Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Best: What's Black and White and Red All Over?

The answer would be an embarrassed girl wearing leopard flats, taking pictures near a busy street. BWell always mocks me during these little photo shoots because I get so fussy if people are around. He just doesn't get it. He has to remind me, "Babe, you are going to put these pictures on your blog for anyone to see." This is true. He's got me on that one. But the thing is, I'm no model. I choose five of the best out of about twenty photos. And you never get to see the fifteen others that usually get deleted. Boy, would you guffaw if you saw those. 

headband: rue 21, top: H&M, skirt: thrifted, flats: PacSun

I sported this splendid ensemble on Wednesday for our student news show. I wasn't anchoring, but I did have on camera time with a live shot. So I needed to look good from at least the waist up. I decided to go with black and white. Black and white is always classy and I don't wear it enough. 

Looking back on it now, the leopard flats weren't my best choice. They kinda throw off the whole outfit. But it was either that or heels. Remember, I said I only had to look good from the waist up? And flats are the logical choice over heels when you are running about campus like a wild beast. . .which I basically am every Wednesday.

Speaking of our student news show. . .check us out AggieTVNews on our Youtube channel. We have 8 subscribers. We're kind of a big deal. 


  1. LOVE that top! And you now have 9 subscribers. You guys ARE a big deal. :)

  2. Beautiful outfit!! I love the combo.

  3. Now you have 10!!! You just make me smile! :)


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