Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Just because it's Tuesday and I'm being blatantly honest. . .

  • I need to start exercising again. I'm dragging my feet. Whenever I break my workout routine, I get cranky. 

  • I fear my van won't make it through the winter. She already screams like a banshee (if banshees scream). Like she squeals so bad that people are turning to look at who is coming before I'm even in viewing distance. How embarrassing. 

  • I like to make things harder than they actually are. And I need to stop it before I drop over dead from all the stress I create for myself. 

  • I probably won't get any sleep tonight. 

  • Brian and I went to a Kalai concert on campus last night and it was so great! That's about the fifth or sixth concert of his I've been to and he never gets old. His music is like a nice pillow. If you don't know Kalai, take a listen to one of my faves from him. You're welcome. 

  • If you have any suggestions of what I should be when I grow up, I'm open to them. Because I can't make up my mind. 

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