Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Gov. Mitt Romney and his wife Anne wish you a very terrifying day!

Oh. . .and the Wellers do too.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I do not want to take my Halloween decorations down after tomorrow. The only thing that will maybe motivate me to do so, is the thought of soon putting up Christmas decor. I guess I could trade my skulls and crows in for tinsel and twinkle lights. 

  • So BWell not only surprised me with this scarf last week, but he also surprised me with Taylor Swift's new album, Red. Needless to say, we've been listening to it nonstop and I think we both love it. I've had this song on constant repeat. It's my new fave. I mean, if you go ahead and combine Taylor with a little Snow Patrol, how can you really go wrong? You can't. My second favorite song on her new cd is this one. Like whoa, who knew Taylor could drop the beat? K, I'm done with my Taylor obsession for now. 

  • What's up with Halloween haters? I have heard so many comments pertaining to Halloween where people say something along the lines of it being a devil holiday and they don't want to invite Satan into their lives. Well, I think these people need to chill out a little and realize that Satan might just enter our lives on the other 364 days of the year too. And in probably much more subtle ways. I say eat some candy corn and scare a kid or two. I love Halloween. I'm not ashamed. 

  • I'm dressing up like an owl for class today. We are putting on our Halloween show and we are all supposed to dress up! Fun, right? Hopefully everyone will just be able to tell what I am. I should have gone with something more basic. Like a clown or a cat. Oh well, I like originality. 

  • My hair now fits in a ponytail! It's a sorry excuse for a ponytail which I wouldn't wear out in public. . .but all the same, it fits in a ponytail! I'm just amazed I haven't chopped it off again. Still "growin" strong. 

  • Our primary kids prank called Brian's office yesterday. Which I find incredibly awesome. However, it's time for vengeance. So if you have any grand prank ideas, I invite you to comment below. We already have a few tricks up our sleeve, but we would love to add to our wondrous web of brainstorming. Thanks. I appreciate you.    

Sunday Best: Bad to the Bone

scarf: Head Over Heels, earrings: Claire's, top: Zara, jeans: PacSun, boots: Payless, bracelet: H&M, jacket: F21

I'm not sure if it was the rebel in me or the fact that it's almost Halloween, but either way, I am now the proud owner of a skull shirt. It was probably the rebel in me that bought it. After all, I'm posting a "Sunday Best" post and it's already Tuesday morning. I'm such a rule-breaker. I might even be five minutes late to my first class at 9 am. 

Also, a shout out to my husband for surprising me with the above scarf. he knows how to turn a bad day good. I can't wait to spend the next two nights doing festive Halloween things with my BWell and blowing off all homework. . . See, told you, I'm a rebel. Watch out little children, this bad to the bone chick may just steal your Halloween candy. And eat it too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

So Sweet

You've probably been thinking that I fell off the Golden Gate Bridge to drown in the water below. Well, I didn't. Still kicking. And I didn't even come close to falling off the bridge. But San Francisco was a dandy time. We loved seeing family and letting them show us their new home. The city was glorious, but I can't say I would enjoy driving those narrow, steep streets every day. I'll post about our quick trip soon (hopefully soon) but first, I must finish going through pictures. 

For now, I'll leave you with a little questionare I got tagged in by the stunning Caitlin Naulus. Check out her cute blog sometime. Technically, she nominated me for the Liebster award, so I'm supposed to tag 11 other people. But just call me a cheater, because I'm not going to tag anyone. I actually got this award in the past, so I followed the rules the time before. Feel free to participate if you wish though! If you really want to do it, let me know and I'll create 11 questions for you to answer. Deal? 

Well, here goes. 

