Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sand in my Breeches

How was everyone's Labor Day weekend?

Mine ended up being quite fun, besides the mountain of used tissues that kept growing and growing next to my bedside. Despite my pal bronchitis sticking around all weekend, making it difficult for me to do much, I managed to talk Brian into letting me out of the house a little bit. I am bad at resting. I get so bored. So after much begging from me, BWell drugged me up and took me to Bear Lake. I think just being outside in the nice weather was good for me. The sun felt so nice on my shoulders and I felt happy just being cuddled up to Brian on our quilt, toes in the sand. We played frisbee in the water too, which was a blast. We didn't get too rambunctious though. Since I kept running out of breath quickly, Brian made us take plenty of breaks in between playing. That boy I married is a champ. 

I also threw together a little video last night of our Bear Lake adventure. It's nothing fancy, so don't get too stoked. You will be thrilled to know though, that my voice is raspy throughout, so feel free to watch and mock. I seriously sound like a boy going through puberty. Not joking. You can also view me creepily recording a little boy build a sandcastle without his knowledge. I'm a creep. With a teenage boy voice.  

I also feel like I should give due warning in case any of my fellow broadcast students are watching this.
WARNING: I did not use a tripod. I did not use a mic. The cuts are jumpy. I basically broke all the rules. I am a rebel. This is very much a "home video". 

There, I feel you've  been warned. Watch on! 

Song: Corona & Lime by Shwayze. Download it. It'll make you want to ride in a convertible and snap your fingers. I have no doubt.


  1. Even though you were ill, it was still a fun time. :)

  2. I'm terrible at resting too--I get so bored I can't stand it. That's the main reason I hate being sick. And you have the cutest swim suit!


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