Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I do not want to take my Halloween decorations down after tomorrow. The only thing that will maybe motivate me to do so, is the thought of soon putting up Christmas decor. I guess I could trade my skulls and crows in for tinsel and twinkle lights. 

  • So BWell not only surprised me with this scarf last week, but he also surprised me with Taylor Swift's new album, Red. Needless to say, we've been listening to it nonstop and I think we both love it. I've had this song on constant repeat. It's my new fave. I mean, if you go ahead and combine Taylor with a little Snow Patrol, how can you really go wrong? You can't. My second favorite song on her new cd is this one. Like whoa, who knew Taylor could drop the beat? K, I'm done with my Taylor obsession for now. 

  • What's up with Halloween haters? I have heard so many comments pertaining to Halloween where people say something along the lines of it being a devil holiday and they don't want to invite Satan into their lives. Well, I think these people need to chill out a little and realize that Satan might just enter our lives on the other 364 days of the year too. And in probably much more subtle ways. I say eat some candy corn and scare a kid or two. I love Halloween. I'm not ashamed. 

  • I'm dressing up like an owl for class today. We are putting on our Halloween show and we are all supposed to dress up! Fun, right? Hopefully everyone will just be able to tell what I am. I should have gone with something more basic. Like a clown or a cat. Oh well, I like originality. 

  • My hair now fits in a ponytail! It's a sorry excuse for a ponytail which I wouldn't wear out in public. . .but all the same, it fits in a ponytail! I'm just amazed I haven't chopped it off again. Still "growin" strong. 

  • Our primary kids prank called Brian's office yesterday. Which I find incredibly awesome. However, it's time for vengeance. So if you have any grand prank ideas, I invite you to comment below. We already have a few tricks up our sleeve, but we would love to add to our wondrous web of brainstorming. Thanks. I appreciate you.    


  1. ugh halloween haters. i mean, it's not my favorite holiday of them all, but devil holiday? psh. we had some people like that in my ward growing up and because of them our halloween trunk or treat got turned into a harvest festival. no costumes. no trunk or treat. thankfully a bunch of people threw a fit and the next year our trunk or treat was back on.

  2. love this post! and so true-- christmas decorations will make up for having to take the halloween ones down! cute that your husband got you the t swift cd..i haven't heard all of it yet but i like the songs i have heard so far! XO


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