Eleven Things About Me, Kelsey Keller Weller:

1. I'm allergic to allergy medicine. Ironic. 
2. I despise talking on the phone. I'm really awkward when I'm talking to someone and can't see them. I guess I'm big on non-verbal communication. I talk with my hands. 
3. I am the most fun person to ride amusement park rides with. True story. I giggle and scream the entire time. 
4. When I was a child, I went through a period of time when I was convinced I was Pocahontas. I also went through a period of time when I was convinced I was Princess Anastasia. 
5. I am a Greek Mythology nerd. 
6. In high school, I played Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz". There's no place like home. 
7. I gained thirty pounds my freshman year of college. From exercising a lot though. Not from being lazy. I was on USU's track team and all the weight lifting really. . .bulked me up. 
8. I have an addiction to Burt's Bees lip balm. 
9. I have never ever ordered a cut of steak anything different than medium rare or rare. And I never will. 
10. I love scary movies. Does anyone else out there? I swear my husband is the only other person who will excitedly watch them with me.
11. The hairs on my head are naturally curly. 

Caitlin's Eleven Questions:

1. How did you meet your hubby or significant other? Ha ha. Well, he was my home teacher. And he was the most faithful home teacher ever, at that.  
2. If you knew you were dying tomorrow, how would you spend your day? Doing good things for other people, surrounded by my family.
3. What is something on this earth you could not live without? My family and the gospel. Unoriginal, but true.
4. What is your favorite restaurant of all time? I love little hole in the wall places, but I'll go with a well-known place for everyone's sake and say Red Lobster.  
5. What is your biggest fear? Think hard now. The unknown. I'm completely afraid of the unknown. The first time I ever try anything, I freak myself out about it.
6. What is a habit others have that makes you feel super uncomfortable? Um, this is so shallow of me, but it makes my eyes about bleed when I see people use the wrong there, their, your, you're, or when people randomly use apostrophes for no apparent reason. It mostly makes me uncomfortable because I have my own bad habit of wanting to correct people, which is entirely rude.  
7. If you won 1 million dollars, what would you buy first? Tickets to Thailand! Or maybe a new vehicle since mine is temporarily (possibly permanently) not functioning. My mini van and I have had a nice run, but she's sure worn out. But even the thought of getting a new vehicle makes me feel like I'm cheating on her. 
8. What is one of you biggest dreams? I dream all the time about writing a book. One day it will happen.  
9. If you could go on a date with one celebrity, who would it be? Leonardo DiCaprio. Mostly because I think he's interesting. Brian would approve.
10. If your house was burning down and you could only take one thing with you what would it be (people excluded)? Does my kitty, Luna, count as a person? If not, I would obviously grab her. If so, I guess my journal? Or my great-grandma's dress that I inherited. 
11. What is your favorite recipe? Basically any dessert recipe involving lots of chocolate! 

Well, that's all for now. I'll try not to be such a stranger from here on out. Maybe tomorrow I'll even post my "Sunday Best". . .although it totally won't be Sunday. Blog fail.

 Thanks for the fun questions, Caitlin! It was seriously so sweet of you to tag me! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

My life has been crazy busy lately. But between all the busy, I've been trying to find more time to grasp a hold of the small and simple moments in life. Like when I wake up in the morning and Luna is snuggled against me, or when I go on lunch dates with my mom, or when my best friend gets engaged and I get to be a part of the proposal. All those special things have been happening along with the craziness and those moments really help me stay sane.

Here are a few of the simple moments in my life captured through good ol' Instagram. . .

 This is what college football does to us. . 

Hikes with my sis and the rest of the family.

 Luna, balancing on the door. Just call her an "acrocat". 

 My university is so great. Always an Aggie!

 We have a ghost family "hanging" around our house.

 I love weekends with this guy.

 Conference crafts. I made these for our bathroom during the Sunday morning session.

 I shot my first wedding. It was scary and also really fun.

 Brian left me to go camping with a bunch of boy scouts. Yes, one of the boys brought a wooden sword.

 While Brian camped in the rain, my girl Shayla and I made necklaces.

 And we also ate lots of delicious food from Olive Garden.

 Celebrating my baby sister's birthday. We wore matching glasses for the occasion.

 Love my new necklace.

 Nature could win any beauty contest. Hands down.

 Lunch dates with my mom and brother. Such a needed break from classes.

