Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • My mind has been racing with thoughts over the last few days. Hopefully soon, those thoughts can be organized into words for blog posts. I can find the simple words to say that I am hurting for those in Connecticut that are suffering from the tragedy our country was faced with last week. May your families find some comfort in knowing that your babies are safe now and will never hurt again. I'm sure the Lord is holding them close. 

  • Amid the hard moments, Christmas is coming! And I hope we can all take time to give to those in need who may be feeling heavy in spirit. 

  • I decided over the weekend that sloths might be my new favorite animals. I mean, they like hugging things AND they always look like they are smiling. What sweet, strange looking creatures. I told BWell that we must one day travel to Costa Rica and pay a visit to their sloth sanctuary there. I will die happy once a baby sloth hugs me. 

  • Does anyone else find it totally wrong and socially unacceptable to talk on your cellphone while in a public bathroom? I find it strange. So that's right, wait until you are away from the sound of flushing toilets to call me up and say hello. 

  • After watching Miracle on 34th Street, I came to the conclusion that Dylan McDermott is a total hottie. Who cares that he's older than my dad? I don't. But I'm pretty sure Brian was getting real sick of all my comments about the man's electrifying blue eyes. Sorry about that, Bri.   

  • There is snow on the ground, I'm wearing my Christmas onesie, and my Christmas shopping is finished. I'm content right now. I hope you are content too. Happy week before the holidays!  


  1. I want you to know that o have had a crush on Dylan McDermott for most of my life because of that movie. Sharp jaw line, gorgeous eyes, believes in Santa Clause...I mean, c'mon! :)

  2. christmas onesie, ahhhh i lost mine :(


  3. haha i love that kristen bell meltdown. sooo funny. i love her so much more now.
    and seriously. everyone at my work goes to the bathroom to talk on the phone. like what the?? i'm doing my business here! get the freak out! and i think its totally gross when other people call me from the bathroom. i don't want to listen to your echoey voice over the flushing of toilets... boo.

  4. I am fairly sure the Sloth Reserve is in Costa Rica... But we can go to Puerto Rico too if you really want. haha.

    1. Well, yeah, I want to go to both places, duh. Ok, so I wrote this late last night. I was out of it. I'll make sure to correct that mistake. Thanks for having my back, husband love.


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