Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Cookies

You know you're married when you make cookies with your friends on a Friday night instead of hit up the college parties. My little brother asked me on Friday afternoon if Brian and I were coming to the party at his fraternity's house. I gave him a surprised look and said, "Uh. . .probably not."

I just don't go to college dances and such anymore. I am sure they would still be loads of fun, but Brian doesn't like dancing. And I'm just not going to go to a dance party by my lonesome. How awkward would that be? A married woman going to a college dance party by herself. What if I got humped on by some dude? I would have to hunch over in the fetal position and explain that I'm happily married. Now don't fret, we still go to the majority of campus activities. However, Friday night was spent staying in and making cookies with our soon-to-be married friends.

Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make turkey cookies. At first they feared that we were making cookies with turkey meat. Not so. They are sugary as can be and resemble little turkeys. So after I conducted a quick tutorial for the others, we had festive Thanksgiving cookies whipped up.

Am I really the only person who has made these treats? Tell me I'm not alone. If you haven't made them and want to, it's really pretty simple.

Here are the supplies:

chocolate covered raisins-head
chocolate covered cherries-body
cookies-platform and half of one for the tail
red hots-gobbler
candy corn-tail feathers

And there's one rule. . .while creating your turkeys, it is totally necessary to snack on supplies throughout the whole building process.

Happy (almost) Turkey Day!


  1. Haha I liked your description of what might happen if you went to a party alone. Well I'm single but I've always been an introvert, so prefer these kind of activities any day. Those cookies are so cute & really do resemble little turkeys!
    And whenever I'm cooking, I'm always simultaneously snacking. I was recently cooking pasta but then I got alarmed when I realized that I might just finish all the delicious fried chicken before I mix it with the other ingredients, haha!
    Almost Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

    xo Magali

  2. That firs sentence just got me! haha. I bet you someday down the road I'll be saying the exact same thing.
    The cookies, however, look delicious :) I'm definitely going to have to try this with my boyfriend!
    We're kind of homebodies so it will be the perfect way to spend our Friday night as well!

    Loving your blog, dear. Just smitten with it!
    tiana of l'esthetique


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