Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Best: Zombies

vest: Smith's, blouse: Old Navy, pants: JC Penny, boots: Ross, necklace: Smith's 

I braved the crowds on Black Friday. Well, sorta. To be honest, I've just never been a fan of Black Friday. Standing in the cold surrounded by maniacs all night just doesn't sound too fun to me. I get anxiety when in big crowds anyhow. However, my mom was a party animal and went out all night with her gal pals. She managed to talk me into getting up at 5:30 to meet them at JC Penny. My mom and I mostly just stood around and watched people battle it out for shoes. Then I found the pair of pants above and decided it'd be a good idea to stand in line for two hours to buy them. They are cute though and extra comfy. From all of this, I concluded that when the world ends, I'm just gonna get a gun. And kill my food. I'll steer clear of all stores. 

After encountering all the shopping crazies, I went home and put my new pants on, along with bright pink lipstick. And I guess the shopping frenzy got me in the mood for a zombie apocalypse because I then spent the afternoon playing Left 4 Dead with Brian and his friends. For all of you who are unaware, Left 4 Dead is a video game where you basically kill tons of zombies to stay alive. I'm really not on the whole "zombie apocalypse" bandwagon, but playing Left 4 Dead is tons of fun. Almost as fun as sleeping all night after Thanksgiving.  

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  1. ok those boots are killer! Actually, I love your whole outfit!


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