Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Kid

Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Twenty-two sounds strange to say. It is like I have reached this age that is wedged between being a young adult who has the right to party and goof off a lot, and an actual adult who has a real career and stuff. But I think I can be good at an in-between age like twenty-two. After all, my birthday is wedged right in the middle of Christmas and New Years.

Whenever I tell people that my birthday is on December 29th, they always pity me. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. That must be awful to have a birthday so close to Christmas." 

"I bet people only give you one present and say it's your birthday and Christmas present. I bet that makes you mad." 

When people ask me if I hate having my birthday by Christmas, I usually reply, "No. I don't know any different." 

But an honest reply to that question is: No. I actually really LOVE celebrating my birthday along with Christmas. I always have loved being a December baby and I think I always will.

birthday crepes and birthday cake

When I was in grade school, I always looked forward to the end of December. It was the absolute most magnificent time in my eyes. I was always mesmerized by everything Christmas. Then once Christmas ended, while everyone else was depressed with the holidays ending, I got to keep celebrating due to the coming of my birthday. Then, on top of that, there was usually snow. Snow! I always have loved snow. I think a world covered in snow is one of the more stunning things I've ever seen. Not to mention, I never ever had to go to school on my birthday since it was always during break. That meant instead of sitting through classes all day, waiting for school to end so I could go home and party, I started the party right in the morning when I woke up. No, as a child I had no problem being a holiday kid. 

Now as an adult, I still love when my birthday is. I love imagining my parents in the year of 1990 on Christmas morning, opening presents around the tree, my mom with a cute pregnant belly. They probably got really great presents, but I like to imagine them giddy thinking about how their most anticipated gift could arrive any day. Maybe they wondered what I would look like. Maybe they were afraid to become parents. Maybe they wondered if a snow storm would come the day I was born. Maybe they listened to lots of Christmas tunes and my mom ate too much fudge and that's the real reason I listen to Christmas music after Halloween and also why I'm addicted to chocolate. I love thinking that I was a late Christmas present and an early goal for the New Year. That makes me feel a bit special.

I also feel that there is no better way to celebrate my own birth and life merely days after celebrating the birth and life of my Savior. It is humbling. It is sweet. I couldn't imagine a better time to be born.  

And then there is the present issue. I have never felt like I don't get enough birthday presents. I think the fact that I just got so many presents from Christmas makes me treat my birthday differently. It's not really a day I think of getting things. It's a day I think of doing things. Anyone who knows me well would tell you I'm a huge fan of birthdays. Birthdays are a big deal to me. They are important. They aren't just a day where you turn a year older. Birthdays are a chance to celebrate the gift of a person's life. That's huge. 

I was nervous about my birthday this year. After going to Vegas for my 21st birthday, I was afraid this year might be a letdown. However, it wasn't. It is actually a birthday I will remember for a long time.

I decided I wanted to do some good deeds on my birthday this year. I guess to show myself that my little life has some kind of an impact. I talked to a friend who works at an assisted living center and made arrangements to meet a woman who rarely gets visitors. The friend informed me this lady was deaf, but really good at reading lips. When I arrived on the afternoon of my birthday, the friend led me to the room and told me that the sweet lady had been anxiously waiting all day for my arrival. I thought perhaps she was exaggerating. But I discovered she was not. The woman was ecstatic to see me, a complete stranger, enter her room. She showed me her Christmas presents, she told me about her life, and all the while there was complete happiness radiating from her face. Then at the suggestion of being pen pals, she clapped and laughed and rushed to find a notebook so I could write down my address. As I scribbled down my name and address, I'm not sure how I managed to stay composed. This sweet, lonely woman made my whole birthday. I blinked back my tears and gave my new friend a hug as I realized that one person's life really can make an impact. I mattered to that lady at that moment. And she mattered to me too. It was a sweet moment I will cherish always. I'll patiently wait for a letter from my new friend. 

Besides that special moment, my whole day was filled with other sweet moments as well. From breakfast on the town with Brian, to ice skating with friends, to sledding adventures with my family, and eating Mexican food (my mom craved it while she was pregnant with me) with people I love. My first day of being a twenty-two year old was certainly a good one. 

