Thursday, December 6, 2012


My bff, Shay Baybay (aka Shayla) is getting married A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! Talk about exciting. I recently threw her a bridal shower and it was seriously a delight for me. I have this little obsession with planning parties. I get a lot of joy out of it. Anyway, after making all the invitations by hand (not my best idea ever) I got to work on planning all the little party details.

I went with a honey theme. The theme was pretty loose though. I mean, we're celebrating the marriage of a woman in her twenties, not a birthday party for a six year old. On the invitations I put something about Shayla finding her "honey" and to come celebrate the "bride-to-bee". Cheesy, but it worked.

I decided to decorate with a rosy pink and accent with golds. I followed this tutorial for the fabric tassel garland. It was so much fun to make, pretty easy, but it did take more time than I initially thought it would. I love it though and will probably keep it to hang in our spare room.

For the treat table centerpiece, I took some empty honey bear bottles and spray painted them gold. Super easy. I then used them to display flowers. I love these little bears. I may just have to place some poinsettias in them soon. Christmas bears? I think yes.

For the treats, I decided to put them out on a variety of floral vintage plates. I think it really dressed up the treats. Even the teddy grahams looked fancy! I made red velvet cupcakes and then the rest of the treats sort of went with the honey theme. There were cinnamon bears, teddy grahams, and Bit-O-Honey. I also made honey and nutella rice crispy treats (recipe found here). It's the easiest recipe ever and since I love nutella, I'm definitely a fan. I've made them a couple times since the shower, in fact. Brian was also kind enough to whip up some delectable punch. I failed to take a picture of his talent though. I think he was busy making it when I snapped the other pictures.

We played a few simple games that I think everyone enjoyed. On the invites, I asked everyone to bring a pair of panties that displayed their own style or personality for the bride. I then hung all the panties up with numbers attached. It was then Shayla's job to guess who brought which pair. We got plenty of laughs out of this game. Especially when it came time for Shay to guess who brought #3 grandma underwear.

I also wrote up a quiz for the guests to take. All the questions had to do with Jace (the groom) and Shayla's relationship. Those who scored the highest on the quiz received Burt's Bees products (again, the honey theme).

Then we played the classic bubble gum game. You know, where I ask Jace a million weird questions and Shayla then has to guess what Jace's answers were. If she guesses wrong, she has to chew a piece of bubble gum. I decided to really bring the game to life though and I interviewed Jace on camera. Then I made a little video out of it. I would hit pause when we came to the question, Shay would answer, then I would push play and we would see what Jace actually answered. This was fun because I felt like it gave some girls who didn't know Jace a chance to see what he's like. I asked all kinds of questions too. Some were normal like, "What's Jace's favorite movie?". Some were totally off the wall like, "If Shayla made you wear an article of her clothing, what would it be?" The crazy questions were definitely more entertaining. . .and they are more likely to make the bride's wad of bubble gum a lot bigger. Don't worry, I rewarded Shayla with a big jar of honey for letting us pick on her through the course of this game.

I can't wait for Shayla's wedding. She is going to be one lovely bride and we are excited to have some more awesome married friends! I also made a little engagement video for the lovebirds. Hopefully after the wedding, I'll get around to sharing it on the blog. It was my first ever engagement video so I'm happy they let me use them as my guinea pigs. Love you, Shayla! And love you too, Jace. Welcome to the family.


  1. SO CUTE! She is lucky to have had an adorable party thrown by the one and only Kelsey Keller-Weller;)

    1. Ha ha. Steph, you are too nice. I'm still so sad I missed your jewelry party. I bet it was a blast!


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