Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • Just about every other thing I've pinned on Pinterest lately has something to do with pine cones.

  • My favorite thing is when I get text messages from my mom. She usually texts me super nice and thoughtful things. Thanks for making my day, Mom! 

  • I can't help but wonder if this lady is for real. Either way, super funny. If only moving the deer xing signs would actually solve the problem. 

  • Now I love all those classic Christmas songs, but this original is truly a new favorite. So fun, right? 

  • Guys, I'm not crazy about Michael Buble. I actually change the radio station when he comes on. I know, it's like I committed a sin or something by admitting that. 

  • Thanksgiving break was not good for me. I now have no motivation for school. Instead of working on homework in between classes today, guess what I did? I slept. I don't even like taking naps. But today I sure liked it. 

  • Embarrassing fact: sometimes when I'm in a melancholy mood, I listen to this song. Dorky, right? I may have even imagined it playing along to my life today as I walked across campus and the sun was setting. 

  • I totally think I need this shirt. Idaho pride, baby. 

  • I feel as if I'll never get used to it being dark at 5 pm. Why's it gotta be so dark all the time?  

Monday, November 26, 2012


I feel like the little snow storm we had a few weeks back was nothing but a tease. The snow that fell flirted with my heart and then let me down when it melted away by the late afternoon.

Well, I'm ready for you snow. I want to go walking in a winter wonderland. And build a snowman in the meadow. Just like in the song. But I won't let any kiddies knock him down.

I want to experience a pounding. I want it to snow so much that I'm afraid to leave my house, so I'll just stay in and read a book by the light of the Christmas tree instead. I want to make snow angels. I want to go sledding until my toes are completely numb. Then I want to sit by the fireplace and wiggle the feeling and warmth back into my toes. I want the trees to be frosty. And I want to stand in a flurry of snowflakes and make a Christmas wish on each one.

I know many people that hate the snow. I know it can be cold and scary to drive in, but it really is so beautiful. Does anyone else out there dream of a White Christmas? What will you do when it snows? And if you live somewhere that the snow doesn't fall, what things do you do to create a winter wonderland of your own?

A Hillbilly Thanksgiving

 That would be my mom on a long board. She has mean skills ;). 

I really don't think I'm a hillbilly. I wouldn't call my family hillbillies either. But the more I think about it, to a lot of people, we probably seem like hillbillies. So I drink a glass of milk with ever meal, I eat more red meat than what is probably healthy for a person, I can shoot a gun, and perhaps we've pulled small children through the snow on an inner tube tied to the back of a truck before. And yes, my hometown blows up pumpkins with dynamite every year after Halloween. There's no shame in any of that. I know every person out there has a little hillbilly locked up somewhere inside their soul that they just wish they had the courage to release. I am hear to tell you to release that hillbilly. 

This Thanksgiving, we spent it at my parents' house. We had a small dinner with just my parents and siblings and had a lot of fun. My uncle and aunt came that morning so we could get our Thanksgiving basketball scrimmage on. We ate that afternoon and my mom did a fabulous job on the meal. I contributed with my pumpkin roll because I don't know how to make pie. Then after letting our food settle, we hauled the guns and a box of clay pigeons out to the field to do some annual Thanksgiving shooting. Believe it or not, I'm not a bad shot. And Brian is really excellent at flinging those clay pigeons through the air for us to blow up with our guns. 

We took Luna with us to celebrate the holiday. She masterfully made her way onto my parents' roof and prowled around up there for a good portion of the day.

As you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm especially thankful that November is almost over so my lil bro, Jace, can get rid of his molester mustache. I'm also thankful for all you people who read A Little Bird Told Me. Thanks for entertaining this silly blogging hobby of mine! I hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Best: Zombies

vest: Smith's, blouse: Old Navy, pants: JC Penny, boots: Ross, necklace: Smith's 

I braved the crowds on Black Friday. Well, sorta. To be honest, I've just never been a fan of Black Friday. Standing in the cold surrounded by maniacs all night just doesn't sound too fun to me. I get anxiety when in big crowds anyhow. However, my mom was a party animal and went out all night with her gal pals. She managed to talk me into getting up at 5:30 to meet them at JC Penny. My mom and I mostly just stood around and watched people battle it out for shoes. Then I found the pair of pants above and decided it'd be a good idea to stand in line for two hours to buy them. They are cute though and extra comfy. From all of this, I concluded that when the world ends, I'm just gonna get a gun. And kill my food. I'll steer clear of all stores. 