The very last thing I did before my birthday ended at midnight was read a special letter. I have a "birthday notebook" and every year I write myself a birthday letter. It probably makes me sound like a crazy person, that I write myself a letter. But it's grown to be one of my favorite traditions. I love reading what younger Kelsey has to say and it's always fun seeing where I was at a year ago. After reading the year old letter, I always write myself a letter to put away for safe keeping until December 29th rolls around again. I encourage all you birthday lovers and journal keepers out there to try this. I started doing this in high school and I don't want to ever stop. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Decked Our Halls

We started "decking our halls" the day after Thanksgiving. So our house has looked like St. Nick threw up all over it for a while now. Most of our decorations were hand-me-downs or things I made. I don't want to take any of it down until the new year. I've grown so accustomed to curling up on the couch in the glow of the Christmas lights. And I know that Luna will miss knocking all the ornaments off our tree. It's been her favorite hobby over the last few weeks.

It always makes me a little bit sad when Christmas ends. It seems like the whole month of December is always a blur of colors, celebrating, shopping, and baking. Then, just like that, it's over for another 365 days. This Christmas season was full of fun moments for me, but it was also strung with sweet and simple moments. Ones that reminded me of what this time of year is really about, and that the whole entire year should also be about those same things. Loving others, kind acts of service, and being grateful for what I do have rather than what I think I want.

Plenty more Christmas posts coming right up. . .

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All Is Calm. All Is Bright.

We hope you had a fantastic and safe Christmas. Here is a cyber card for all our cyber buddies.

This morning I've been reflecting on the last year and all the blessings that surround me. The snow is falling outside, there is a smile on my face, and I'm eating my king size Kit Kat. Life is good.

Wishing you all some happy moments over the next few days so we can end 2012 right.

With holiday love,

Brian and Kelsey Weller
(and Luna too)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Best: Feeling Festive

zebra sweater: Forever 21, vest: Maurices, jeans: Vanity, oxfords: Fashion Box, hair bow: Claire's, necklace: Forever 21

The last few days, I haven't been able to stop with the red and green. I'm adding hints of merry red to every outfit. Even if it's something subtle like a vest, a bow, or red lips. Or all three at once. I've got the Christmas fever. And really, what's more festive than an article of clothing covered in a zebra pattern? I argue nothing. These days leading up to Christmas are my absolute favorite. 
Happy Holidays! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Elf Poop?

Or we will just stick with their original name of "Forgotten Kiss Cookies" since that sounds more appetizing.

I am not a ridiculously talented cook. Growing up, I never enjoyed cooking. I was just disinterested. I am starting to enjoy it more though, and I absolutely love baking. My love for baking is probably due to the incredible sweet tooth I have. And while most the things I bake are incredibly simple and modest, they still do the job and take care of my sweet tooth.

For our end of semester party in my newscast class (there were like twelve of us, so it's easy to throw a party) we all brought treats. I decided to try out these super cute cookies that were chilling on my Pinterest board. They are pretty tasty, and the Hershey kiss in the middle makes them a fun surprise. You can use mini chocolate chips or mini M&Ms in the cookie dough. I chose the M&Ms because I like colorful things. And the recipe for the dough doesn't call for eggs. You know what that means? You can snack on the cookie dough while making them and not be afraid of catching salmonella. And salmonella is not fun. Believe me, I had it once.

As my classmates started devouring these adorable cookies, one of the teachers for the class picked one up and commented, "Ah, it's like Christmas elf poop." With that comment, I'll never be able to look at these cookies the same. I just envision an elf. . .pooping out these cookies. Now I'm sure you want to make and eat them yourself, right?

I followed this recipe.

Like a Lady

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. More commonly known as LDS or Mormon. My religion means everything to me. I sometimes wonder how I would make it a day without the precious knowledge I have of who I am, where I came from, and where I'm going.

 On December 16th, just last Sunday, some LDS women chose to wear pants to church. The event was created by All Enlist, a group dedicated to gender equality within the LDS church.

If you were to ask those who are close to me if I, Kelsey Keller Weller, am a feminist, I think many who know me would say yes. I am not a "man hater" by any means. I'm married to a man who I love very much. However, I believe that women are just as capable as men at many things.

I've been a feminist ever since I was a little girl. In grade school, I was big into Nancy Drew mystery books. Every time I had my nose in one, some adult would mention to me, "Oh, you like Nancy Drew? You should read the Hardy Boys then. You would love them." Then, nine year old me would try my hardest not to rudely glare at said adult. I was a Nancy Drew girl through and through. I would never betray her for the Hardy Boys.

