Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm a Mean Old Witch With a Hat

and I ride on my broom with my cat. . . 

Did anyone else sing that song in elementary?

I am sad to see Halloween go. I am sad to see our jack-o-lanterns that were so freshly carved a week ago now sit sad and mushy on our porch. I am sad to take our ghost family made out of cheap bed sheets down from above our staircase. It was fun "hanging" out with them. And I am sad to take down all my other creepy Halloween decorations. I will especially be sad to remove the creepy crows complete with branches in jars from our kitchen table. As you can notice in the picture of my crow friend above, his little feathers are a bit matted. That would be Luna's fault. And that would be the whole reason that I'm going to miss the crow decor the most. As upset as I always was with that silly black kitty, I will miss coming downstairs from doing my hair in the morning to find Luna at the bottom of the staircase, tail twitching with excitement, and an attacked crow propped at her feet. I have a feeling she was always looking for me to be proud of her that she detached her target (the crow) from its spot at the table. She always left it there at the bottom of the stairs as some sort of prize for me.

Oh well, all good things must come to an end. And they must end so that another good thing may start. I am excited for November and Thanksgiving. I might even be ambitious and do some "gratitude journal" posts. But don't count on it.

Also, can you tell what our pumpkins are? Brian's turned out pretty awesome. I don't have much patience when it comes to carving pumpkins, so I went with a simple design. Does it look more like a wolf or a dragon? Ha ha. Either way, I'm just surprised and glad I carved something out of that hulkish pumpkin. I swear, it was like a foot thick.

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