Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Best: Intellectual-Like

shades: F21, t-shirt: Violet Hill Boutique, blouse: thrifted, jeggings: Kohls, oxfords: Fashion Box, bag: thrifted

When you are a student, attempting to become some sort of an intellectual, you may do some of the following things: 

-celebrate when the vending machine gives you not one but TWO bags of peanut butter M&Ms

-forget to take a pencil to your test, resulting in the need to borrow a friend's pencil to fill out your scantron

-eat breakfast every morning on the run

-wear really cheap knock-offs of oxford shoes 

-keep your sunglasses on as often as possible to cover the bags under your eyes 

-about get ran over by a kid riding his bike 

-invest all your hope in college football, only to be disappointed by a missed field goal, so you drown your sorrow in Cheeto Puffs. The curly kind, of course. 

I did all those things through the course of the week. Impressive, I'm aware. I also wore this outfit on Friday and did a fist pump for the weekend. 

*I feel I should also clarify, the missed field goal that had me so down was that of Utah State University's. Not BYU's. Sorry, Cougar fans. But I guess today we mourn together over lousy special teams.

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