I was also ready to challenge any boy who ever picked on me to a foot race. I could outrun every boy in my class, so they usually respected me. When I approached their game of football, they would let me join even though I was a girl. Eventually though, we all hit puberty. Then the boys in my class became men and some of them grew to be faster than me.

With puberty came high school, and with high school came dating. I rarely let my dates open the car door for me. I never would be kissed on the first date. I constantly thought strategically when it came to the dating game. I hated the word "boyfriend". As boys I dated turned 19 and left on LDS missions, they would ask endearingly, "write to me?" And I always gave a half-hearted, "sure". I was such a brat. Let's be real though, you know they all asked about twenty other girls to write them as well :).

Now I am married. It can be quite a juggling act to add another person's desires and dreams to your own. It can get messy. But it can also be very rewarding. And fun! Even though we haven't been married that long, I feel like Brian and I haven't fallen into the gender roles of husband and wife. We both work hard outside of the home. While at home, we work hard too. We often do dishes together, take turns making dinner, and I'll be honest and say that I think Brian does more laundry than me. We are a team. I really truly feel that I am Brian's equal. At the same time though, I also value my womanhood. I like being a lady. I like the feeling of curling my hair, twirling around in a dress, and putting on my favorite shade of lipstick. I like the feeling of looking hot for my husband. And I don't think there is anything degrading about that at all. It's actually quite empowering. The older I get, the more I realize how empowering womanhood is, and I feel that I gather that understanding through the gospel and from an all-knowing Heavenly Father.

So on Sunday morning, I put on a glittery dress that made me feel like a lady. I don't need pants to prove how bold, or capable, or strong I am. My dress was purple though. Purple is historically associated with the suffrage movement. I didn't do this on purpose. What it really comes down to is that I try to dress nicely on Sundays to show respect to my Savior. And if I have a nice pair of dress pants, fine. I can wear those to worship in. But I wouldn't want to wear them to church just to make a statement. The three hours I spend at church on Sundays are hours I come to focus on worship and focus on my relationship with God. For those three hours, I can stand to set aside my opinions and wants.

I asked a family member if anyone wore pants to their ward on Sunday. She replied, "Yes, one lady did. . .but she always wears pants. It's all she has." In my religion, we are merely encouraged to dress our best for our Sunday services. Best can be a dress, skirt, or pants.

I do feel bad for women who are members of my faith who have experienced inequality. It does happen. However, I don't think the problem stems from the church. I think it starts in the home. I was blessed enough to grow in a home where my parents viewed one another as equals. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, but only because she chose to be. My dad cooked dinner when he was not at work. They both had a say in finances and where money would be spent. Also, my parents never ever made me feel like I had to do "girl" things and could not do "boy" things. When I was eight and told my mom I wanted to quit gymnastics to play basketball, she was fine with that. When I continued playing basketball into high school, guess who loved coming to my games and always gave me pointers at half-time? That would be my dad. I think he loved that his daughter was into sports. Heck, I even played in the alumni basketball tournament a couple years ago. I think I was the first girl to ever do so. It's always just been men, but the boys my age were short on players, jokingly asked me if I would play so they wouldn't have to forfeit, and I seriously answered yes. Before the first game of the tournament, I remember feeling stupid and almost not playing. Guess who told me I better not let all those men make me chicken out? My mom.

 My siblings and I don't fit any kind of gender mold either. Some argue that women of the LDS faith are too encouraged to be submissive, kind, and mild. Well, out of my siblings my one and only brother is definitely the most submissive, kind, and mild one out of all us crazy sisters. My two sisters and I, we are the aggressive, bossy, risk-taking ones (considered to be more male traits). My parents are fine with that. They have always encouraged us to be ourselves. To be different.

I am not saying the way I was raised was the ideal way, I just feel like the way my parents allowed me to shape myself was a very healthy thing. A healthy thing for myself, and for my relationship with my parents. I feel no resentment toward them, only love and respect.

I do know of many families within my faith who were not raised this way. I have seen parents enforce rigid gender roles, and it can be scarring in the long run. Do I think these parents learned these gender roles at church? No. I think it's more likely they learned them from their own parents.

I recently was on the bus with a girl I knew. She was asking me about my classes. When I asked her how her classes were going, she quickly replied she wasn't going to school anymore. She had dropped out to work after she married her husband. That's very noble of her. I just hope it's really what she wanted. She then said something like, "I don't need to go to school anyway. I need to work to put my husband through school. Then he can work and I need to stay home."

