Thursday, September 27, 2012

Average Joe

You know the term "Average Joe"? Well, if my parents named me Joe, I'd be pissed. Especially since I'm a girl.

Lately, I've been feeling like an "Average Joe". You know how some people are really good at certain things? Some people are geniuses. Some are really musical. Some travel the world. Some write amazing poetry. Some play volleyball and get lots of spikes. Some don't need signs to remind them to take a shower.

Well, I'm not really good at anything. I'm okay at lots of things, but what's the point of being okay at lots of things? Take Michael Phelps for example. He's actually pretty awkward looking. He doesn't come across to me as the brightest person. . .but I've been wrong before. And he has an overprotective (slightly crazy) mom.  But the kid can swim. And if you can swim fast enough to get a wad of gold medals around your neck, not nobody gonna care if you're bad at other things. The fact of the matter is, if Michael Phelps died tomorrow, we'd all know about it. People would say, "The greatest swimmer to ever live is dead."

If I died tomorrow, I wouldn't be the greatest at anything. People might say, "Oh, that Kelsey was okay at playing sports. She was okay at school. She was okay at brushing her teeth. She could play the piano okay."

Well, I'm sick of being okay. I want to be good at something. Like really good at something. Because, really, what qualifies Michael Phelps to be cooler than me? Yeah, don't answer that question. 

The other day after newscast, I watched some of our old news shows on the television in the main office with my fellow peers and our teacher, just for the heck of it. Some Agriculture lady came strolling through the office and then acted all awkward because she thought she was interrupting our class. I reassured her by saying, "Oh, it's fine. We're just watching tv."
Guess what she said back.
"Oh, right. Isn't that all you guys do is watch tv?"
That was the wrong thing for her little Wrangler-wearing butt to say. I sort of wanted to say, "And all you do is play in the dirt."
Which I realize is not true. I'm from Idaho. I have family members who farm. I know it's hard work. But so is being a journalist. It's a high stress job with plenty of deadlines, and people are rude sometimes. Like the other week, I was doing a story about the temple in Brigham City and some lady accused me of being an anti-Mormon making an anti video with my camera. Then the temple workers cornered me and asked me what I was doing. It was embarrassing. And I was kind of mad after. I wanted to punch that lady in the face with my temple recommend. But that wouldn't have been very Christlike.

Last night, all I wanted was m&ms. So Brian finally took me to 7/11 so I could have my precious candy. So I strolled into 7/11 wearing my baggy sweater to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra. I'm classy like that. Then I picked up the m&ms and had an inner battle with myself about getting them. Because that day in my Population & Society class, I learned about the life expectancy of different countries. For a developed country, the United States isn't that high on the list. Probably since we eat so many m&ms. So I started thinking about all the Japanese people who would live three years longer than me if I ate those m&ms. But I bought the m&ms anyways.

This post makes no sense. But I wanted to type my emotions out so I won't punch a wall instead. Because at the rate I'm going, if I punched the wall I would break my hand. I would never be able to live that one down. So let's hear it for all the Average Joes!! Let's break out of our average shells and take Michael Phelps and the *Japanese down. And let's take that Ag teacher down while we're at it. Because I do not watch much tv. I watch the news, and I usually watch Seinfeld if I make it home by 6:30 pm.

I feel so much better now. Thanks for letting me vent.

*When I say let's take down the Japanese, I do not mean in a warlike manner. I just mean we should start living longer than them. I'm usually a pretty peaceful person. 


  1. This is funny. You are funny. Don't hit the wall. Joe Schmoe

    Just think, you made a difference in my life b/c you posted a super easy "chocolate chip pie" recipe that I have made, um like 5 times (that is the perfect portion size to give to someone for their birthday - that was 3 of my times making the recipe).


    1. So you mean, I sort of helped celebrate three people's birthdays? If so, my life is good. I live to celebrate birthdays.

  2. haha this post is so cute. Also.. on a serious note. i know what you mean about being an 'average joe.' i feel that way a lot. BUT I promise you if you watch the General Relief Society meeting on Saturday.. you will no longer feel that way and you will realize how incredible you are as a daughter of God :) ... Just thought you should know :)

  3. I am such an average joe! I can kinda play guitar, kinda sing, kinda cook etc. But im not really good at anything :/ its lame!

  4. You're my new favorite. K I totally feel the same. And with the comments of people that feel the same and the many more people that feel the same it makes me wonder, is michael phelps all like "why am i only good at swimming... i wish i could be smarter and that my mom wasn't so crazy..." or maybe he's just swimming in gold medals and isn't thinking that at all. who knows. but yeah. i feel the same.
    and i understand the journalism thing. i was editor of my hs school paper (i'm so cool for bringing up hs) and got crucified for letting an anti-gay marriage article publish (in california...). or a negative review about death cab for cutie. or questioning the motives of a football coach for a rival school teaching the weight training of all our football players. haters gonna hate. and in the meantime you get angry and feel like crap because of those haters. stupid haters.
    holy long comment. basically i love your blog.

  5. Journalism IS stressful. I was a news intern for a year and did high school newspaper. I would definitely say the stress was equal to that of myself being a special ed teacher (no joke). Every career has stress. If there is one that doesn't....I would love to know about it.

    I have been struggling with the "I am not the best at anything"-itis here lately too. In the worse way possible. I want to specialize as a teacher and go to grad school since now is a good time, but I am struggling finding anything I would be interested enough in to take essentially 10 classes based solely on it.


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