Friday, April 29, 2011

BWell Turns 23!

Today is a very special day, due to the fact that it is Brian Weller's birthday.
Brian Weller.
B Well.
My pal.
My forever friend.
My little girl crush.
My fiance.
My love.

In honor of his 23rd birthday, I am going to tell you 23 things you may or may not know about Brian.

1. Brian kind of likes things a certain way. He likes things to be clean and neat. He also is convinced that for our future bedroom we HAVE to have two nightstands or the world might end. He has in his head we both need our own.

2. Brian loves pizza more than any other human being I've come in contact with.

3. Brian's memory is amazing. He can quote movies he hasn't seen in years and he could probably give Ken Jennings a run for his money if he were to be on Jeopardy.

4. Brian has this amazing gift of being able to make people feel special. He knows just what to say to people. This is one of the things that really made me fall in love with Brian. It's one thing for him to notice when I took extra time to get ready or got a haircut, but I love it when I hear Brian telling one of my friends how pretty they look or ask if the dress they have on is new. He is a real charmer. Yet so sincere about it. 

5. Brian likes to dress up and look sharp. You should see his face when he picks me up for church on Sundays. He's all giddy. It's amusing and I like it. 

6. Brian is secretly a cowboy. He might be all business at work, but he's a country boy at heart. 

7. Brian is one of the most disciplined people I have ever met.

8. My little sisters adore him.

9. Brian has special musical talent. He taught himself how to play the guitar and basically taught himself piano as well. He also plays by ear. He can hear a song, pick up the guitar, and just play. I love it but am also jealous at the same time.

10. Brian also has a voice that will swoon the ladies. 

11. Brian has a great sense of humor. He's hilarious in fact. I wouldn't marry him if he wasn't. He is the king of cracking jokes and playing pranks.

12. Sometimes, Brian will talk in different accents and convince people he is a foreigner. 

13. Brian has super blonde hair. But when he grows a beard, it is red.

14. Brian has this strange obsession with painting his fingernails. Every time he has to wait for me, he paints a clear coat on his thumb nail. Seriously. Check next time you see him. 

15. Brian is always hot. Ha ha. But no, he is never cold. In winter, we'll be outside and he will start peeling off layers in no time. 

16. One of Brian's favorite movies is Mean Girls. Yes, he quotes it daily.

17. Brian has a contagious smile and laugh.

18. Some people think Brian and my roommate, Shayla, are a couple. They have several classes together and can often be seen walking across campus together, laughing. 

19. Brian lived in the South for two years and you can bet he's taking me there someday.

20. Whenever I buy a new outfit, Brian lets me do show & tell for him. He is such a keeper. 

21. Brian knows how to do basically everything. And if he doesn't know, he will figure it out. He often says he knows how to do lots of things but he's not good at anything. This is entirely false. That would be Brian just being modest. He really is good at everything he does. 

22. Brian somehow always magically gets what he wants. If there is a sale on something for $50, he will get it for $40. 

23. Most guys like their girl to have long hair. Not Brian. He encourages me to cut mine. 

So there you have it. 23 facts about Brian Weller from off the top of my head. He is real neat and I am so glad he was born on this day 23 years ago. 

Excuse me, I must now go celebrate with the birthday boy. 

Five Feel Goods

So I realize I have been slacking on my Five Feel Goods Friday. The past few Fridays I've just been very. . .lazy. However, today I'm feelin' motivated and feelin' good. So let's take it from the top!

 I am just crazy about this new mint colored nail polish I purchased yesterday. I just finished painting my toenails and I think I am in love.

 Pulling a little snack out of the fridge is always nice. Especially when it is colorful and cute.

I am feeling AWESOME about the progress Brian and I are making with furnishings for our future home. We found that cute soap dish pictured above for just $8 at K-Mart! Then we found a spankin' deal on for three lovely vintage chairs. Now we just need to find a bench and we can invite friends over for dinner!

