Monday, April 4, 2011


Life is a funny thing. There are so many choices. So many directions one can go.

The thing that kills me is when people have several directions they could go. . .and choose to go nowhere.

It seems to be a growing trend to settle for a mediocre life.

I don't really get this trend. I guess people like the idea of feeling safe. Staying with what is familiar. Perhaps people find it easier to stay in the familiar and average rather than take the risk of walking down the road to success or to failure.

I am not saying everyone needs to have some huge dream of becoming rich and famous, but everyone should have a dream. And no one should ever think they can't reach their dream. I have watched too many people settle for a mediocre life. There is something about settling that just drives me crazy. It makes me want to shake the person and ask what in the world they are doing.

I once told Brian a deep, dark secret of mine.

I want to write a book someday.

I was embarrassed that I had even admitted this to Brian, but he didn't act like it was a silly want at all.

"Do it," he said. "Write a book. I know you can."

So I am going to write a book. It is not just an idea of a thing I might do 'someday'. I am really going to do it. Because I can. No one is going to stop me from writing words on paper. Maybe those words won't mean anything to anyone else but me, but it will still be my book. The only person that could stop me from this dream is myself.

That is how it is with most dreams it seems.

Life can be whatever a person wants it to be. A person must just create it. Just as an artist creates a painting. Sure, there are so many colors, it might be overwhelming. Especially when the page is blank and you are clueless to which color should be added first. So what will you do if it gets overwhelming? Sit and stare at the beautiful colors and never use them yourself? Or will you take the risk? Will you dip into the colors, put them on paper, and create?

I am determined to create.


  1. Well said :) I look forward to your book!

  2. I couldn't agree more with everything about this.

  3. Dallin and Mariana,
    You are both great.


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