Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Grades & Glamour

Today at work, the lady who drives the school bus exclaimed to me, "Well, you look cute. What's the special occasion?" There was no special occasion. I was in fact wearing a black pencil skirt and my silky burgundy top just because I could. My excuse was that I had a test earlier. I like to dress up for tests. I have a theory that dressing smart will make me feel smarter which will probably make me take tests better. Wearing sweats to take a test is just a horrible idea. Thus, I dressed for success. Oh, and I studied a little bit too. Let us see if it worked.

Not only do I use a test day as an excuse to dress up like a business executive, but I also use it as an excuse to shower myself with gifts. For some reason, after every test I take I have an itch to buy something. Sometimes that something is a new blouse. Other times it is something as simple as a candy bar. I usually welcome this itch to blow money, since it is rare for me to want to spend money and not be paranoid about it. Today after my test was no different. That same itch found me. And like all other times I welcomed it with open arms. Lucky for me, my lovely friend, Shayla also had the class with me. So I figured she needed some test therapy as well.

We started out with a treat. We walked a few blocks, enjoying the temporary nice weather to the local cupcake shop. I decided on a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Cupcakes are a girl's best friend. Okay, let's get real, they are EVERY ONE'S best friend. Cupcakes are just popular and loved little things.

After cupcakes, we hit up Ross. In my book, it's the best place to go on a shopping spree because you can't feel too guilty since everything is cheap. I tried on a variety of things to make my body and spirit feel happy. Then I narrowed my purchases down to three things:

1. A mustard yellow dress. Perfect and magnificent color. Buttons. Collar. Belt. Happy dress that matches my bohemian style to the T.

2. Pants. Actual pants. I realized I don't really own a pair of pants. I have a pair of khakis and a pair of black dress pants. The black pants don't count, because everyone has black dress pants. These pants I purchased are a true mark of entering womanhood. I, my friends, am a classy, educated woman. Let it be known.

3. A top. Not just any top. A lovely, floral top. It is soft, sweet, girly and delicate. So delicate that I realized one of the belt loops is slightly ripped. Good thing my mama introduced me to the sewing machine. That'll be an easy fix. Piece of cake.

I still wish the mustard colored pants would have fit. They were a size one. I am not a size one. But I thought I'd just try. I got them on and zipped up but I am lucky the button didn't pop right off (and yes, I am obsessed with mustard yellow right now).

And I still want a leather jacket. All in good time, Kels. All in good time.

So all in all, it's been a great day. Yeah, maybe I failed a test but I did it while feeling glamorous.

Try it next time you have a test. Go out and buy yourself something nice. Surround yourself with fabulous things. Whether you are rewarding yourself for acing a test or comforting yourself because you failed, I could care less. You still rock.

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  1. call me crazy, but I do the same thing! I get all dolled up to take tests, cause in my theory if I look good i'm more confident, and that confidence will spill over onto my test-taking abilities!


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