Drinking Coke through a crazy straw. Perfect drink for late night studies.

Waking up early is one of my loves. I have been slacking this week, but this morning I finally got out of bed at the crack of dawn like I usually do. Early morning is my favorite time of the day. It is so nice to wake up, plant my feet on the floor, and thank God I get to wake up to yet another lovely morning.

Have a fabulous weekend. What have you felt good about this week?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Anyone else feeling a bit like this in preparation for finals?

Things will get better though. Only a bit longer, and I will be done with boring classes that I have no interest in.

Wanna see how fun my Fall 2011 semester is lookin'?

Social Inequality
English 2010 (finally)
Fiction Writing
Writing for Electronic Media
Newscast I

Lots and lots of writing papers in my future! Woooooo hoooooo!!! I'm so excited! It is almost disgusting how excited I am. I will choose to do projects and write papers any day before I choose to take a test.

Good luck, USU students! Summer really is in sight!   

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Meet Pidge. Pidge is a pigeon. He just showed up at our house one day. So it looks like my family now has a new pet.

We need all the new pets we can get to fill the hole where Rex used to be. Rex was our three-legged dog. He got hit by a cop and lost his fourth one. Rex had been getting old and was in a lot of pain due to arthritis. My family woke up one morning a couple weeks ago, and Rex was gone. He still hasn't been back. My family is worried the coyotes got him. Brian told me that lots of dogs will wander off when they know they are going to die. So maybe he did that. I'd like to imagine that's what he did. Maybe he walked up the mountain and then just went to sleep. Maybe Ringo (our other dog) went with him to say goodbye. Yeah, that's what happened. The coyotes had no part in it. Ringo is finally starting to cheer up again. He had been a sad dog the last few times I had gone home. Rex was his mentor. Even though Rex hogged the dog house and the scraps, Ringo still loved and looked up to him. 

Aside from the dog rant, I am happy Pidge came into our lives. Maybe we can attach notes to his ankle and train him to deliver them. I will work on that this summer. Hopefully Mama Cat hasn't attacked Pidge yet, eaten part of him, and put the rest away as food storage. Pidge is a bit bigger than her, but that cat knows how to hunt. 

Oh my gosh. I am one of those weird animal ladies.   

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Happy

Easter. One of my favorites of the holidays. Right up there with. . .
Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Let's get real. I am a holiday fanatic. Scrooge probably would have taken one look at me and speared me through the heart with his cane.

I love the true meaning of Easter. Absolutely love it. I think it is a pretty thing to reflect on not only my Savior's death, but also his magnificent life which was dedicated to serving others and his Father. So let's get that in check. I am religious. I am in tune with my spirituality. 

Now I'll come out of the closet and say: I love a commercialized holiday. Yes, I am guilty. You may all gasp and think horrible thoughts about me now. I love them and Easter is no different. 

We all know that Easter has some of theeeeeee best candy out of all the holiday candy. You've got your Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, Starburst jellybeans, Reese's eggs, and creme eggs. . .how can you go wrong? 

Plus, you get all of those treats in a cute arrangement, propped in a colorful basket with the fun grass inside that always makes a huge mess. 

Then there is the idea of a giant bunny sneaking into peoples' homes and hiding Easter eggs and bringing the baskets. What a far-fetched idea. I look back on my childhood and wonder how I was dumb enough to believe that one.

Also, the new Easter dress tradition. I'm a fan. My dress was just lovely. My whole family looked lovely for Easter Sunday (Brian too). Chloe even wore a big purple hat to church in honor of the holiday (no, I am not kidding).  

Oh, and the eggs. I am a big fan of the eggs. Dyeing Easter eggs is one of the most ingenious ideas ever! I can design them for hours on end and still be entertained. Then you get to hunt the colorful eggs. Talk about an egg-cellent time.