 The thing that scared me is the way she said this. It's almost like she'd heard it said to her and it was something she felt she needed to believe.

I am grateful for a husband who puts up with my stubbornness. I am grateful we can both finish school together. And I am grateful for a husband who will support my dreams as well as his own. I know he will support me whether I start a career or choose to be a stay-at-home mom. I believe there is nothing wrong with either. We are a team now and I hope we remain a team as children one day come into the picture. If anyone is still reading this very long post, congrats, you must have a lot of endurance. And if any of you ladies out there who may be LDS are experiencing gender inequality, I pray that you can find peace and know how very special you are. Now I'll end this with a quote I sort of love. . .

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • My mind has been racing with thoughts over the last few days. Hopefully soon, those thoughts can be organized into words for blog posts. I can find the simple words to say that I am hurting for those in Connecticut that are suffering from the tragedy our country was faced with last week. May your families find some comfort in knowing that your babies are safe now and will never hurt again. I'm sure the Lord is holding them close. 

  • Amid the hard moments, Christmas is coming! And I hope we can all take time to give to those in need who may be feeling heavy in spirit. 

  • I decided over the weekend that sloths might be my new favorite animals. I mean, they like hugging things AND they always look like they are smiling. What sweet, strange looking creatures. I told BWell that we must one day travel to Costa Rica and pay a visit to their sloth sanctuary there. I will die happy once a baby sloth hugs me. 

  • Does anyone else find it totally wrong and socially unacceptable to talk on your cellphone while in a public bathroom? I find it strange. So that's right, wait until you are away from the sound of flushing toilets to call me up and say hello. 

  • After watching Miracle on 34th Street, I came to the conclusion that Dylan McDermott is a total hottie. Who cares that he's older than my dad? I don't. But I'm pretty sure Brian was getting real sick of all my comments about the man's electrifying blue eyes. Sorry about that, Bri.   

  • There is snow on the ground, I'm wearing my Christmas onesie, and my Christmas shopping is finished. I'm content right now. I hope you are content too. Happy week before the holidays!  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Best: Happy Christmas

scarf: F21, t-shirt: ShopKo, skirt: thrifted, tights: Kohls, boots: Ross, coat: Target 

Nothing says "Happy Christmas" like a Beatles t-shirt and a red wool skirt.

I finished finals and even managed to put real clothes on several times throughout the week. This outfit was what I wore on Wednesday as I sprinted across campus to hand my final paper in on time.

Now take a listen as John Lennon sings a carol to you.

Or take a little listen to The Fray's equally amazing version.

And yes, I think those geese in the background considered attacking me while taking these pictures. And yes, my camera battery decided to die, so BWell kindly took these pics with his handy dandy iPhone.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gratitude Journal: Utah State University

beautiful Old Main & a Cache Valley sunset

I know I often times complain about school. But that's half the privilege of being a college student, right? Getting to complain about how hard everything is?

All kidding aside, I often times fail to remember how blessed I am that I'm getting a good education. And thanks to some very kind people who took pity on me or something, I am not having to pay the entirety of the expenses on my own. Thank goodness for scholarships and financial aid.

A couple weeks back when the announcement was made that Hostess would be shutting down, I decided to pick it up and do a news story on community reaction for USU student news. On Monday morning, bright and early, I actually made a trip to Ogden so I could be at the outlet store when their doors opened to sell the last products on shelves. I interviewed customers, I got camera shots of people pushing carts piled to the brim with cupcakes and donuts, I even interviewed the boy who got the last three boxes of Twinkies (he was sluffing school too, might I add). That was all fun and games. Then came the hard part. I asked one of the store clerks if I could interview her. Her initial reaction to me that morning wasn't the sweetest. I could tell she was a little bitter there was yet another person with a camera in their hair. However, she agreed to do the interview and she soon started to open up to me. Her interview really touched me. She expressed to me how scared she was for her future, how much she had loved her long-time job with Hostess, and being 55 years old, she didn't know what to do next. My heart ached for her as she opened up to me. After the interview ended and the record button was off, I continued talking to this lady who I found a connection with in the fifteen minutes of interviewing her. Before leaving the store, I shyly asked her if I could give her a hug. She gave me a big hug and told me she couldn't wait to see me on the news one day. She was a sweetheart.

My experience with this lady made me realize how grateful I am to be a student, working on my degree. In a world where good jobs are hard to come by, I'm glad that I can feel confident in the fact that I'll have my college degree.

