Friday, October 5, 2012

Instagrams & Milk

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where you have multiple tests and papers due? The ones where you have weird dreams that your husband brings home somebody else's baby to take care of and you get kind of upset about it? The ones where you show up for your dentist appointment a whole week early and it's kind of embarrassing? The ones where you are deliriously shaving your armpits in the shower and you somehow manage to cut your hip (I look like an uncoordinated five year old with the amount of band-aids I have on my body from this weeks mishaps)?

What do you mean you haven't had all those things happen to you? Are you implying that I'm a crazy person?

Well, let's just change the subject then and talk about Instagram. Here's what's been on my feed lately:

Ah, football games. Go Aggies! 

A 5k with my mom and brother

Our night drive ended here :) 

A little crepe date with my brother and cousin. They are both at USU with me! How lucky am I? 

late night crafting

Playing anchors for the day on our A-TV News broadcast. 

Luna thinks I'm silly for getting ready every morning 

Sitting in a dragster! It was built by USU students, and they also created the fuel that runs it too! 

My friend, Ryan, just getting awesome footage from that truck. This story was a lot of fun to do! 

Look what our primary kids left on our doorstep. Cute, huh? 

Bunkered down at my own personal edit bay 

We live near a trampoline park. We kinda go there a lot.

Sushi date night

More anchoring with Miss Romina 

A bath with butterfly fizz bombs after a stressful day. 

Frightmares at Lagoon 

The best ride at Lagoon 

If you'd like to follow me to take a look into the life of a crazy person, my username is @mrskellwell. I'll follow you back too, because I really enjoy looking at pictures from normal people's lives. 

Well, I better go. We are hosting a party at our house for the USU vs. BYU football game. I sort of have butterflies actually. Go U-State! Bring that wagon wheel back to Logan! 

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  1. I agree, that is the best ride at Lagoon. Especially at night.
    and can I just say that I freaking love your hair. so sassy. i just love it.


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