Besides just hunting eggs at my house, there is a bit of a twist. A motivation to want to find the most eggs. The Easter Bunny comes to our house and feels like throwing money around. Lucky us. There are prices written on our eggs. We actually get the amount of money that each egg is worth.
Hot dawg!

We aren't talkin' hefty prices here. Most of them are $1 eggs. There are a few that are $10. However, it still adds up. Then there is always one grand egg.
The egg every kid wants to find. 
The $100 egg.
One year it was in a bag of cotton in my mom's sewing supplies, once it was in the ice cream bucket, another time in the ice dispenser, once it was even in a hole out in our yard. This year it was buried within the jar of peanut butter. Who digs into the peanut butter to find an egg?

Needless to say, my darn brother found it. He finds the prized egg every year. Every single year. He turns into an animal. He even clawed me this year while trying to get a $10 egg from me. He doesn't even care that I am a starving college student with a flip phone that most kids my age had in middle school. Mr. 'I Have Two Ipod Touches' still made the bank in the Easter egg hunt. Lexi found an egg that was minus $100. Poor kid. That was a new one. I guess I should just learn to be content like Chlo though. She only found four eggs and she went downstairs after the hunt and ate them all. 

Another Easter has passed and it was very good to me indeed. I hope Brian enjoyed spending it at my house. He probably thinks we're a bit crazy, with all the hype about holidays and such. But he got candy out of it. And come to find out, he is quite the egg artist. He created one with a devil on it. A deviled egg. Get it? 

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend:

I forgot the other plus of Easter. You learn loads of creative recipes involving boiled eggs. Good thing I love me some eggs!     

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Within the Dresser Drawer

Brian and I arrived at my parents' home on Saturday night, ready to get our party on for Easter Sunday the next morning. Due to the excitement of knowing a holiday was underway, I could not go to sleep. Time passed and it was getting late. I was still bursting with energy though, and I had not even consumed any Cadbury eggs yet. Out of inspiration (or something like that) I opened the dresser drawer in my old bedroom and started looking at some of my old, random junk. Memories suddenly started flooding back to me and I felt giddy thinking back on my younger years. Then I found my journals. I chose to explore my journal from the end of middle school/beginning of high school. The awkward years.

These two pictures fell out of the journal. Brian and I got a kick out of them.

This is a picture of me with my little bro, Jace. I was probably about six.

Tragic, right? I got stung by a hornet. The worst part was I had a giant slumber party that night. I wore sunglasses for the first few hours of the party, but once the sun went down, my friends became suspicious.

Then I started skimming through the pages of my journal. I read plenty of entries to Brian. It was embarrassing. But he laughed, I laughed, and 14 year old Kelsey kept us entertained.

I will even let her keep you entertained for a minute. . .

Feb. 10, 2004
My mom made me cut my hair on Friday. She said it was too shaggy. I liked it that way though! 

July 12, 2004
We have a new boy our age. He drums and has a tan and bleaches his hair. 

Nov. 6, 2004
He held my hand for a whole hour! Beforehand, I went into the bathroom and put lotion on my hands so they would be soft. 

Nov. 12, 2004
I swore for the first time on Wednesday. I said the SH word. . . 

Aug. 23, 2005

April 14, 2006
Today is Good Friday. I don't even know what Good Friday is, but that's what it says on my calendar. It was a pretty good Friday though. 

May 11, 2006
I got my first kiss today! . . .Then he turned around and was like, "I don't really know how to kiss." I was kind of confused and laughed. So did he and I was like, "Me neither." Then we stood there quiet for a while. Then all the sudden, he wrapped his arm around my back and pushed his lips against mine.

Oh, how awkward and beautiful at the same time. Journal keeping is probably one of the best things ever. Try it, then ten years later, you can read it and laugh hysterically at the younger you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Country Girl

So maybe I sat around earlier today just listening to country music. Who cares? That is not a sin. Maybe I loved it. Maybe I even teared up during a few songs. I am not sure what my deal is, but I have been on a country kick the last few weeks. Like a yee-haw type of kick.