 Zucchini and mushrooms to go with our steaks.

My best friend is engaged!!! Love you, Shayla. 

Sorry for the overload. I just couldn't narrow it down. Now sleep is calling. Especially since the husband is quietly snoring next to me and Luna is on my chest purring in her sleep. I guess I'll join the club. Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco! I can't wait! Thanks to everyone who gave me and Brian tips of where to go and what to do. We will be busy bees trying to get everything done we want to during our short time in the city. Luna is going to hold down the fort while we're away. Don't worry, one of our Primary girls is going to watch her. We wouldn't just leave her unchaperoned. What horrible parents we would be. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday Best (On a Monday): Treats

So I get it. It's actually Monday. And by the time I post this, it will technically be Tuesday. Aye yai yai. But I never did a Sunday Best post last week. So if I also don't present one for this week, I'm afraid you might think I don't wear any clothes. And I do. I do wear clothes. So here's something I wore last week:

bow: Claire's, top: Smith's, jeans: Vanity, flats: Alloy, earrings: Kohls

Last week while we are out at Smith's Marketplace fetching groceries, BWell told me I had earned a treat. That's when I found this shirt on a clearance rack. The black lace collar, the dot details, and the price tag were all factors that made this shirt speak to me. And the shirt said, "Kelsey, make Brian buy me!" 

So I did just that. I showed it to Brian and I said, "Sweetheart, I want to get this shirt as my treat. Just imagine that I got two bags of Oreos instead." So he bought it. 

I don't know what you should find more disturbing: the fact that I buy clothes at the grocery store, or the fact that Brian rewards me with treats while we grocery shop to persuade me to behave.

All the same, I really love treats. Like this shirt. And like pretty mountains and trees. We took these pictures after a truck ride up to Mt. Logan. The view was stunning and such a treat. 

I also like treats involving chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Love is an Action

These are some pictures I kind of forgot about. They are from a quick little camping trip/hike that BWell and I took a few months back. We heard rumors about this hiking trail that led to a waterfall and that it was only about two miles one way. The rumors were partly true. We made it to the beautiful waterfall. But it wasn't just a two mile jaunt. It ended up being more like five miles up. All the same, the hike was worth it. I'm glad we kept pressing forward and didn't turn around. We thought about it a few times, but we stayed strong. . .

Since listening to the prophet and apostles of my church speak in conference last weekend, I've gone back and re-watched and re-listened to the oh so popular talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. It was a wonderful and amazing talk. . .one that left a lump in my throat and a sick feeling in my stomach. Because I am guilty. I am guilty of saying over and over again that I love my Savior, Jesus Christ but not fully showing that love by example. Love is not just a word. Love is an action. And as of late, I have been slow to act.

I grew up in a small Idaho town. There are many unique characters that reside there. Heck, I should write a book about it. But one character in particular stands out.

He was a mysterious man who lived on the main street of town. No one knew quite where he came from or why he ended up in Weston. He rode a lawn mower around and mostly kept to himself. One of the most intriguing things about him, was that he had a whole building next to his modest trailer home that was filled with junk. As a child, I always wondered what kinds of treasures were hidden in that building. There were items piled up to the tops of the windows, but I never dared get close enough to peer in. Painted across the windows were the words, "NO NO LOOKING". I don't know what would have happened if I had gone looking, but I never had the desire to find out. As I got older and entered my teenage years, I started to hear more rumors about this man.
"He's a millionaire, and he hides all his money somewhere."
"I think the government gave him a new identity and sent him to Weston."
I couldn't help but wonder if the rumors were true or not. One thing I did know to be true though, was that this man did not have a whole lot of friends in town. I always told myself that one day, maybe I would knock on his door and introduce myself.

I never did work up the courage to knock on his door. And now I never will. About a month ago, the mysterious man of my hometown was found in his modest home, alone and dead. My family went to his small burial. My dad was a pallbearer. I think the news shook up my little hometown a bit. And I think perhaps I'm not the only one that regrets not knocking on his door.

