display. Way to go pumpkin artists! I snapped a few pictures so you can feel like you're going on a pumpkin walk too. You're welcome!  

Tangled. . .this was my favorite display!

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