Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

Still sick over here. I'm getting so that I feel good for half the day though. That's an improvement, right? All I can say is that bronchitis is a dirty, filthy whore. And sorry I said whore, but I'm pretty sure it's in the Bible, so if you read that then you shouldn't be too offended. I like to instagram things though. Whether I'm sick or not. Here is proof. . . 

 Homegirl likes to nap on my lap 

 We make chalkboards out of old windows. 


 They won "best dressed" sheep at the fair 

 Chloe's bunny won a blue ribbon!

 Best pillow pet e'er

 A beautiful morning at my parents' home 

 Beach volleyball 

 Luna didn't want me to go to work 

 My little bro brought me a snack while I was working!

 I like it here 

 I have bangs now. And darker hairs. 

Mini golf 

 Lexi's (little sister) birthday

 Most beautiful campus in all the land 

 I ran the TOU Half. It went well.

 Painting our green screen for ATV News 

 First football game of the season 

 Scored this pretty lamp for our room 

 Soaking up the last of the summer's rays at Bear Lake 

 Labor Day on the lake 

Kitty in black is dancing with Brian 

See, told you I like to instagram stuff. I proved it by posting way too many pictures. Sorry I had to overwhelm you like that. I feel like such a jerk now. 

My username on Instagram is @mrskellwell . What's yours? 

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