I am a person who is full of good intentions. Goodness, am I chalk full of good intentions. My list of people to visit, friends to call, kind acts to offer is a list that seems to grow overwhelmingly longer and longer each day, yet I struggle to actually do anything on that list. My own selfish interests seem to always get in the way.

"Oh, I should deliver that birthday present. It's already late."
"But I have so much homework I need to get done. . .the birthday present can wait. After all, it's already late. What will another day hurt?" 

"Oh, I need to visit my friend and see her cute, new baby."
"But I have laundry to do. Besides, my present for the baby isn't just perfect yet." 

"I should call my grandma."
"I'll call her right after I finish editing some of my latest footage. It might take me a couple hours to edit, and then it will be too late to call her, but I'll get around to it." 

I am such a slacker. A selfish slacker. And Elder Jeffrey R. Holland called me out on it. So I would like to apologize to all you people out there whom I love dearly who may feel like I've forgotten you. I promise I haven't. I think about you often. But thinking is not as meaningful as acting. It is time for me to start acting and to start fully loving. It is time to show my Savior, family, and friends that I love them. . .instead of just telling them so.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sanny Fran

In exactly one week, BWell and I will venture out to California to visit the Bay area. I have never been to San Francisco! Unless you count a connecting flight where I saw the Golden Gate Bridge as we flew away. . .but I don't count it. Brian's brother and his wife recently moved to the area so we figured we should pay them a visit during our Fall Break.

We already have a few fun things planned, and I'm sure Rhett and Alexis have loads of other ideas as well, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to turn to all you bright eyed geniuses out there who are reading this. Where should we go? What should we do? And most importantly, what should we eat? We already plan on visiting Alcatraz and the Winchester Mansion, so if you have any other ideas up your sleeve, spit them out and leave me a comment. You will make my day and I will send you tons of good wishes.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I cut my own bangs over the weekend. So if you notice that they are crooked, now you know why. 

  • Being a grownup has it perks, but this week I am not in the mood to be a grownup. Monday morning I just didn't want to get out of bed. I figured if I stayed under the sheets all day that maybe the world would just stop. It didn't. I've just been thinking about how unfair it is that life just seems to blur by. Over the weekend, my baby sister celebrated her tenth birthday. That just seems wrong that she is ten. I remember taking care of her when she was a baby so my mom could have a break. I remember holding her tiny body against my chest and running my fingers across her smooth little face. Where did the last ten years go? And then my other sister is a teenager. She just had her first "breakup" with her boyfriend. She finished up her 8th grade volleyball season a few weeks ago. I didn't make it to one single game because of school and I still feel like a horrible sister because of it. I miss my sisters. I wish I could be there for them more. I missed them even more when this song of T-Swift's came on yesterday during my drive to and from classes. The words to that song hit home for me, being the oldest child in my family and all, and I guess the song hit me extra hard yesterday. As I pulled into my parking spot, the song ended and I just started bawling. I'm so pathetic, I know. 

  • After the missionary announcement was made in General Conference this past weekend, I had a small self-absorbed moment of wondering why they didn't make the age change years ago so I could go on a mission at 19. I totally would have. I was planning on going on a mission the minute I turned 21, but then I met Brian. Then in my self-absorbed moment, I realized if I left on a mission when I was 19, I never would have met Brian. And we wouldn't be married. And I would be living a tragedy. And just because I'm not a missionary doesn't mean I can't still be an instrument in the Lord's hands no matter where I am or who I am with. 

  • Where was I when this version of "Love The Way You Lie" was released. Wow. I've had this song on repeat. It's so raw and beautiful.

  • K, here's an honest truth I've been keeping locked inside for a while now. I'm getting real sick of how single people treat me because I'm married. I'm beginning to think I'm like a dark mark on people's reputations if they are seen with me. It's like people think, "Hey guys, let's all go to dinner after class. But don't invite the married girl. She'll damper the mood." Well, actually, I think I'm pretty fun. Maybe Brian even asked me to marry him because he thought I was sorta fun. And just because I'm married doesn't mean I sit around and knit all day. I'm still a human. I like being told secrets too. And I like going to dinner and eating food as well. Yes, yes I do. 