Maybe I listen to it due to the fact it reminds me of summer. . .and I am so ready for summer. Not that my summer is going to be an easy breeze or anything. I am living at home, working two jobs in Logan, planning a wedding, and Brian is leaving me for the majority of the summer. However, I am ready for all the wonderful things of summer to happy, I am ready to be that much closer to being married, and I am ready to be done with my extremely boring classes this semester.

Maybe I listen to it because it reminds me of when life was much more simple. We listened to country nonstop when I was a kid. So whenever I hear an older country song, I am instantly taken back to my roots, and back to when I was still losing teeth. It reminds of lazy childhood summers.
Going to rodeos dressed like a little cowgirl and munching on rodeo burgers. 
Parades, and trying to fill my bag with more candy than the other kids around me. 
Cookouts at my grandparents. 
Jumping on the tramp to Faith Hill's 'This Kiss' and wondering what my first kiss would feel like when I was an old person. 
Running around in my swimsuit with cats and the dog chasing me. 
Sleeping in the tent. Then scaring my cousins out of the tent by telling them about the creepy man that would jump off the train which went past the house at night. 
Climbing crab apple trees and feeding the apples to my pet goat. 
Bike rides around town with Catherine Rider. 
Riding our bikes to the local store to buy popsicles after we got sick of the town. 
Riding the tractor with Grandpa Reeder. 
Riding horses at Grandpa and Grandma Keller's house. 
Watching the baby bats fly around outside when night fell at Grandma Keller's. 
Catching caterpillars. 
Catching gophers. In traps. On Grandpa's farm. 
Truck rides through the canyon with my parents and Jace. 
I could go on and on. 
I am so glad I grew up where I did and was priviledged enough to have a long careless childhood.

Maybe I listen to it because some of the sexiest men are country singers. 

Maybe I just listen to it because it is in my blood. Thinking about the future makes me feel very, very torn. With a degree in broadcast journalism, I would have to move to the city to get any real use out of it. Country folk do not care much for the news. I used to think living in a big city would be a grand adventure. Then I really thought about it. . .and decided it would get old real fast. I remember when I visited the East Coast, I fell in love. We spent a couple days in NYC and the buildings were so huge it blew me away. I thought it was a fun place to visit, but I could not understand for the life of me why anyone would want to live there. To me, home means peace and quiet. New York was not very quiet. As much as I loved that visit, I cannot explain to you in words how sweet it was to get back home. I remember my ride from the high school back to my house very distinctly. It was late, the skies were dark. As I made my way on the oh so familiar and empty highway, I let my eyes wander up in awe at the stars. As amazing as all those special historical buildings were back East, they did not even compare to the stunningness of those stars. The making of those stars is much more historical than any building. It was at that moment, I first realized I do not think I could ever live somewhere in which those stars would not be covering me at night. In the city, no stars could be made out due to all the city lights. Gosh, those city people are missing out. Then I noticed the mountains. The same mountains that have enclosed me my whole life, and I was just now realizing how incredibly magnificent they were. When I finally pulled into my driveway, I did not rush in first thing to see my family (although I was excited to see them). Instead, I went on the hillside and sat on a rock. I just took a few minutes and looked at the picturesque view around me. There is just something about the countryside that sings to my soul, and I felt it that night more than ever. As I sat there, it seemed like God himself was sitting next to me, showing me what He had created. I felt so in tune with myself for those few minutes, and so in tune with my Father in Heaven as well. I know I am not exactly a cowgirl. I do not ride a horse around and rope cattle. Maybe I secretly wish I did though. And maybe, someday, I want to live in those mountains and die there as a country girl. Just maybe. We will see where life takes me.

Maybe I listen to it because of my very favorite celebrity couple. 
I just love them.

Or maybe I listen to it because I will be seeing this sweetheart in concert in September:      
Yes, I am very excited. Look for me, Taylor! I'll be going crazy with all the other fourteen-year-old girls there!

