Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Truth Tuesday

  • Ever since I got an iPhone along with Instagram, it's like I don't take my camera anywhere anymore. So I apologize for using so many Instagram photos for blog posts. Maybe one day I'll do better. 

  • It was our Homecoming over the weekend. The two pictures above are from our Homecoming game (which we dominated). Coach Anderson requested a whiteout game, and we all gave him what he wanted. The stadium looked beautiful all decked out with white. After moving around several times, BWell and I finally ended up in some pretty decent seats on the 40 yard line. Some strange girls next to us had the mannequin heads (shown above) that they were waving around all game. I was quite intrigued with the mannequin heads, and quite honestly, jealous I hadn't thought up the idea first. Whenever we made a good play, the mannequins would kiss or bounce around. When the refs made a bad call, the mannequin heads started shaking their heads no. I think the mannequin heads should have a facebook page. I would become an instant fan. 

  • What's up with everybody hating on Mondays? Every Monday it's the same thing, gloomy people complaining about it being Monday. Boo hoo, your weekend ended. Boo hoo, you have to be productive again. I've always liked Mondays. As a kid, Mondays were my favorite day because I got to go back to school. Honestly, Mondays might still be my favorite day. Monday is a fresh start to a new week. I have energy on Mondays, nothing has happened yet to get me down, Mondays are great! It's Tuesday that is the real rotten day. Tuesday is the reality check that says it's no longer the first of the week but the weekend is still so far away. So boo hoo, I say, I hate Tuesdays. 

  • Yesterday, I gracefully fell off the sidewalk and scraped a whole layer of skin off my ankle. Luckily Brian was the only person around. He laughed at me until I bent over and started dramatically moaning. I scraped it right by a vein too so it bled a ton. It was a jolly time. 

  • I am trying very hard to control myself and not buy this shirt. I feel guilty whenever I buy myself things this close to Christmas. So I'll try holding out so someone can buy the shirt as a Christmas gift for me. But then again, if I buy it now, I can wear it to the movie when it comes to theaters. Ah, I feel so torn. 

  • I will proudly admit how excited I am for Taken 2 to come to theaters this weekend. I was obsessed with the first Taken. Still am, actually. Now, I admit, the whole sequel thing is usually a bad idea. But as long as I get to see Liam Neeson mess some people up, I'll be happy. Taken 3 would definitely be pushing it though.

  • I think I want homemade root beer.  


  1. agreed about mondays and tuesdays! seriously tuesdays suck. and i always wake up thinking its wednesday or thursday which makes it worse.
    mondays are fine. i've got happy hangover from the weekend and i'm motivated to get my work done.
    i love that shirt. ive been begging for the sweater version of it.

  2. I hope your ankle is feeling better! haha what a random accident. And those mannequins are hilarious! I wish I thought of it first too :)


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