Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Best: 90s Child

First off, I want to say thanks for all the motivating comments in regard to my last post. I received several messages through facebook and through blogger about it. I'm a tad bit embarrassed about it. I promise I wasn't out fishing for compliments or comfort. A girl just needs to rant sometimes. But heck, the compliments and comforting words were a nice bonus. You people are the best! And after reading the book You Are Special today in primary, I was reminded that none of us are "just average". We are all very special and loved. And the real important thing in life is to remind others that they are special and loved as well. I need to stop giving myself so many dot stickers (if you haven't read the book, you won't get that reference)! I think the leader who chose to read that book was trying to get a message across to our primary kids, but she has no idea how much I needed that message too. 

Whew, now that I got that off my chest. . .on to the Sunday outfit! 

boots: Ross, leg warmers: Kohls, skirt: Alloy, shirt: some website which I sadly cannot remember, levi vest: Smith's

You know how fashion is mostly just a big cycle? Things of the past seem to always come back in style. Like  I remember a few years back when lots of 80s trends were coming back and my mom just raved about it. I would buy a new item of clothing and she'd be all like, "No way! I had something just like that in high school!" 

Well, I honestly never thought I'd see the day that 90s fashion would come back. But guys, I'm seeing the grunge look all around me nowadays. And did you hear that Furbys are now back on the shelves in toy stores? Man, I loved my Furby. My mother hated it. Now I'm just waiting for "Saved By the Bell" to come back and for all the kids to start carrying giga-pets on their backpacks. 

The 90s were a good time to be a kid. So good that I purchased a levi vest. . .just to relish in my childhood a little. Needless to say, I've worn it about three times in the last week. I feel so edgy. 

As much as I'm loving this 90s kick, I draw the line at swishy pants and wearing socks with sandals. Did anyone else own a pair of swishy pants in grade school? Mine were neon colors and had a matching jacket too. That's right, be jealous. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Average Joe

You know the term "Average Joe"? Well, if my parents named me Joe, I'd be pissed. Especially since I'm a girl.

Lately, I've been feeling like an "Average Joe". You know how some people are really good at certain things? Some people are geniuses. Some are really musical. Some travel the world. Some write amazing poetry. Some play volleyball and get lots of spikes. Some don't need signs to remind them to take a shower.

Well, I'm not really good at anything. I'm okay at lots of things, but what's the point of being okay at lots of things? Take Michael Phelps for example. He's actually pretty awkward looking. He doesn't come across to me as the brightest person. . .but I've been wrong before. And he has an overprotective (slightly crazy) mom.  But the kid can swim. And if you can swim fast enough to get a wad of gold medals around your neck, not nobody gonna care if you're bad at other things. The fact of the matter is, if Michael Phelps died tomorrow, we'd all know about it. People would say, "The greatest swimmer to ever live is dead."

If I died tomorrow, I wouldn't be the greatest at anything. People might say, "Oh, that Kelsey was okay at playing sports. She was okay at school. She was okay at brushing her teeth. She could play the piano okay."

Well, I'm sick of being okay. I want to be good at something. Like really good at something. Because, really, what qualifies Michael Phelps to be cooler than me? Yeah, don't answer that question. 

The other day after newscast, I watched some of our old news shows on the television in the main office with my fellow peers and our teacher, just for the heck of it. Some Agriculture lady came strolling through the office and then acted all awkward because she thought she was interrupting our class. I reassured her by saying, "Oh, it's fine. We're just watching tv."
Guess what she said back.
"Oh, right. Isn't that all you guys do is watch tv?"
That was the wrong thing for her little Wrangler-wearing butt to say. I sort of wanted to say, "And all you do is play in the dirt."
Which I realize is not true. I'm from Idaho. I have family members who farm. I know it's hard work. But so is being a journalist. It's a high stress job with plenty of deadlines, and people are rude sometimes. Like the other week, I was doing a story about the temple in Brigham City and some lady accused me of being an anti-Mormon making an anti video with my camera. Then the temple workers cornered me and asked me what I was doing. It was embarrassing. And I was kind of mad after. I wanted to punch that lady in the face with my temple recommend. But that wouldn't have been very Christlike.

