Friday, April 29, 2011

BWell Turns 23!

Today is a very special day, due to the fact that it is Brian Weller's birthday.
Brian Weller.
B Well.
My pal.
My forever friend.
My little girl crush.
My fiance.
My love.

In honor of his 23rd birthday, I am going to tell you 23 things you may or may not know about Brian.

1. Brian kind of likes things a certain way. He likes things to be clean and neat. He also is convinced that for our future bedroom we HAVE to have two nightstands or the world might end. He has in his head we both need our own.

2. Brian loves pizza more than any other human being I've come in contact with.

3. Brian's memory is amazing. He can quote movies he hasn't seen in years and he could probably give Ken Jennings a run for his money if he were to be on Jeopardy.

4. Brian has this amazing gift of being able to make people feel special. He knows just what to say to people. This is one of the things that really made me fall in love with Brian. It's one thing for him to notice when I took extra time to get ready or got a haircut, but I love it when I hear Brian telling one of my friends how pretty they look or ask if the dress they have on is new. He is a real charmer. Yet so sincere about it. 

5. Brian likes to dress up and look sharp. You should see his face when he picks me up for church on Sundays. He's all giddy. It's amusing and I like it. 

6. Brian is secretly a cowboy. He might be all business at work, but he's a country boy at heart. 

7. Brian is one of the most disciplined people I have ever met.

8. My little sisters adore him.

9. Brian has special musical talent. He taught himself how to play the guitar and basically taught himself piano as well. He also plays by ear. He can hear a song, pick up the guitar, and just play. I love it but am also jealous at the same time.

10. Brian also has a voice that will swoon the ladies. 

11. Brian has a great sense of humor. He's hilarious in fact. I wouldn't marry him if he wasn't. He is the king of cracking jokes and playing pranks.

12. Sometimes, Brian will talk in different accents and convince people he is a foreigner. 

13. Brian has super blonde hair. But when he grows a beard, it is red.

14. Brian has this strange obsession with painting his fingernails. Every time he has to wait for me, he paints a clear coat on his thumb nail. Seriously. Check next time you see him. 

15. Brian is always hot. Ha ha. But no, he is never cold. In winter, we'll be outside and he will start peeling off layers in no time. 

16. One of Brian's favorite movies is Mean Girls. Yes, he quotes it daily.

17. Brian has a contagious smile and laugh.

18. Some people think Brian and my roommate, Shayla, are a couple. They have several classes together and can often be seen walking across campus together, laughing. 

19. Brian lived in the South for two years and you can bet he's taking me there someday.

20. Whenever I buy a new outfit, Brian lets me do show & tell for him. He is such a keeper. 

21. Brian knows how to do basically everything. And if he doesn't know, he will figure it out. He often says he knows how to do lots of things but he's not good at anything. This is entirely false. That would be Brian just being modest. He really is good at everything he does. 

22. Brian somehow always magically gets what he wants. If there is a sale on something for $50, he will get it for $40. 

23. Most guys like their girl to have long hair. Not Brian. He encourages me to cut mine. 

So there you have it. 23 facts about Brian Weller from off the top of my head. He is real neat and I am so glad he was born on this day 23 years ago. 

Excuse me, I must now go celebrate with the birthday boy. 


  1. alright you caught me. i teared up about this. love.

  2. FYI, his accents are REALLY convincing!


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