Friday, December 21, 2012

Elf Poop?

Or we will just stick with their original name of "Forgotten Kiss Cookies" since that sounds more appetizing.

I am not a ridiculously talented cook. Growing up, I never enjoyed cooking. I was just disinterested. I am starting to enjoy it more though, and I absolutely love baking. My love for baking is probably due to the incredible sweet tooth I have. And while most the things I bake are incredibly simple and modest, they still do the job and take care of my sweet tooth.

For our end of semester party in my newscast class (there were like twelve of us, so it's easy to throw a party) we all brought treats. I decided to try out these super cute cookies that were chilling on my Pinterest board. They are pretty tasty, and the Hershey kiss in the middle makes them a fun surprise. You can use mini chocolate chips or mini M&Ms in the cookie dough. I chose the M&Ms because I like colorful things. And the recipe for the dough doesn't call for eggs. You know what that means? You can snack on the cookie dough while making them and not be afraid of catching salmonella. And salmonella is not fun. Believe me, I had it once.

As my classmates started devouring these adorable cookies, one of the teachers for the class picked one up and commented, "Ah, it's like Christmas elf poop." With that comment, I'll never be able to look at these cookies the same. I just envision an elf. . .pooping out these cookies. Now I'm sure you want to make and eat them yourself, right?

I followed this recipe.

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