Last night, all I wanted was m&ms. So Brian finally took me to 7/11 so I could have my precious candy. So I strolled into 7/11 wearing my baggy sweater to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. I'm classy like that. Then I picked up the m&ms and had an inner battle with myself about getting them. Because that day in my Population & Society class, I learned about the life expectancy of different countries. For a developed country, the United States isn't that high on the list. Probably since we eat so many m&ms. So I started thinking about all the Japanese people who would live three years longer than me if I ate those m&ms. But I bought the m&ms anyways.

This post makes no sense. But I wanted to type my emotions out so I won't punch a wall instead. Because at the rate I'm going, if I punched the wall I would break my hand. I would never be able to live that one down. So let's hear it for all the Average Joes!! Let's break out of our average shells and take Michael Phelps and the *Japanese down. And let's take that Ag teacher down while we're at it. Because I do not watch much tv. I watch the news, and I usually watch Seinfeld if I make it home by 6:30 pm.

I feel so much better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

*When I say let's take down the Japanese, I do not mean in a warlike manner. I just mean we should start living longer than them. I'm usually a pretty peaceful person. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye, Summer

To welcome in the first official day of fall, Brian and I went on a Saturday hike. We drove up our beloved Logan Canyon and wandered along the Crimson Trail. The mountains were all lit up with fiery oranges, reds, and glowing yellows. It was one of those moments when I was in complete awe of the beauty surrounding me. I kept climbing up the trail and gasping out of amazement at all the incredible views (and perhaps gasping for air too).

This was our first time taking on the Crimson Trail. I have to admit, it was actually more difficult than I would have guessed. Still very doable. But I guess I thought it would be a walk in the park. It wasn't. There were some steep parts. On the way down, I actually slipped and fell on my butt twice. It was quite graceful, if I do say so myself. There were plenty of sharp drop offs too. Brian and I made a game out of it by looking over all the drop offs and deciding if a person would die from the fall or just become a vegetable. We play pretty morbid games apparently. We stopped and ate lunch on the perfect ledge of rock, one we both agreed would be a fall that would kill a person. No worries, we sat far off from the edge to eat our sandwiches and the view was killer (no pun intended).

It was a beautiful hike. The perfect first day of fall, if I do say so myself. Then we went ahead and made the perfect night out of it by going to the new movie House at the End of the Street. We are big scary movie fans. Especially in the fall and especially with Halloween approaching. I'd highly recommend this one. It has quite the perfect twist. The first half, I was sort of feeling disappointed. The last half just took me by complete surprise. I already want to go see it again, which is a big deal since I have a hard time rewatching movies.

And since I do have a hard time rewatching movies, I would love any Halloween/scary movie suggestions from you. I need to start making my movie list for October, since September is just running away from us. So, scary movie fans, what's your favorite spooky flick?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Best: What's Black and White and Red All Over?

The answer would be an embarrassed girl wearing leopard flats, taking pictures near a busy street. BWell always mocks me during these little photo shoots because I get so fussy if people are around. He just doesn't get it. He has to remind me, "Babe, you are going to put these pictures on your blog for anyone to see." This is true. He's got me on that one. But the thing is, I'm no model. I choose five of the best out of about twenty photos. And you never get to see the fifteen others that usually get deleted. Boy, would you guffaw if you saw those. 

headband: rue 21, top: H&M, skirt: thrifted, flats: PacSun

I sported this splendid ensemble on Wednesday for our student news show. I wasn't anchoring, but I did have on camera time with a live shot. So I needed to look good from at least the waist up. I decided to go with black and white. Black and white is always classy and I don't wear it enough. 

Looking back on it now, the leopard flats weren't my best choice. They kinda throw off the whole outfit. But it was either that or heels. Remember, I said I only had to look good from the waist up? And flats are the logical choice over heels when you are running about campus like a wild beast. . .which I basically am every Wednesday.

Speaking of our student news show. . .check us out AggieTVNews on our Youtube channel. We have 8 subscribers. We're kind of a big deal. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

And the Trees are Stripped Bare of All They Wear

"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days." 
-John Burroughs

Don't mind Ringo totally photo bombing this picture by marking his territory in the background. . 

The first official day of autumn is this coming Saturday. I fully plan on spending the day outdoors, welcoming this sweet season into my life and begging it to stay as long as it would like. It never stays long enough.

Although it is not officially fall yet, I have seen signs of her presence. She's waiting patiently in the mountains for summer to pack her bags and go.