Basically country music is in my blood and I am a fan. A very proud fan. Long live cowboys.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Heroes

Last Friday, I pulled into the driveway of a client's home to pick up their child. I have the most wonderful job working with children with disabilities. I am so blessed to have this job in so many ways. I have learned a lot about peoples' differences and how to appreciate them. Besides that, the kids are just too fun, I can hardly call what I do a 'job'. As I put the vehicle in park, the parents were outside, waiting. The wife was clutching her purse and had her common welcoming smile on her face. The both of them always seem so warm and happy. I came to find out, they were heading out for a date. A nice dinner while we watched after their child for a few hours. I could tell they were excited, which made me suddenly excited for them. As I climbed back in my vehicle and backed out of the driveway, I realized what a big deal my job actually is. To think that we give parents a break for just a few hours so they can have some precious time to themselves to do whatever they'd like.

I think people fail to recognize how amazing these parents are. I am not saying in any way, shape, or form that their children are a burden, but taking care of anyone with a disability can definitely be a time commitment and a challenge. I wish average people could have this understanding. I am so grateful I have discovered such an understanding. I respect all these parents I have come in contact with. They are obviously special people to have such an opportunity as to raise and care for some of the most incredible children the world knows.

So this post is a shout out to all those parents. Parents that take care of a child that maybe the world views as different. Parents that devote a great chunk of their time to showing their children a happy life. I have a deep love for all of you. Thanks and enjoy your day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend With The Babes

It must be spring. Every day is filled with rain, I want to wear sandals despite the rain and mud, and there are sweet babies every where I turn.

On Saturday I FINALLY got my chance to go to Baby Animal Days. Brian was nice enough to take me. Also, the rain clouds were courteous enough to part for the couple of hours that we went. I am totally obsessed with baby animals. It is almost pathetic. I am fairly sure in the time we were there, Brian and I were the only couple that were not pushing a stroller and taking pictures of our children as they mauled terrified baby chicks. Although Brian and I were childless, it all worked out since I almost felt like I was Brian's small child. Yep, he basically played mom to me for the afternoon. What a great guy. So while parents steered their children clear of mud puddles and took their pictures with the farm animals, Brian took pictures of me with the animals. As seen below. . .

I am sure I had parents that wanted to whack me in the head since I was hogging their childrens' animal cuddling time. I behaved myself though. I only pushed a couple kids out of my way.

Brian and I held bunnies for probably a half hour. I just couldn't part with my fluffy, floppy-eared friend. I tried finding an excuse to buy one, but Brian then reminded me that we are getting a dog after we get married. So I guess I can be patient.

I wanted to take them both home. . . :)

I also enjoyed the company of more baby animals on Sunday. I went home to visit the fam and our mama cat had kittens!

After visiting the fam and the baby kittens, I went to visit my friend Shannon and her newborn baby. No pictures were taken, but he is seriously adorable! Totally has his mom's looks, that's for sure. He also has a good sense of humor since he peed on me while I was holding him. I was just acting all googly-eyed over him and I suddenly felt something in my lap. Something very warm and very wet. Congrats Shannon! I can't believe she's a mommy now.

Oh, I also finally met Grandpa Steve's new baby. . .

Isn't she precious?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Grades & Glamour

Today at work, the lady who drives the school bus exclaimed to me, "Well, you look cute. What's the special occasion?" There was no special occasion. I was in fact wearing a black pencil skirt and my silky burgundy top just because I could. My excuse was that I had a test earlier. I like to dress up for tests. I have a theory that dressing smart will make me feel smarter which will probably make me take tests better. Wearing sweats to take a test is just a horrible idea. Thus, I dressed for success. Oh, and I studied a little bit too. Let us see if it worked.