After encountering all the shopping crazies, I went home and put my new pants on, along with bright pink lipstick. And I guess the shopping frenzy got me in the mood for a zombie apocalypse because I then spent the afternoon playing Left 4 Dead with Brian and his friends. For all of you who are unaware, Left 4 Dead is a video game where you basically kill tons of zombies to stay alive. I'm really not on the whole "zombie apocalypse" bandwagon, but playing Left 4 Dead is tons of fun. Almost as fun as sleeping all night after Thanksgiving.  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

 Wellsville Mountains
 Pink lips 
morning snow
 My snuggle buddy when BWell is away
 temple trip with my mom 
 peppermint hot cocoa 
 watching my sister ball it up
 crunchy leaf throwing 
 Luna can't take her eyes off the bird in the tree
 Love my guy 
 Got my bling cleaned 
 Cold Stone date
 Hostess outlet purchases
winter wonderland at the cabin  
 a stiff arm from shooting the USU men's basketball game. At least I got to be right on the court! 
 craftastic sweatshirts made with my lovely cousin
 running holiday errands
 breakfast in bed from a good boy
 picture collage on our coffee table 
 handmade bridal shower invites 
 Luna the creeper 
 Aggie Kitchen cooking segment. It took 3 hours to make brownies and get the necessary shots. 
 a message left on my desktop 
gobble gobble 

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! We are with my parents here in sweet Idaho. After staying up late whipping up pies last night, we all decided to sleep in this morning. Now I'm off for a family run and then it's time to make rolls. Oh, yum! I hope you all enjoy this day. May you be surrounded by all things and people that you are grateful for. 

Sorry for the photo overload. Speaking of photo overload, I'm apparently running out of picture space on my blogger. So I'm turning to you experts. . .what do I do? Do I have to start paying for additional picture space or is there some sly action I can take to avoid doing so? I really don't want to pay if I don't have to. 

Well, that's it. Username on instagram is @mrskellwell. Feel free to give me yours too because I do adore looking at pretty pictures. Now go on. Eat, drink, and be merry. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Cookies

You know you're married when you make cookies with your friends on a Friday night instead of hit up the college parties. My little brother asked me on Friday afternoon if Brian and I were coming to the party at his fraternity's house. I gave him a surprised look and said, "Uh. . .probably not."

I just don't go to college dances and such anymore. I am sure they would still be loads of fun, but Brian doesn't like dancing. And I'm just not going to go to a dance party by my lonesome. How awkward would that be? A married woman going to a college dance party by herself. What if I got humped on by some dude? I would have to hunch over in the fetal position and explain that I'm happily married. Now don't fret, we still go to the majority of campus activities. However, Friday night was spent staying in and making cookies with our soon-to-be married friends.

Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make turkey cookies. At first they feared that we were making cookies with turkey meat. Not so. They are sugary as can be and resemble little turkeys. So after I conducted a quick tutorial for the others, we had festive Thanksgiving cookies whipped up.

Am I really the only person who has made these treats? Tell me I'm not alone. If you haven't made them and want to, it's really pretty simple.

Here are the supplies:

chocolate covered raisins-head
chocolate covered cherries-body
cookies-platform and half of one for the tail
red hots-gobbler
candy corn-tail feathers

And there's one rule. . .while creating your turkeys, it is totally necessary to snack on supplies throughout the whole building process.

Happy (almost) Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exploring the City

Our second (and last) full day in the Bay Area, we devoted every minute to exploring what San Francisco had to offer. After waking up, getting ready, and eating a delicious breakfast made by Alexis (she's a pro cook), we hopped in the car and made our way from Santa Clara to San Fran. It was a jam-packed day, but we managed to do most everything we had on our long "to-do" list. 

So if you are ever in San Francisco for a day. . .these are my suggestions of things to hit up! 

Golden Gate Bridge 

This one is sort of a given. But seriously, you need to take in the sight of this beautiful bridge. To save time, we just made the drive across the bridge. It also would have been fun to walk, run, or bike across. . .but as I said, we had a jam-packed day. We couldn't spend too much time at one place. So we made the drive across and also took a plethora of pictures at one of the many lookouts. 

The Full House House

If you have seen every episode of Full House like I have, then you need to visit the famous house. You can sit on the grass across the street and reminisce about how cute the Olsen twins were, recall all the profound daddy-daughter moments throughout the show, and remember what a crush you had on Uncle Jesse.

Ghirardelli Square

Like, duh. It's a whole area dedicated to delicious chocolate! We hit this place up, got free samples of chocolate, and then sat down to have AMAZING chocolate ice cream dishes. 

Fisherman's Wharf 

This place just stole my little heart. I am a big lover of seafood, so obviously this place won me over. We walked around the bustling area, checked out some WWII ships, and this is also where we stopped to have lunch. It was a great lunch. Calamari and a bread bowl filled with clam chowder, how can you go wrong? Oh, not to mention there were plenty of street performers around this area. One of which was a black man with a graying beard, and a cute bowlers hat who decided he had a fancy for me. Every time we walked past he'd yell out, "Hey! My giiirl is back!" He even made up a song for me. It went like this:
"Girl, I like the way you dance in them red pants. Girl, I like the way you pack it in that leather jacket."
I couldn't resist throwing a couple bucks in his guitar case after that one. I mean, he made up a rhyme about my outfit. How clever.

We also went through Chinatown and Union Square, but I failed to take pictures. I know, I'm an awful person. Any ways, there is my very professional guide to a day in San Francisco. Perhaps one day we will return and check off the other items on our list that we ran out of time for. Thanks, San Francisco! I know our fling was short-lived, but I'll remember it always.