Friday, April 22, 2011

Country Girl

So maybe I sat around earlier today just listening to country music. Who cares? That is not a sin. Maybe I loved it. Maybe I even teared up during a few songs. I am not sure what my deal is, but I have been on a country kick the last few weeks. Like a yee-haw type of kick.

Maybe I listen to it due to the fact it reminds me of summer. . .and I am so ready for summer. Not that my summer is going to be an easy breeze or anything. I am living at home, working two jobs in Logan, planning a wedding, and Brian is leaving me for the majority of the summer. However, I am ready for all the wonderful things of summer to happy, I am ready to be that much closer to being married, and I am ready to be done with my extremely boring classes this semester.

Maybe I listen to it because it reminds me of when life was much more simple. We listened to country nonstop when I was a kid. So whenever I hear an older country song, I am instantly taken back to my roots, and back to when I was still losing teeth. It reminds of lazy childhood summers.
Going to rodeos dressed like a little cowgirl and munching on rodeo burgers. 
Parades, and trying to fill my bag with more candy than the other kids around me. 
Cookouts at my grandparents. 
Jumping on the tramp to Faith Hill's 'This Kiss' and wondering what my first kiss would feel like when I was an old person. 
Running around in my swimsuit with cats and the dog chasing me. 
Sleeping in the tent. Then scaring my cousins out of the tent by telling them about the creepy man that would jump off the train which went past the house at night. 
Climbing crab apple trees and feeding the apples to my pet goat. 
Bike rides around town with Catherine Rider. 
Riding our bikes to the local store to buy popsicles after we got sick of the town. 
Riding the tractor with Grandpa Reeder. 
Riding horses at Grandpa and Grandma Keller's house. 
Watching the baby bats fly around outside when night fell at Grandma Keller's. 
Catching caterpillars. 
Catching gophers. In traps. On Grandpa's farm. 
Truck rides through the canyon with my parents and Jace. 
I could go on and on. 
I am so glad I grew up where I did and was priviledged enough to have a long careless childhood.

Maybe I listen to it because some of the sexiest men are country singers. 

Maybe I just listen to it because it is in my blood. Thinking about the future makes me feel very, very torn. With a degree in broadcast journalism, I would have to move to the city to get any real use out of it. Country folk do not care much for the news. I used to think living in a big city would be a grand adventure. Then I really thought about it. . .and decided it would get old real fast. I remember when I visited the East Coast, I fell in love. We spent a couple days in NYC and the buildings were so huge it blew me away. I thought it was a fun place to visit, but I could not understand for the life of me why anyone would want to live there. To me, home means peace and quiet. New York was not very quiet. As much as I loved that visit, I cannot explain to you in words how sweet it was to get back home. I remember my ride from the high school back to my house very distinctly. It was late, the skies were dark. As I made my way on the oh so familiar and empty highway, I let my eyes wander up in awe at the stars. As amazing as all those special historical buildings were back East, they did not even compare to the stunningness of those stars. The making of those stars is much more historical than any building. It was at that moment, I first realized I do not think I could ever live somewhere in which those stars would not be covering me at night. In the city, no stars could be made out due to all the city lights. Gosh, those city people are missing out. Then I noticed the mountains. The same mountains that have enclosed me my whole life, and I was just now realizing how incredibly magnificent they were. When I finally pulled into my driveway, I did not rush in first thing to see my family (although I was excited to see them). Instead, I went on the hillside and sat on a rock. I just took a few minutes and looked at the picturesque view around me. There is just something about the countryside that sings to my soul, and I felt it that night more than ever. As I sat there, it seemed like God himself was sitting next to me, showing me what He had created. I felt so in tune with myself for those few minutes, and so in tune with my Father in Heaven as well. I know I am not exactly a cowgirl. I do not ride a horse around and rope cattle. Maybe I secretly wish I did though. And maybe, someday, I want to live in those mountains and die there as a country girl. Just maybe. We will see where life takes me.

Maybe I listen to it because of my very favorite celebrity couple. 
I just love them.

Or maybe I listen to it because I will be seeing this sweetheart in concert in September:      
Yes, I am very excited. Look for me, Taylor! I'll be going crazy with all the other fourteen-year-old girls there!

Basically country music is in my blood and I am a fan. A very proud fan. Long live cowboys.  

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