  • You know the store PetSmart? Do you personally think it sounds better as Pets Mart or Pet Smart? BWell and I debate on it every time we visit to make a purchase for Luna.   

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Pleasure

 That title sounds like it could be a little risque. But this post is not risque at all. I knew that title would reel you in. You sucker.

 our pickins
pay no attention to the couple canoodling in the background

 Last night, I should have done more homework, but instead Brian and I jumped in the truck and drove out to a little local pumpkin patch. There is something about a pumpkin patch that makes me feel like a giddy fifteen year old. It might be the fact that I had a crush on a pumpkin patch boy when I was fifteen. Those big green eyes and the way he carried those pumpkins on his shoulder just made my heart thump, you know? Well, a few days after I finally turned the magical Mormon age of 16 (we're advised not to date until then), Pumpkin Boy took me on my first date. I still remember what I wore on that date because it took me about an hour to pick it out. When Pumpkin Boy picked me up, he took me to the bowling alley. I hate bowling. And I guess seeing Pumpkin Boy carry bowling balls on his shoulder instead of pumpkins made me nervous and confused. I hardly talked all night. He didn't ask me out again after that.

And I'm cool with that because last night at the pumpkin patch, I got to watch my blue eyed, blonde haired boy haul pumpkins around and it made my heart thump extra hard. After a long search of digging through piles of pumpkins to find just the right ones, I finally came to the point where I was ready to make our purchase. The owner made fun of me at one point and asked if I was trying to find just the right ones. I told him yes. The owner also talked me into buying these cute little squashes that he told me to eat after I was done using them as decorations. That sounded exciting. So I'm looking forward to the day that I cut those little squashes open and stick them in the oven. I'll let you know how that goes.

So this morning, I have a pile of funny pumpkins in all varieties and I also have a pile of unfinished homework. The pumpkins were way more fun to invest my time in so I don't feel guilty at all. I am also glad we went to a local pumpkin patch and not to some grocery store that has crummy pumpkins out front. Brian and I are all about shopping locally. So I guess I'll just end this pumpkin adventure by putting a plug in to shop local first. Smile.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where you have multiple tests and papers due? The ones where you have weird dreams that your husband brings home somebody else's baby to take care of and you get kind of upset about it? The ones where you show up for your dentist appointment a whole week early and it's kind of embarrassing? The ones where you are deliriously shaving your armpits in the shower and you somehow manage to cut your hip (I look like an uncoordinated five year old with the amount of band-aids I have on my body from this weeks mishaps)?

What do you mean you haven't had all those things happen to you? Are you implying that I'm a crazy person?

Well, let's just change the subject then and talk about Instagram. Here's what's been on my feed lately:

Ah, football games. Go Aggies! 

A 5k with my mom and brother

Our night drive ended here :) 

A little crepe date with my brother and cousin. They are both at USU with me! How lucky am I? 

late night crafting

Playing anchors for the day on our A-TV News broadcast. 

Luna thinks I'm silly for getting ready every morning 

Sitting in a dragster! It was built by USU students, and they also created the fuel that runs it too! 

My friend, Ryan, just getting awesome footage from that truck. This story was a lot of fun to do! 

Look what our primary kids left on our doorstep. Cute, huh? 

Bunkered down at my own personal edit bay 

We live near a trampoline park. We kinda go there a lot.

Sushi date night

More anchoring with Miss Romina 

A bath with butterfly fizz bombs after a stressful day. 

Frightmares at Lagoon 

The best ride at Lagoon 

If you'd like to follow me to take a look into the life of a crazy person, my username is @mrskellwell. I'll follow you back too, because I really enjoy looking at pictures from normal people's lives. 

Well, I better go. We are hosting a party at our house for the USU vs. BYU football game. I sort of have butterflies actually. Go U-State! Bring that wagon wheel back to Logan!