Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Feel Goods

Today is a wonderful day. Seriously, so wonderful. The sun is out and shining, it is Friday, Brian and I ate brownies out in the sun, and we went to the school's counseling center to pet their dogs. Yes, the school has two dogs!! We mauled them and gave them dog treats. Life is good.

Here are just five things making me feel oh so good about life. . .

Henna. I'm back to my henna addiction. You didn't expect me to stay clean forever, did you? Besides, a friend of mine went to India and brought me back a couple tubes. It would have been rude to not go crazy with it.

The Old Farm Apartment ducks are back in town! I am so thrilled about this. I think they even remembered me from last year because when I opened my door this morning, they were sitting on my porch, waiting for me. They didn't even run away when I opened the door. They just sat there waiting for their bread. Oh no, I am turning into a duck lady.

The fact that it is now April, which means it is the month that this movie comes to theaters.

Mustard yellow. I am so crazy about this color right now. I want a mustard yellow dress for spring and mustard yellow shoes. That mustard yellow plane in the picture above would be sweet too.

This song. Me love. Pause my music at the bottom and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful man's voice. This song makes me think back on high school days. Specifically late spring and summer. Track season. Lakes. Dates to fireworks. Bonfires. Pranks. Sleeping outside. Rushing to make curfew. motorcycle rides. Bliss.

If you want an even bigger treat, find the acoustic version of this song. It's basically awesome.

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