Saturday, November 17, 2012

Exploring the City

Our second (and last) full day in the Bay Area, we devoted every minute to exploring what San Francisco had to offer. After waking up, getting ready, and eating a delicious breakfast made by Alexis (she's a pro cook), we hopped in the car and made our way from Santa Clara to San Fran. It was a jam-packed day, but we managed to do most everything we had on our long "to-do" list. 

So if you are ever in San Francisco for a day. . .these are my suggestions of things to hit up! 

Golden Gate Bridge 

This one is sort of a given. But seriously, you need to take in the sight of this beautiful bridge. To save time, we just made the drive across the bridge. It also would have been fun to walk, run, or bike across. . .but as I said, we had a jam-packed day. We couldn't spend too much time at one place. So we made the drive across and also took a plethora of pictures at one of the many lookouts. 

The Full House House

If you have seen every episode of Full House like I have, then you need to visit the famous house. You can sit on the grass across the street and reminisce about how cute the Olsen twins were, recall all the profound daddy-daughter moments throughout the show, and remember what a crush you had on Uncle Jesse.

Ghirardelli Square

Like, duh. It's a whole area dedicated to delicious chocolate! We hit this place up, got free samples of chocolate, and then sat down to have AMAZING chocolate ice cream dishes. 

Fisherman's Wharf 

This place just stole my little heart. I am a big lover of seafood, so obviously this place won me over. We walked around the bustling area, checked out some WWII ships, and this is also where we stopped to have lunch. It was a great lunch. Calamari and a bread bowl filled with clam chowder, how can you go wrong? Oh, not to mention there were plenty of street performers around this area. One of which was a black man with a graying beard, and a cute bowlers hat who decided he had a fancy for me. Every time we walked past he'd yell out, "Hey! My giiirl is back!" He even made up a song for me. It went like this:
"Girl, I like the way you dance in them red pants. Girl, I like the way you pack it in that leather jacket."
I couldn't resist throwing a couple bucks in his guitar case after that one. I mean, he made up a rhyme about my outfit. How clever.

We also went through Chinatown and Union Square, but I failed to take pictures. I know, I'm an awful person. Any ways, there is my very professional guide to a day in San Francisco. Perhaps one day we will return and check off the other items on our list that we ran out of time for. Thanks, San Francisco! I know our fling was short-lived, but I'll remember it always.


  1. i love San Francisco :) we went on our honeymoon there and it was fantastic. so great! did you see the bush man?

    1. I did NOT see the bush man! So disappointing! But I think the man that serenaded me made up for it. That's awesome that you spent your honeymoon there. How romantic ;).

  2. so fun! I love your hair and are just so cute!

  3. LOVE these pictures! we live right in the bay and couldn't love SF more. glad you had a great time! xo


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