 On Sunday, we went to my parents' to have dinner. After stuffing ourselves with my dad's delicious homemade french fries, I excitedly suggested we take a ranger ride up Dry Canyon road and along the mountain to search for the signs of fall. The signs were easy to spot up there. Fall came early to my parents' house. Fall is my very favorite time in that small Idaho town, so I'm glad I got to enjoy a piece of it on Sunday. Brian, my mom, Chloe, and I ended up going on the ride. Oh, and let's not forget everyone's favorite dog, Ringo. He came too, licking our faces the entire time. We picked bouquets of leaves that burned bright with orange and spotted several flighty deer (the majority were bucks too for all you avid hunters).

Fall always overwhelms me with its beauty. The fresh mountain air, the vivid colors, and the grey skies were just what I needed this weekend to refocus. I enjoy all the beauties this world has to offer, but my favorites can always be found in the mountains.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Football With a Side of Cookies

Over the weekend, we watched quite a bit of college football. We died inside a little when Utah State barely lost to Wisconsin. We still love our Aggies and think they are the best. Then we were revived just a little as we watched the Utes beat BYU (like three times. . .I wanted to smack those Utah fans in the face for rushing the field over and over again). My loyalty lies with my Aggies so obviously my number one reason for cheering on Utah was because we beat Utah the week before. And we waited to rush the field until the game was over, so that was good. It was a crazy intense game that went in to overtime. Here's a picture of us after the win, soaking up the victory. . .

 So now that Utah beat BYU, I'm hoping it will deflate BYU and boost USU's confidence. We will meet the Cougars in Provo in just a few weeks and I want to see my team bring home a W. Because that would give us bragging rights for the year to be, in a way, "the best team in Utah". And I'm not sure when this last happened for us. It's been before I was born. I'm sure of that.

I am not so sure why I am rambling about my thoughts on football. . .but I am. And I love my school. There is just something magical about Utah State University and Logan's college town ways. I love nothing more than going to the grocery store and running into an old timer who is sporting his or her Aggie gear. It makes me smile. It makes me want to run up to him or her and do the "Scotsman".

If you don't know what doing the "Scotsman" means, let me assure you that it's nothing dirty. Watch this video. . .

Any ways, football is fun. We had friends over to watch the game. We cheered too loud so I apologized the next day to our neighbors for cheering late through the night. They said it was alright because they knew what was happening on the game, thanks to us, since they didn't get the channel. We also ate a LOT of food. Some of that food was snicker cookies. They are cookies with a snicker bar in the middle and I'm feeling kind enough to share the recipe.

1 cup butter
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder

Beat first four ingredients until fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla. Mix flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Shape into balls and wrap around bite-size Snickers candy bars. Bake at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes. Sit one minute.

For the chocolate glaze:

1 cup powdered sugar
2 Tbsp cocoa
2 Tbsp milk

There you have it. Football and cookies. Those two things make for quite the party. And if you don't make these cookies for a party. . .probably half the recipe. Unless you want Snicker cookies coming out of your ears, which was never a bad thing.

Truth Tuesday

Oh, so it's after midnight. Oh, so that means it's actually not Tuesday. However, I still have this Truth Tuesday post to shove in yo face. Because the fact of the matter is I was doing homework until just now. I then figured I'd go to bed, but I'm somehow not tired. I think I got past the point of being tired so now I'm in that weird awake zombie mode. You know that mode? Moving on to my ugly truths. . .

  • I sat in a dragster today and felt on top of the world for five seconds. Maybe I'll tell you more about that story later. Just know that I have the coolest (sometimes most stressful) major of them all. 

  • I have this problem with PB&J sandwiches. My whole life I've tried to like them, but the peanut butter and jelly together just makes me gag. I came up with a solution to my problem last week. I replaced peanut butter with nutella. It was wondrous. Pretty sure I could eat that sandwich every day. 

  • You know what's not a good combination? Stupid people and politics. Yet they are combined all the time. I'm getting real sick of things getting blown out of proportion, by all parties. Like the whole video released with Romney talking about how 47% of Americans believe the government has the responsibility to care for them. . .that they have a right to food, healthcare, whatever they want. . .yadda yadda yadda. Now I'm hearing everyone say stuff like, "Did you hear that Romney doesn't want to feed 47% of Americans and they don't have a right to anything?" He didn't say that. I don't know whether I'm voting for Romney or not, but fact of the matter is he did not say that. Maybe what he said wasn't tactful, but still. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow someone told me that Romney wanted to execute 47% of the population. Wouldn't be surprised one bit. 