Not only do I use a test day as an excuse to dress up like a business executive, but I also use it as an excuse to shower myself with gifts. For some reason, after every test I take I have an itch to buy something. Sometimes that something is a new blouse. Other times it is something as simple as a candy bar. I usually welcome this itch to blow money, since it is rare for me to want to spend money and not be paranoid about it. Today after my test was no different. That same itch found me. And like all other times I welcomed it with open arms. Lucky for me, my lovely friend, Shayla also had the class with me. So I figured she needed some test therapy as well.

We started out with a treat. We walked a few blocks, enjoying the temporary nice weather to the local cupcake shop. I decided on a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Cupcakes are a girl's best friend. Okay, let's get real, they are EVERY ONE'S best friend. Cupcakes are just popular and loved little things.

After cupcakes, we hit up Ross. In my book, it's the best place to go on a shopping spree because you can't feel too guilty since everything is cheap. I tried on a variety of things to make my body and spirit feel happy. Then I narrowed my purchases down to three things:

1. A mustard yellow dress. Perfect and magnificent color. Buttons. Collar. Belt. Happy dress that matches my bohemian style to the T.

2. Pants. Actual pants. I realized I don't really own a pair of pants. I have a pair of khakis and a pair of black dress pants. The black pants don't count, because everyone has black dress pants. These pants I purchased are a true mark of entering womanhood. I, my friends, am a classy, educated woman. Let it be known.

3. A top. Not just any top. A lovely, floral top. It is soft, sweet, girly and delicate. So delicate that I realized one of the belt loops is slightly ripped. Good thing my mama introduced me to the sewing machine. That'll be an easy fix. Piece of cake.

I still wish the mustard colored pants would have fit. They were a size one. I am not a size one. But I thought I'd just try. I got them on and zipped up but I am lucky the button didn't pop right off (and yes, I am obsessed with mustard yellow right now).

And I still want a leather jacket. All in good time, Kels. All in good time.

So all in all, it's been a great day. Yeah, maybe I failed a test but I did it while feeling glamorous.

Try it next time you have a test. Go out and buy yourself something nice. Surround yourself with fabulous things. Whether you are rewarding yourself for acing a test or comforting yourself because you failed, I could care less. You still rock.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rains Came Down. Floods Came Up.

All the old timers are worried about flooding. Thanks to my rotten, no-good natural disasters class, I'm worried about it too. The only thing that class has done for me is made me fear things I never worried about before.

Like earthquakes.





And. . .flooding.

With all this snow and then the sudden heat, people are worried about the snow melting and rushing on down off the mountains. I know it wouldn't be that bad, but sometimes my imagination gets the best of me. I can't help but envision buildings being underwater and us human beings having to go to higher ground to escape. Then we would have to live off food storage. I know food storage is a grand thing to have, but I honestly hate thinking about it. Probably because I hate having to think about eating my food storage. Food in a can only goes so far. I love my food, so I can't imagine having to ration out food, and food that isn't even that tasty either. Can you imagine having a can of refried beans and splitting it with your friends for dinner? What if you were running low on food too? Then you could only split half the can of refried beans for dinner. How will I get full off half a can of refried beans?

Then what would become of the skinny people after we ran low on food? Would they be the first to die? If so, I'm becoming obese stat.

Then to soothe my mind, I think back on my childhood, when I used to imagine a flood happening for fun. Yeah, I really thought a flood might make for a good time. My house in Idaho sits on a big hill, so I imagined the whole community coming to our house in little motor boats. Then the whole town would be in our house and we'd have a party until the flood went away. I don't know why that sounded like fun. Maybe I just like any excuse to have a party.

So if, by chance, there is a major flood, let's flee to the highest point we can find and have a party. We can make our own romantic city of water. Sort of Venice-like. And we'll eat good food. Texas Roadhouse will probably flee to that high point too, right? So we'll eat tons of steak and loaded mashed potatoes. Then we'll feed the gross food storage to the ducks. Because the ducks need to eat too.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Dinner Date

I looked at him, just smiling. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't wipe that smile off my face. I found comfort in the fact that he was reacting the same way, smiling back at me. My paper plate holding my dinner rested carefully on my lap. I looked around the empty room and imagined what it could be. What it would be. Brian and I were perched in the window seat of our future bedroom.

