Sunday, September 2, 2012

Overcast Days

These pictures were taken during the last bit of July. We planned a day to go to the beach with our friends. That morning, the sun was out beaming down on us and we were excited to spend the day getting tan and splashing around in the lake water. Well, as the day progressed, grey clouds began gathering in the sky. By the time we made it to the beach, the blue sky had turned dark and gloomy. Our beach day was no longer sunny, but very overcast. We made the best of it and played some frisbee, and took turns seeing who could make it further out into the cold water.

Some days are overcast days. And that is just out of our control. We can't always control when the sun is going to shine, but we can always make the best of our circumstances.

I am sick at this moment. I came down with bronchitis, yay. What a perfect back to school gift. I've been a little bitter about it. Especially since tomorrow is Labor Day and I am not sure how much energy my coughing body will have. I missed the 80s dance put on by my University on Friday night and I cried. I put on my 80s clothes and cried, and Brian rented 80s movies for me to watch so I would stop crying. I also cried because my family invited us to go to California for the weekend to play in the ocean, but I couldn't go because I'm contagious. I am not good at being sick (as you can tell from all my crying). I am an angry sick person. I'm also a dramatic sick person (I think I've declared I'm going to die about a hundred times this weekend). Brian forced me to the doctor yesterday, because I have a phobia of doctors. No, I really do. But all in all, I guess it's better to get sick the first week of school rather than the last when I have finals. And I guess it's better to be sick during a long weekend so I have more time to try to make myself rest. I am trying my best to enjoy this "overcast moment" in my life, but man, it's hard.

I hope you all have a fun Labor Day. Wash your hands and take your vitamins, so you won't be a sicky like this girl.

I guess things could be worse and I could be sick for Christmas? That would be pretty tragic.

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