  • I really don't think I have the energy to brush my teeth before I go to bed. But don't worry, I will. And I'll also floss. Because I'm anal about teeth care. 

  • Halloween oreos are back on store shelves which means I'm about to get fat. I don't know why, but I swear the orange cream tastes better. 

  • Let it be known that I love Halloween. It's like Christmas but creepier. 

  • Sometimes, when I'm feeling extra evil, I tickle Brian's feet while he's sleeping. I really want to do that right now. Yet I know I shouldn't. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Best: Intellectual-Like

shades: F21, t-shirt: Violet Hill Boutique, blouse: thrifted, jeggings: Kohls, oxfords: Fashion Box, bag: thrifted

When you are a student, attempting to become some sort of an intellectual, you may do some of the following things: 

-celebrate when the vending machine gives you not one but TWO bags of peanut butter M&Ms

-forget to take a pencil to your test, resulting in the need to borrow a friend's pencil to fill out your scantron

-eat breakfast every morning on the run

-wear really cheap knock-offs of oxford shoes 

-keep your sunglasses on as often as possible to cover the bags under your eyes 

-about get ran over by a kid riding his bike 

-invest all your hope in college football, only to be disappointed by a missed field goal, so you drown your sorrow in Cheeto Puffs. The curly kind, of course. 

I did all those things through the course of the week. Impressive, I'm aware. I also wore this outfit on Friday and did a fist pump for the weekend. 

*I feel I should also clarify, the missed field goal that had me so down was that of Utah State University's. Not BYU's. Sorry, Cougar fans. But I guess today we mourn together over lousy special teams.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I am sitting in my bed, wearing my favorite dog socks to keep  my toes warm. It's been a busy week. We successfully pulled off our first Aggie TV (A-TV) news show on Wednesday. I had two papers due this week too. And a quiz. And a test. And I've also been making actual meals for dinner still. Tonight we had enchiladas. Next on the menu, I'm going to try sweet and sour chicken. I have discovered that cooking is a lot easier when you actually try it. I played volleyball tonight too with some of my favorite gal pals. And I realized something funny. . .half of us are married. Where does the time go?

I'm in this class called Child Guidance. Which is really just a parenting, class but I think they call it Child Guidance in hopes that more students will take it. No, I'm not planning on parenting a child anytime soon. But I needed more electives, and this one sounded somewhat easy. Plus, it's somewhat relative since I will one day be a parent. Anyhow, on Tuesday we learned about the chronosystem. The chronosystem is one of the five systems of Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory. Google it. Basically, the chronosystem takes in all the historical moments of importance inside an individual's life. I found it quite ironic that we learned about the chronosystem on what was the 11th anniversary of September 11th. As young as I was and as confusing as the whole day seemed to me, September 11th will forever be a part of my own chronosystem. One day, perhaps my grandchildren will say, "Grandma, weren't you alive when the airplanes hit the twin towers? What was that like?"

I was on the school bus when it happened, when the first tower went down. As I sat on that big brown seat, staring out the smudged window, I figured it was just another regular day in my ten year old life. I was oblivious as to what was happening in the big city of New York. Honestly, the city of New York seemed more like a dream to me anyways, a place I often heard about but it wasn't actually real. I was the very first kid on the bus. We were finally nearing the end of our long route. We picked up a boy who was one of my fellow peers. He often made up outrageous stories. Lots of kids wouldn't listen to his stories and told him he was a liar. I usually listened. I just knew better than to believe him. I figured he just had a crazy imagination. This boy came bounding to the back of the bus and sat down by me.

"Kelsey Keller, did you hear about the airplane that crashed into the building?"
"What building?"
"One of the twin towers in New York City! Some bad guys took over this plane and then they crashed it into the building so they could kill lots of people."
I remember thinking that was the silliest story he had ever told (well, besides the story about the gorilla breaking out of the zoo and eating some men) but it still made me feel a little bit afraid. Would bad men really do that? Take over an airplane and crash it into a building?
"That's not true," I whispered.
"Yes it is, I was just watching it on tv before the bus came."
I shook my head and turned to continue staring out the window.

When we arrived at school, I learned that the boy's story was very true. All the televisions in every classroom were turned on, the teachers glued to them. After hanging up my backpack, I gathered around the television by the rest of my friends. Minutes later, I watched as another airplane struck the second building. I watched as the immaculate building slowly began to crumble, smoke rising, tiny specks which were actually bodies falling from the building to their death.

