Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • I cut my own bangs over the weekend. So if you notice that they are crooked, now you know why. 

  • Being a grownup has it perks, but this week I am not in the mood to be a grownup. Monday morning I just didn't want to get out of bed. I figured if I stayed under the sheets all day that maybe the world would just stop. It didn't. I've just been thinking about how unfair it is that life just seems to blur by. Over the weekend, my baby sister celebrated her tenth birthday. That just seems wrong that she is ten. I remember taking care of her when she was a baby so my mom could have a break. I remember holding her tiny body against my chest and running my fingers across her smooth little face. Where did the last ten years go? And then my other sister is a teenager. She just had her first "breakup" with her boyfriend. She finished up her 8th grade volleyball season a few weeks ago. I didn't make it to one single game because of school and I still feel like a horrible sister because of it. I miss my sisters. I wish I could be there for them more. I missed them even more when this song of T-Swift's came on yesterday during my drive to and from classes. The words to that song hit home for me, being the oldest child in my family and all, and I guess the song hit me extra hard yesterday. As I pulled into my parking spot, the song ended and I just started bawling. I'm so pathetic, I know. 

  • After the missionary announcement was made in General Conference this past weekend, I had a small self-absorbed moment of wondering why they didn't make the age change years ago so I could go on a mission at 19. I totally would have. I was planning on going on a mission the minute I turned 21, but then I met Brian. Then in my self-absorbed moment, I realized if I left on a mission when I was 19, I never would have met Brian. And we wouldn't be married. And I would be living a tragedy. And just because I'm not a missionary doesn't mean I can't still be an instrument in the Lord's hands no matter where I am or who I am with. 

  • Where was I when this version of "Love The Way You Lie" was released. Wow. I've had this song on repeat. It's so raw and beautiful.

  • K, here's an honest truth I've been keeping locked inside for a while now. I'm getting real sick of how single people treat me because I'm married. I'm beginning to think I'm like a dark mark on people's reputations if they are seen with me. It's like people think, "Hey guys, let's all go to dinner after class. But don't invite the married girl. She'll damper the mood." Well, actually, I think I'm pretty fun. Maybe Brian even asked me to marry him because he thought I was sorta fun. And just because I'm married doesn't mean I sit around and knit all day. I'm still a human. I like being told secrets too. And I like going to dinner and eating food as well. Yes, yes I do. 

  • You know the store PetSmart? Do you personally think it sounds better as Pets Mart or Pet Smart? BWell and I debate on it every time we visit to make a purchase for Luna.   


  1. I just died, Lex had a boyfriend. Dying now. Tell them to stop growing up immediately. Thanks. Also I like you and I know for a FACT you like secrets and food, so...... you know...... we have a party to be had soon I am sure. xo

  2. I totally agree with you about the mission thing. I felt the exact same way and though Josh and I were very close around the time I would've left, he flat out told me he would've dated other people... and who knows what could've happened. So I almost feel like the timing for this was just for me. Any earlier and I would've gone and left behind a great man. Funny how it all works.

    And oh the single friends. Why is it so hard to be friends with married people?? And why do they think we ruin their fun?? So lame. I feel rather lonely because I have VERY few married friends and my single friends leave me out of everything...

  3. Kelsey, I have always thought you are super cool and would love to hang out with you, regardless of your relationship status. Especially since we are neighbors and all. and this is coming from a chronically single lady. Don't let the dummies make you feel bad.

  4. hahahaha I've always called it Pets Mart.

    "And just because I'm married doesn't mean I sit around and knit all day." HAHAHA!!!

  5. I totally had the melt down about the mission age too. I was taking mission prep at 19 and people made fun of my decision actually. Before I started dating my husband I thought a lot about papers...and I would have had to stop my program, reapply to it, and then possibly wait a year to start up with my program again since classes were offered once a year.

    So, this is a tangent, but I totally feel you.


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