Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Best: Camera Ready

hat: Smith's, jumper: Maurices, shirt: Old Navy, leggings: Dillards, boots: Zappos 

With a major like broadcast journalism, I deal with being on camera a lot. Just last week my professor asked me if I had any eye makeup handy because my face looked a little "blah". Most people would be insulted by that. I'm used to it. Well, I wore this outfit on Tuesday, knowing I would be on camera. A friend from class was acting as my photog (notice I didn't say camera man because that's sexist. . .even though my friend is a man) and we met up and started shooting the little bit of what we needed. Suddenly he suggested I take off my hat since it was casting a shadow across my face. And that's when I sadly had to admit that I didn't do the top portion of my hair. It was a matted, frizzy mess from that morning. I only had time to fix the amount of hair that would show from out of my hat. Shame on me. I was not camera ready.

Also, you'd think I would be pretty sociable being a communications major and all. But take away the camera and the teleprompter that tells me what to say, and I instantly become an awkward human being. I can't figure that predicament out for the life of me. 

Happy Sunday (almost Monday)!  

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  1. You look so cute! And don't worry, no-one bothers doing the top of their hair when they know they're going to wear a hat ;) x


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