I felt panic and confusion. The other 5th grade teacher came into our classroom to speak with my teacher. They were both crying. I felt like crying too. I didn't know anyone in New York and I honestly didn't even know the twin towers existed until that day they were destroyed, but I felt an overwhelming wave of sadness and fear that I didn't quite understand. Our great country had been attacked. Lots of people were dead. And I didn't understand why.

My senior year of high school, I went to Ground Zero where they were still cleaning up the rubble from that horrific day. There was a great solitude there. I understood more then. I thought back to that naive ten year old with the wavy brown hair, wearing her levi jacket, trying to make sense of the world on that day. She couldn't figure out how someone could do something so evil. But eighteen year old Kelsey understood. I really comprehended for the first time that we are the greatest country in the world, and something great will always be threatened. But I think more than ever on that day, we proved we were a great country as we came together and helped one another through the heartache.

I will never ever forget that day. It is a part of me. It is a part of how I view my country and how I respect and love it. On this day and every day, I am so thankful for the sacrifices made by those who keep this country great.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

And They Lived Happily Ever After

I tend to be a girl with her head in the clouds but when it comes to certain subjects, I can become somewhat of a realist. This post is one of my realist moments. Many of you might hate me after this post. Many of you might say, "That Kelsey girl has a sad existence." But perhaps a few of you will step back and see a bit of truth to this post. Yes, this is about to turn into one of my "opinion posts". I try keeping them to a minimum because I dare not be that person. You know, the one that shares all of their political/religious/other views on facebook and they somehow think they are changing the world. . .when really they are just making all their facebook friends want to block them. You all know what I'm talking about. Especially since we have election time coming up. Now let me assure you, this post is not about politics. This post is regarding the dating game and that funny little word we call chivalry.

I constantly hear girls complain whether it be face to face, through blog posts, or via other social media about men. I always hear girls say, "What happened to chivalry? Has the gentleman gone extinct?" I hear and read a lot about women attacking men. Well, I'm about to be the bad guy and stand up for all the men out there. Because men deserve to have a voice too. But lots of men do not have blogs, and those that do would be attacked by angry girls if they stood up for themselves. I know this because I have a guy friend that wrote a similar blog post once, only to be ridiculed by a handful of PMS-raging women. So here goes nothing.

Let me declare at once that chivalry is not dead. Perhaps it has evolved, but it is not dead. I realize men do not talk in the poetic language of Mr. Darcy anymore, and I realize that maybe men do not call upon women as they once did. But guess what, ladies? If you want to go back to all of that, I hope you are willing to go back to the way everything was for women in the well-known days of chivalry. That means be prepared to give up all your rights and realize once you get married, you are your husband's property. Because I think Jane Austen failed to explain all those points to you in her books. I also hope you realize that men bathed much less back then than they do now.

Now moving on, I realize there are a lot of guys who are real jerks. I dated a few. But I also dated a lot of really great guys. Guess which ones I tried harder to date? The answer would be the jerky ones. I think us ladies sometimes like to look for romance in all the wrong places. This brings me to "the list". I know many young ladies who have lists. You know, the list of requirements that their future husband must have. And yes, he must possess all attributes from the list. First off, how would you feel about a guy you date having a list for you? There might be things on his list like:

  • Must let me hang out with my guy friends
  • Must like video games
  • Must have perfect boobs

Degrading, am I right? Well, our lists are no different. They are degrading towards men. I am not saying that having certain expectations or standards is a bad thing. It's a great thing! I am just saying that I have talked to plenty of girls who complain about not getting asked out on dates, only to watch them turn around and say no to a perfectly nice guy who asks them out. I have questioned a few girls about this, when they refuse to date someone, and I usually receive some lame excuse.
"He is too skinny."
"He's going bald."
"He is too nice. So nice that it is weird."
All of those excuses are just that. Excuses. Of course guys are not going to want to ask you out if they feel rejected before the first date even happens.

 Being a guy would suck. I would be terrified of asking girls out, only to find out I'm not good enough for said girl. Think of how vulnerable guys probably feel.

So stop searching for the perfect guy single ladies, because he doesn't exist. Unless you, yourself, are the perfect girl. Then I guess you deserve the perfect guy. Good luck with your perfect life. Sorry. . .that sounded rude. I'm just trying to prove that if you have all these unreachable expectations for men to reach, then you better reach all the same unreachable expectations for the man you choose to date.