And not just a college degree. A college degree from Utah State University. The most beautiful campus in all the world. I fell head over heels in love with my Aggie Blue when I first came here in 2009, and that love for my school has done nothing but grown stronger. It's where I met, became a "True Aggie" with, and married my husband. . .it's where I found myself and also who I want to become. . .it's where I discovered I have an absolute love for news and journalism and how important it is. I fear I will be one of those mothers who decks her child out in school apparel before they are even old enough to walk. I'm sorry, future children. But at least navy blue is a flattering color on just about everyone.

As I'm finishing up finals (my last one being tomorrow morning), I am exhausted but also can't help but feel a little sad that I will only be experiencing one more semester of final papers and filling scantrons out. It's all pretty bittersweet. I have met some of the most incredible people here at Utah State. From the track team, from jobs, from classes, from professors, and from A-TV News. Not only have I met incredible people. . .but I also met myself. A new, wiser, improved Kelsey. I am still super flawed in many ways, yes. But my college experience has made me better. As scared as I am to graduate, I'm excited to be an Aggie Alumni and I'm also excited to start my career (whatever that career ends up being).

Today, as I sit at my kitchen table that is lost beneath notebook papers and textbooks, I am grateful to be studying for a final exam. I am grateful for higher education. And I am especially grateful to be an Aggie.

 A-TV News Team. That's me in the maroon shiny shirt. . .in case you forgot what I look like.

With Producer Karlie after our Christmas show and last show of the semester 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • How is it that I cannot focus for longer than five minutes to write this research paper? How? 

  • How is it that my period and finals week always coincide? How? Too much info? Oh, sorry. 

  • I love USU's football coach, Gary Andersen. And this article from ESPN is sort of why I love him. He has two Great Danes named Aggie and Big Blue. How cute is that? 

  • I cannot and will not stop listening to this gem. I'm obsessed. 

  • I told myself I was through with signing up for half marathons for a while. They stress me out. I can't even imagine running a full. But. . .guess what I did? I signed up for another half marathon. It's in May. I guess I should start running more than three miles when I go to the gym, huh? That might be a good idea. I blame my mom and aunt. They talked me into doing it with them. But guess what? The husband is in on the stress and training with me since he's running it too! Hooray for having people to stress with. 

  • I just spelled hooray wrong about three times before getting it right. I think someone is tired. 

  • I feel compelled to buy every color of tights for this winter season. Nothing says happy legs like colorful tights.

  • Brian and I are obsessed with burning candles lately. Our living room smells like cinnamon and our bedroom smells like sugar cookies. It's delightful. 

  • How amaze-balls is this sweater? Home Alone fans unite. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Best: Warm Fuzzies

ear warmer: Tai Pan, button up: Forever 21, floral top: Smith's, pants: Old Navy, boots: Zappos, mittens: Maurices, necklace: DIY

I might be more prone to wear darker, muted colors during the winter season. But now and again, I just go crazy with bursts of pastel color. The pops of pinks, greens, and blues just warm my heart a little. Much like a cute pair of mittens will warm one's hands. 

Here's to hoping we get more snow where I live this week! I want a white Christmas!

Santa Baby

It's about dang time I get around to posting my Christmas 2012 Wishlist. For family members out there who have been slyly trying to find out what to get me, I'm going to lay it out for you here. So kind of me, right? Don't worry, I don't expect to get everything on this list, or even half of it. I just want to give a list with some variety. And I'll leave it to the man in red to bring me whatever is left. {Kidding}

-A wireless mic makes my list. I have a lav mic, but sometimes it's a pain dealing with a cord that gets all tangled. With a wireless mic, I can have people I mic move around, and I can shoot interviews from a further distance. This is the one thing I really want for Christmas this year.

-A cozy bathrobe. I don't have a bathrobe now and I really wish I had one. Out of the ones attached to my link, I think my favorite is the white with black polka dots, but I'm really open to any bathrobe as long as it's soft and cute. Those are my only two requirements.

-Books! I always love receiving a good book as a gift. Here is a list of some I have been yearning to add to my bookshelf:
    The Great Gatsby
    Little Women
    Les Miserables
    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    A Clockwork Orange
    The Red Tent
    The Grapes of Wrath
    The 5 Love Languages

-On the topic of books, I've also had my eye on this Great Gatsby graphic t-shirt for months now.

