Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October!

October! One of my favorites out of the 12 months! The Wellers wish you a very happy October. . .all 31 days of it!! And obviously, Luna is excited it's October too. She's a black cat and all, so she waits for Halloween time to come along each year. She is slightly nervous about what her pesky owners might do to her this year though, after we forced her into a costume last year.

This October I hope to:

-go on hot chocolate dates
-visit a pumpkin patch
-carve pumpkins
-finish decorating our home for fall and Halloween (I've already started)
-decide on our Halloween costumes (BWell and I have a few ideas. . .just waiting for the final verdict)
-watch as many scary movies as possible
-go through a haunted corn maze or the haunted river walk that we did last year
-prank someone (all in the spirit of trick-or-treat)
-pay a visit to our community Pumpkin Walk
-throw a party with friends
-go to Alcatraz and the Winchester Mystery House when we visit the Bay Area later this month
-make a pie. . .or if that fails I'll just make pumpkin roll
-run one last race for the year, probably just a 5k
-organize my closet
-finish up my graduation packet and get it handed in
-enjoy being outside before the snow hits, I want to squeeze in some more canyon runs and hikes

I'm also shooting my first wedding in about two weeks. I'm so excited and also really nervous. I hope I can capture their special day in a way the couple will be happy with. Luckily, the bride is one of my friends. So hopefully she won't be too hard on me ;). This month is going to be a busy one, but also a really fun one.

What are you planning on doing this October?


  1. The Winchester Mystery House is beyond bizarre. I was also sad because no cameras are allowed anywhere on the tour. Also, I love that you put your cat in a Halloween costume. I can't even imagine trying to get a cat in one haha

  2. oh man. i experienced my first corn maze last year and it will not be the last! i can't wait to go again. and we were too poor last year to spend an extra few bucks at a haunted house so we'll be there this year. i so can't wait.

  3. you two look fabulous! Happy October! Chocolate dates sound so perfect!

  4. Happy October! I also love this month. I am excited for you to shoot Jessica's wedding. Um, is that how you say it - in photography speak? It sounds kind of morbid and October-ish. Anyway, be sure to get some of my handsome honey. He will be there, just look for tall and dark and slightly mysterious -- ha ha.

  5. Loving the family picture!! You guys look super cute!! Like always love your rockin outfits Kels!! Your fall to do list sounds great! Can I join :)


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