Monday, December 3, 2012


You know what makes me absolutely excited?!

The fact that it is Dead Week. Which means next week will be Finals Week. Which means after that, I get a break. I'm looking forward to focusing on Christmas, family, friends, and some diy projects. And I look forward to ignoring everything school related for a few weeks.

I think I'm very most excited though, for more free time to spend with this hunk. . .

Being married, in school full-time, and running a business ends up being a lot to juggle sometimes. It seems like what little amount of time I've spent with Brian in the last month has consisted of us doing homework together, him coming with me on a shoot to help carry equipment, or both of us laying on the couch like zombies. It's about time for "us" time. And "us" time is my favorite time.

Doing this fun His and Her Q+A from cute Bethany's blog got me even more excited for slower days ahead when I'll have more Brian in my life. Oh, and more fudge too. . .but that's another story. I kind of linked up at last minute. . .but there still are a few hours left if you want to link up too!

His&Her Q&A

Brian was a good sport to do this with me. Almost as good a sport as when he let me drape Christmas lights on him to take a billion pictures (shown above). Here are the fun questions and our answers:

What do you do when you're angry?
His: Sometimes I just sit in my office and curse under my breath, or I go for a run or drive.
Her: I close off my emotions and usually go for a long run. I am not good at being in tune with my emotions. Need to work on that.  

What is an item of clothing your other half has that you wish they would throw away?
His: If lipstick counts, there is one shade of bright red that I am NOT a fan of but she won't get rid of. I think she keeps it out of spite. 
Her: I can't think of anything. He must have pretty good taste. He did have this pair of slippers that looked like a dead animal. But I solved that problem and got him new slippers for Christmas. 

What is the greatest family vacation you went on as a kid?
His: It is hard to narrow it down to one single vacation, but we would go to Lake Powell annually, and was always my favorite. That vacation is definitely kind of effort intensive, but I like it,
Her: As a kid, the only times my dad would take work off to go on vacation was when we went to California for horse races. We went on tons of great family vacations without him but there was always that void. So I'll have to say our trips to Cali when Dad was with us. We would always get ice cream at the race track, spend a few days at Disneyland, and play at the beach and in the ocean as much as possible.  

Would you want to live in the city, country, or beach?
His: I have always been a country boy. The others are fun to visit, but I love the country.
Her: The country. I need a place to let my petting zoo flourish. 

How do you handle farting in front of each other?
His: I would say we are very good about not doing it. It is just understood that it is something we don't want to do around each other.
Her: We made a deal that we wouldn't fart in front of each other back when we were dating. We've slipped a few times, but usually we excuse ourselves to another room. But that one time he was tickling me and I tooted was not my fault. He should have seen it coming. 

What is your favorite type of cake?
His:  Cheesecake. You can't go wrong there.
Her: Cheesecake. Preferably a chocolate kind. 

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?
His: I make sure Luna is in, and then I usually help Kelsey with dinner, or if she isn't home yet I start it.
Her: Let Luna inside, text Brian to see when he'll be home, and start thinking about dinner.

What is a phrase or word your other half frequently says?
His:  "I just don't know, I'm confused..."
Her: He always calls me his kitty. He'll say things like: "Who's a good kitty?" or "Such a pretty kitty." When he's irritated with someone he says, "What a bagger." Being a bagger is a bad thing, of course.  

Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?
His: I don't think I was over-exaggerating, but when we were dating I was an exercise nut job. I would work out for at least 2-3 hours per day on average. Of course, I didn't really have a demanding schedule at the time, so it was easy to do. Later on however, my schedule became quite a bit more demanding, and to be honest, I was kind of burnt out on working out that much. I need to find the happy medium again.
Her: I think I over-exaggerated what a bad cook I was. It turned out being a great strategy though. He cooked dinner for me all the time. 

Who is your others half as a superhero?
His: I have always said Elastigirl, but honestly I think she would be the Flash. She is so fast and is always wanting to run around and help people.
Her: I must say Batman since he's obsessed with Batman. Plus, he's very smart and comes up with a solution to every problem. With his smarts and strength, he just doesn't need super powers. . .same as Batman. 


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