Chivalry is not dead. It is very much alive. I know this because I married my husband. A man who takes me on dates, surprises me with flowers, opens doors, and holds my hand in public just because. But I never would have married my husband if I hadn't given him a chance. When I met Brian, I was doing the whole hang out and make out thing with a boy who I thought was really hot. Then Brian came into the picture and he actually asked me out on a date. At the time, I didn't even know Brian. I knew his name, I knew he was in my church ward, and I knew we worked out at the gym at the same times because I occasionally would pass him and say hi. That's it. But I took a chance and said yes when he asked me out. It was the best chance I ever took.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but maybe I'm right. If you want to find out which I am, do me a favor and try ripping up your list and just date all types of guys, even ones you don't think you would be attracted to. Because you might find out the ones you didn't think you'd like are in fact the ones who will buy you flowers, write you poetry, and open your car door. And then you might just fall in love.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Best: Blind You With My Lips

scarf: Claire's, earrings: Smith's, dress: TJ Maxx, belt: Head Over Heels, leggings: Forever 21, heels: Payless

Every woman should own a tube of obnoxiously red lipstick. It comes in handy for those days when you would just rather not do eye makeup. 

Or when you don't have time.

 Both those things happened to me on Thursday when I wore this getup. For some odd reason, I woke up thinking my first class started at 9:30. Then I remembered at ten to 9 that it actually started at 9:00. No worries. I threw on red lipstick and drove fast to class. You may applaud me for the fact that I was only three minutes late. Red lips trick everyone into thinking you spent a lot of time getting ready. Or maybe it's just that the brightness of said lipstick makes everyone shield their eyes, so they forget to look at the rest of your face. 

Either way, it's a genius solution. Red lipstick forever. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Was Dealt a Good Hand

So I realize our anniversary was a month ago now, but I still wanted to share the little gift I made for Brian. Mostly because it was a lot of fun to make as well as super easy. Plus, everyone loves a sentimental homemade gift. Well, everyone who has a heart.

Cute, right? A little booklet made from a deck of cards. Each card has an endearing little fact on it about Brian. I had a ball thinking up 52 things, some sweet and some funny. And I dare say Brian had a ball going through the booklet after it was presented to him. He looked through it several times and kept laughing.

Here are the supplies you'll need to make your own "52 Things" book.

  • Paper with your 52 things printed onto it, as well as any pictures you want to use to add to the cards
  • Scissors 
  • Glue sick
  • Deck of cards
  • Something to tie your cards together (I used embroidery thread) 
  • Hole puncher (not in the picture, sorry) 

This project is very easy, but it does take some time. It took me a while to go through each card and punch the necessary holes. It also took me some time to cut everything out and glue it on the cards. I'm really picky about placement though. I would move stuff around a bunch on the card first before gluing it down because I wanted it to look "just so". So you'll probably be faster than I was.

Here are just a few examples of some of the cards in Brian's deck. . .

I already want to make another one. I think it would be a good gift for just about anyone. A sibling, your mom, a friend. Be creative and have fun! Happy deck-making.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

Still sick over here. I'm getting so that I feel good for half the day though. That's an improvement, right? All I can say is that bronchitis is a dirty, filthy whore. And sorry I said whore, but I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible, so if you read that then you shouldn't be too offended. I like to instagram things though. Whether I'm sick or not. Here is proof. . . 

 Homegirl likes to nap on my lap 

 We make chalkboards out of old windows. 


 They won "best dressed" sheep at the fair 

 Chloe's bunny won a blue ribbon!

 Best pillow pet e'er

 A beautiful morning at my parents' home 

 Beach volleyball 

 Luna didn't want me to go to work 

 My little bro brought me a snack while I was working!

 I like it here 

 I have bangs now. And darker hairs. 

Mini golf 

 Lexi's (little sister) birthday

 Most beautiful campus in all the land 

 I ran the TOU Half. It went well.

 Painting our green screen for ATV News 

 First football game of the season 

 Scored this pretty lamp for our room 

 Soaking up the last of the summer's rays at Bear Lake 

 Labor Day on the lake 

Kitty in black is dancing with Brian 

See, told you I like to instagram stuff. I proved it by posting way too many pictures. Sorry I had to overwhelm you like that. I feel like such a jerk now. 

My username on Instagram is @mrskellwell . What's yours?