-A 2013 planner. I need to organize my life. I didn't attach a link to this one because I feel like it's pretty self-explanatory, and you can find planners just about anywhere.

-In the spirit of Christmas and cold winter months, I've also been longing for some cardigans and sweaters. Forever 21 has several styles I wouldn't mind hanging in my closet. You can check them out here, here, here,  here, or here.

-A chambray button up. Preferably this one because the lace inset tickles my fancy.

-A round cake pan. I have a square one, but sometimes I really just want to make round cakes. Especially so I can put them on my super cute and super round cake stand.

-These crazy leggings since I like making a statement. On all the reviews I read, it suggested to go a size up. . .so I would probably get a medium for myself.

-I want to show my Ida-home pride with an Idaho state charm necklace. I think these necklaces are so pretty and would be a perfect gift for someone who is maybe living away from home in a different state.

I also want guitar lessons from my husband. But I think he's the only one who can agree to give me that. He really would be silly not to grant my request though. We could be the next Tim & Faith. The next Beyonce & Jay Z. We will be rock stars.

Happy Holidays and if you are a college student encountering finals week like I am, then best of luck!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


My bff, Shay Baybay (aka Shayla) is getting married A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! Talk about exciting. I recently threw her a bridal shower and it was seriously a delight for me. I have this little obsession with planning parties. I get a lot of joy out of it. Anyway, after making all the invitations by hand (not my best idea ever) I got to work on planning all the little party details.

I went with a honey theme. The theme was pretty loose though. I mean, we're celebrating the marriage of a woman in her twenties, not a birthday party for a six year old. On the invitations I put something about Shayla finding her "honey" and to come celebrate the "bride-to-bee". Cheesy, but it worked.

I decided to decorate with a rosy pink and accent with golds. I followed this tutorial for the fabric tassel garland. It was so much fun to make, pretty easy, but it did take more time than I initially thought it would. I love it though and will probably keep it to hang in our spare room.

For the treat table centerpiece, I took some empty honey bear bottles and spray painted them gold. Super easy. I then used them to display flowers. I love these little bears. I may just have to place some poinsettias in them soon. Christmas bears? I think yes.

For the treats, I decided to put them out on a variety of floral vintage plates. I think it really dressed up the treats. Even the teddy grahams looked fancy! I made red velvet cupcakes and then the rest of the treats sort of went with the honey theme. There were cinnamon bears, teddy grahams, and Bit-O-Honey. I also made honey and nutella rice crispy treats (recipe found here). It's the easiest recipe ever and since I love nutella, I'm definitely a fan. I've made them a couple times since the shower, in fact. Brian was also kind enough to whip up some delectable punch. I failed to take a picture of his talent though. I think he was busy making it when I snapped the other pictures.

We played a few simple games that I think everyone enjoyed. On the invites, I asked everyone to bring a pair of panties that displayed their own style or personality for the bride. I then hung all the panties up with numbers attached. It was then Shayla's job to guess who brought which pair. We got plenty of laughs out of this game. Especially when it came time for Shay to guess who brought #3 grandma underwear.

I also wrote up a quiz for the guests to take. All the questions had to do with Jace (the groom) and Shayla's relationship. Those who scored the highest on the quiz received Burt's Bees products (again, the honey theme).

Then we played the classic bubble gum game. You know, where I ask Jace a million weird questions and Shayla then has to guess what Jace's answers were. If she guesses wrong, she has to chew a piece of bubble gum. I decided to really bring the game to life though and I interviewed Jace on camera. Then I made a little video out of it. I would hit pause when we came to the question, Shay would answer, then I would push play and we would see what Jace actually answered. This was fun because I felt like it gave some girls who didn't know Jace a chance to see what he's like. I asked all kinds of questions too. Some were normal like, "What's Jace's favorite movie?". Some were totally off the wall like, "If Shayla made you wear an article of her clothing, what would it be?" The crazy questions were definitely more entertaining. . .and they are more likely to make the bride's wad of bubble gum a lot bigger. Don't worry, I rewarded Shayla with a big jar of honey for letting us pick on her through the course of this game.

I can't wait for Shayla's wedding. She is going to be one lovely bride and we are excited to have some more awesome married friends! I also made a little engagement video for the lovebirds. Hopefully after the wedding, I'll get around to sharing it on the blog. It was my first ever engagement video so I'm happy they let me use them as my guinea pigs. Love you, Shayla! And love you too, Jace. Welcome to the family.