We had spent the morning scrubbing walls and floors and now we were enjoying dinner in an apartment of empty rooms. Well, I guess the kitchen wasn't quite empty, after purchasing our very own kitchen table earlier. However, without chairs we found eating dinner at the table would be a bit of a challenge. So we figured the window seat in our bedroom would do. That same window seat is where I plan to do my future blogging.

It is a tickling feeling to think we have a place. Our place. There is so much to look forward to. So much to be made and remembered together. And as we sat there eating our food, imagining our future, we created the first moment there to be remembered.

I love my pal.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Life is a funny thing. There are so many choices. So many directions one can go.

The thing that kills me is when people have several directions they could go. . .and choose to go nowhere.

It seems to be a growing trend to settle for a mediocre life.

I don't really get this trend. I guess people like the idea of feeling safe. Staying with what is familiar. Perhaps people find it easier to stay in the familiar and average rather than take the risk of walking down the road to success or to failure.

I am not saying everyone needs to have some huge dream of becoming rich and famous, but everyone should have a dream. And no one should ever think they can't reach their dream. I have watched too many people settle for a mediocre life. There is something about settling that just drives me crazy. It makes me want to shake the person and ask what in the world they are doing.

I once told Brian a deep, dark secret of mine.

I want to write a book someday.

I was embarrassed that I had even admitted this to Brian, but he didn't act like it was a silly want at all.

"Do it," he said. "Write a book. I know you can."

So I am going to write a book. It is not just an idea of a thing I might do 'someday'. I am really going to do it. Because I can. No one is going to stop me from writing words on paper. Maybe those words won't mean anything to anyone else but me, but it will still be my book. The only person that could stop me from this dream is myself.

That is how it is with most dreams it seems.

Life can be whatever a person wants it to be. A person must just create it. Just as an artist creates a painting. Sure, there are so many colors, it might be overwhelming. Especially when the page is blank and you are clueless to which color should be added first. So what will you do if it gets overwhelming? Sit and stare at the beautiful colors and never use them yourself? Or will you take the risk? Will you dip into the colors, put them on paper, and create?

I am determined to create.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sugar High

If weekends were edible, they would probably look something like this. . .

I can't wait for warm weather. Then I'll eat more than my fair share of ice cream all week AND weekend long.

Here is to weekends, sunshine, treats and all things happy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Feel Goods

Today is a wonderful day. Seriously, so wonderful. The sun is out and shining, it is Friday, Brian and I ate brownies out in the sun, and we went to the school's counseling center to pet their dogs. Yes, the school has two dogs!! We mauled them and gave them dog treats. Life is good.

Here are just five things making me feel oh so good about life. . .

Henna. I'm back to my henna addiction. You didn't expect me to stay clean forever, did you? Besides, a friend of mine went to India and brought me back a couple tubes. It would have been rude to not go crazy with it.

The Old Farm Apartment ducks are back in town! I am so thrilled about this. I think they even remembered me from last year because when I opened my door this morning, they were sitting on my porch, waiting for me. They didn't even run away when I opened the door. They just sat there waiting for their bread. Oh no, I am turning into a duck lady.

The fact that it is now April, which means it is the month that this movie comes to theaters.

Mustard yellow. I am so crazy about this color right now. I want a mustard yellow dress for spring and mustard yellow shoes. That mustard yellow plane in the picture above would be sweet too.

This song. Me love. Pause my music at the bottom and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful man's voice. This song makes me think back on high school days. Specifically late spring and summer. Track season. Lakes. Dates to fireworks. Bonfires. Pranks. Sleeping outside. Rushing to make curfew. motorcycle rides. Bliss.

If you want an even bigger treat, find the acoustic version of this song. It's basically awesome.