Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend With The Babes

It must be spring. Every day is filled with rain, I want to wear sandals despite the rain and mud, and there are sweet babies every where I turn.

On Saturday I FINALLY got my chance to go to Baby Animal Days. Brian was nice enough to take me. Also, the rain clouds were courteous enough to part for the couple of hours that we went. I am totally obsessed with baby animals. It is almost pathetic. I am fairly sure in the time we were there, Brian and I were the only couple that were not pushing a stroller and taking pictures of our children as they mauled terrified baby chicks. Although Brian and I were childless, it all worked out since I almost felt like I was Brian's small child. Yep, he basically played mom to me for the afternoon. What a great guy. So while parents steered their children clear of mud puddles and took their pictures with the farm animals, Brian took pictures of me with the animals. As seen below. . .

I am sure I had parents that wanted to whack me in the head since I was hogging their childrens' animal cuddling time. I behaved myself though. I only pushed a couple kids out of my way.

Brian and I held bunnies for probably a half hour. I just couldn't part with my fluffy, floppy-eared friend. I tried finding an excuse to buy one, but Brian then reminded me that we are getting a dog after we get married. So I guess I can be patient.

I wanted to take them both home. . . :)

I also enjoyed the company of more baby animals on Sunday. I went home to visit the fam and our mama cat had kittens!

After visiting the fam and the baby kittens, I went to visit my friend Shannon and her newborn baby. No pictures were taken, but he is seriously adorable! Totally has his mom's looks, that's for sure. He also has a good sense of humor since he peed on me while I was holding him. I was just acting all googly-eyed over him and I suddenly felt something in my lap. Something very warm and very wet. Congrats Shannon! I can't believe she's a mommy now.

Oh, I also finally met Grandpa Steve's new baby. . .

Isn't she precious?


  1. That's a beautiful car. haha. I am jealous. Your little sister looks like you, lucky her. (: What kind of dog are you getting? haha. Maybe if you go on vacation, I can dog sit? ;)

  2. We really want a sharpei. . .like really bad. But we'll have to see if the budget will allow it. And I'm jealous of my grandpa's little toy as well. It's gorgeous and oh so powerful. I'm sure you'll be one of the first people we call about dog sitting. Love yooooou.


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